2006 Season

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2006 Bull League Season

June to September 2006

Number of games 80

Number of teams 16
Regular season
Season MVP AEL: Mike Lapi (NEV)
LL: Eric Tessier (TOR)

Season SKA AEL: Ricky Terrazas (SEA)
LL: Angelo Rodriguez (OHI)
League postseason
AEL Champions Nevada Speeders
Runner-up California Tidals

LL Champions Ohio Oxen
Runner-up Montreal Metros
Bull Cup Champions
Champions Ohio Oxen
Bull Cup MVP
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The 2006 season of the Bull League was the 11th season played during the modern era (since reorganizing and implementing an 80-game schedule). The season was simulated in July 2016.

During the season, 16 teams played 80 games each. It was the last year before the implementation of the wildcard playoffs. The Ohio Oxen won the Bull Cup Championship Series by defeating the Nevada Speeders 3 games to 1. Ohio had previously defeated the Montreal Metros to take the LLCS 3-1, while Nevada swept the California Tidals 3-0 to win the AELCS.


League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
American Eagle League    
E  Nevada Speeders 3  
W  California Tidals 0  
    AEL  Nevada Speeders 1
  LL  Ohio Oxen 3
Lake League
E  Montreal Metros 1
W  Ohio Oxen 3  

League Leaders

American Eagle League

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Barry Janmaat (1B, NEV) .363
HR Jesse Nelson (2B, CGY) 33
RBI Takeo Otomo (RF, NEV) 85
R Carl Simms (RF, SAN) 70
H Grant Wickiser (2B, SEA) 116
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Peter Alcock (CGY) 11
L Bill Butler (DEN) 11
ERA Ricky Terrazas (CHI) 2.18
K Ricky Terrazas (CHI) 138
IP Peter Alcock (CGY) 131.1
SV Brian Peckham (CAL) 24

Lake League

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Eric Tessier (DH, TOR) .378
HR Narushi Ohata (LF, OHI) 38
RBI Narushi Ohata (LF, OHI) 84
R Narushi Ohata (LF, OHI) 74
H Errol Corfield (1B, CTM) 111
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Bill Henson (OHI)
Angelo Rodriguez (OHI)
L Tim Demino (HAM) 10
ERA Paul Stone (MTL) 2.82
K Niek Rodriguez (OHI) 151
IP Angelo Rodriguez (OHI) 126.1
SV Bobby Moore (TOR)
Steve Tyler (NEW)