1992 Season

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1992 Bull League Season

May 1992

Number of games 15 (some teams 16)

Number of teams 12
Regular season
Season MVP AEL: Cola Classique (SEA)
LL: Carl Simms (CTM)

Season SKA AEL: South Paw (NEV)
LL: Dandy Lundgren (CTM)
League postseason
AEL Champions Seattle Salts
Runner-up N/A

LL Champions Ohio Oxen
Runner-up N/A
Bull Cup Champions
Champions Seattle Salts
Bull Cup MVP
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1993 →

The 1992 season of the Bull League was simulated in May of 1992. The league ended the season after the All-Star Game and the playoffs began based on the two teams chosen as league champions by the league, based on win-loss record at the half season mark.

It is the shortest official championship season on record. The Ohio Oxen of the LL played a one round playoff with the Seattle Salts of the AEL. The length of the series and the scores remain unknown as the records for the games were not kept by the league. Only the final result is known, the Salts were declared the Bull Cup Champions for the season.

Final Standings

The season was half the scheduled length, and teams had played either 15 or 16 games, instead of the originally planned 30. The final standings are therefore as of the All Star Game break.[1]

American Eagle League
AEL East W L Pct GB
Chicago Knights 9 7 .562 -
San Diego Seagulls 7 9 .437 2
California Tidals 3 13 .187 6
Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
Chicoutimi Cinquantes 7 8 .466 -
Boston Brawlers 7 9 .437 ½
Montreal Metros 6 10 .375
AEL West W L Pct GB
Seattle Salts 13 3 .812 -
Nevada Speeders 9 7 .562 4
Richmond Ravens 7 9 .437 6
LL West W L Pct GB
Ohio Oxen 10 6 .625 -
North York Yankees 9 6 .600 ½
Toronto Ducks 8 8 .500 2


Bull Cup Championship Series
  AEL  Seattle Salts NA
LL  Ohio Oxen NA

Seattle Salts and Ohio Oxen were chosen by the league as the AEL Champion and LL Champion teams, based on their win-loss record after the All Star break.

The two competed in one round playoff for the Bull Cup Championship Series with the Salts emerging victorious. League records do not record the length of the series and series scores, only the contending teams and the championship result.

League Leaders

American Eagle League

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Travis Jameson (SS, SEA) .297
HR Anglo Phone (SS, RIC) 5
RBI Anglo Phone (SS, RIC) 10
R Chuck Provost (2B, RIC)
Cola Classique (CF, SEA)
Bob Killer (RF, NEV)
H Bob Killer (RF, NEV) 15
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W James Winfield (SEA) 4
L Joe Starter (CAL) 4
ERA James Winfield (SEA) 0.21
K Flamer Flaherty (RIC) 63
IP James Winfield (SEA) 42.0
SV Larny Duncan (SEA)
Ike Hell (CHI)

Lake League

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Billy Kidd (CF, TOR) .307
HR Billy Kidd (CF, TOR) 6
RBI Billy Kidd (CF, TOR) 11
R Billy Kidd (CF, TOR) 9
H Billy Kidd (CF, TOR) 20
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Mister Duck (TOR)
Dandy Lundgren (CTM)
L Aaron Michaels (TOR) 4
ERA Dandy Lundgren (CTM) 0.00
K Jimmy McDonalds (BOS) 42
IP Bo-Bo Beckers (TOR) 47.0
SV Peter Petrified (OHI) 3

Notable Events

  • Nevada pitcher South Paw pitched 27.0 innings in 3 games, for 3 complete games, allowing just 1 hit. He therefore had two no-hitters, allowing no earned runs. Although he had an ERA of 0.00, he did not meet the qualifying threshold of 30.0 innings for the ERA title in the AEL.
  • Billy Kidd earned a Triple Crown, the only batting Triple Crown awarded in the Bull League. However, because of the short length of the season it is not regarded as an official award.


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