1989 Season

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The Bull League was formed in the 1989 season. Initially, there were 20 teams in the league, divided into four divisions of five teams each, within two subleagues, the Central League (later renamed to the Lake League), and the Southern League (later renamed to the American Eagle League).

The players in the league were a mix of fictional ones, many with humorous or satirical names, and real historical active or retired Major League Baseball players.

Original Teams

Teams in bold are still active in the Bull League today.

Central League Southern League
East West East West
Boston Britons California Tidals Detroit Lakes Cleveland Team
Brooklyn Tigers Nevada Speeders Houston Keystones Kansas Cattle
Chicago Knights Ohio Oxen Philadelphia Cubs New Jersey Team
New York Fastballs Seattle Salts Picton Mounties North Chicago Batmen
Toronto Ducks Vancouver Metros Richmond Raiders Oakland Braves

Statistics and sources

Very little survives in league archives from the inaugural season. There are team rosters, but the stats for the players vary from actual 1989 playing stats to fictional prior season stats.