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1995 Bull League Season

June to September 1995

Number of games 80

Number of teams 16
Regular season
Season MVP AEL: Chuck Provost (RIC)
LL: Scotty McLawson (MTL)

Season SKA AEL: Flamer Flaherty (RIC)
LL: Marty McSouthpaw (MTL)
League postseason
AEL Champions Richmond Ravens
Runner-up Denver Highlanders

LL Champions Chicoutimi Cinquantes
Runner-up Montreal Metros
Bull Cup Champions
Champions Richmond Ravens
Bull Cup MVP Mel Demers (MIN)
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1996 →

The 1995 Season in the Bull Baseball League was the inaugural season of the "Modern Era" of the league, in which the schedule had been expanded to 80 or more games, and underwent a major reorganization. It is the first season of the league that was simulated using OOTP17 software. The season was simulated in July 2016.

During the season, 16 Bull League teams played an 80-game schedule, with two rounds of playoffs following the end of the regular season.

The Bull Cup Championship title was won by the Richmond Ravens of the American Eagle League West division. The Ravens defeated the Montreal Metros in a series sweep, 3-0.

Final Standings

The final standings in the Bull League are shown below:[1][2]

American Eagle League
AEL East W L Pct GB
Denver Highlanders 40 40 .500 -
Calgary Chinooks 37 43 .463 3
Chicago Pit Bulls 37 43 .463 3
Nevada Speeders 36 44 .450 4
Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
Montreal Metros 53 27 .662 -
Kingston Battlements 51 29 .637 2
Chicoutimi Cinquantes 34 46 .425 19
Boston Brawlers 32 48 .400 21
AEL West W L Pct GB
Richmond Ravens 54 26 .675 -
Seattle Salts 47 33 .588 7
San Diego Seagulls 36 46 .439 15
California Tidals 31 51 .378 20
LL West W L Pct GB
Ohio Oxen 41 40 .506 -
New York Minutemen 40 41 .494 1
Hamilton Industrials 35 45 .438
Toronto Ducks 35 45 .438


League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
American Eagle League    
E  Denver Highlanders 2  
W  Richmond Ravens 3  
    AEL  Richmond Ravens 3
  LL  Montreal Metros 0
Lake League
E  Montreal Metros 3
W  Ohio Oxen 1  

League Leaders

American Eagle League[1]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Chuck Provost (2B, RIC) .444
HR Bill Schaffer (RF, CGY) 32
RBI Brian Bahm (1B, RIC)
Steve Brett (RF, CHI)
R Chuck Provost (2B, RIC) 81
H Chuck Provost (2B, RIC) 147
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Chuck Innings (SEA) 12
L Aaron McLeod (CGY) 12
ERA Gary Ingeborj (SAN) 3.21
K Joe Cool (CHI) 135
IP Chuck Innings (SEA) 143.2
SV Mohamed Lacroix (RIC) 22

Lake League[2]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Mike Stetser (LF, KIN) .384
HR Ryan Beach (1B, HAM) 25
RBI Ryan Beach (1B, HAM) 81
R Barry Bats (RF, MON) 66
H Ryan Beach (1B, HAM) 106
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Cliff Cameron (KIN)
Marty McSouthpaw (MTL)
L Dick Dixon (OHI)
Dandy Lundgren (CTM)
ERA Iron Arm (CTM) 1.71
K Jack Stevens (NEW) 182
IP F. Y. Jackass (NEW) 156.0
SV Kelvin Singleton (MTL) 21

Notable Events

As 1995 was the first 80+ game season played in the Bull League, all of the leading team and player statistics were "record-setting".

There were, however, several significant milestones and events during the year:


When the league had ended its 1993, there were just 12 teams among the two leagues, the AEL and the LL, with three teams in each of the two divisions in both.

Several new teams were added as part of an expansion and modernization, bringing the total number of teams to 16:

  • Calgary Chinooks (AEL East)
  • Denver Highlanders (AEL East)
  • Kingston Battlements (LL East)
  • Hamilton Industrials (LL West)

Minor Leagues

The Cow League existed from 1991-1993, but played only irregularly. In 1995, with the reorganization of the Bull League, the Cow League was revived as a 16 team AAA-level minor league, with each team affiliated with a Bull League team.

The former subleague names from 1991-1993 were kept, but the only original team from the early period are the Toledo Torpedos (affiliated to the Ohio Oxen).


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