2012 Season

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2012 Bull League Season

June to September 2012

Number of games 82

Number of teams 20
Regular season
Season MVP AEL: Alan Isimo (JAX)
LL: Ricky Terrazas (MTL)

Season SKA AEL: Lien-ying Li (CAL)
LL: Ricky Terrazas (MTL)
League postseason
AEL Champions California Tidals
Runner-up Calgary Inferno

LL Champions Kingston Cannons
Runner-up Chicago Pit Bulls
Bull Cup Champions
Champions California Tidals
Bull Cup MVP Koji Kondo (CAL)
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The 2012 Season in the Bull Baseball League was the 18th season to be played since 1995, the beginning of the "Modern Era" of the league. In the first expansion since the 1995, four new teams were added and the league was reorganized to balance the geographical locations of the members.

The 2012 season was simulated in July 2016.

During the season, 20 Bull League teams played an 82-game schedule, with three rounds of playoffs following the end of the regular season.

The Bull Cup Championship title was won by the California Tidals of the American Eagle League East division, ending a ten year period of Lake League teams dominating the Bull Cup Championships. The Tidals were the AEL West division's first place team, with a 63-19 (.768) record. The Tidals defeated the Kingston Cannons in a 3-0 series sweep to win the Bull Cup.

Final Standings

The final standings in the Bull League are shown below:[1][2]

The 2012 expansion teams are shown in italics.

American Eagle League
AEL East W L Pct GB
Jacksonville Ravens 62 20 .756 -
Calgary Inferno 49 33 .598 13
Denver Highlanders 40 42 .488 22
Dallas Lawmen 25 57 .305 37
Norfolk Sharks 19 63 .232 43
Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
Kingston Cannons 53 29 .646 -
Montreal Metros 45 37 .549 8
Chicoutimi Cinquantes 42 40 .512 11
New York Minutemen 39 43 .476 14
Boston Brawlers 38 44 .463 15
AEL West W L Pct GB
California Tidals 63 19 .768 -
Seattle Salts 46 36 .561 17
Nevada Speeders 40 42 .488 23
Arizona Cowboys 33 49 .402 30
San Diego Seagulls 33 49 .402 30
LL West W L Pct GB
Ohio Oxen 50 32 .610 -
Chicago Pit Bulls 45 37 .549 5
Hamilton Crusaders 41 41 .500 9
Toronto Ducks 35 47 .427 15
Battle Creek Attack 22 60 .268 28


  Elimination Round League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
  1  California Tidals 3  
4  Seattle Salts 1    
  1  California Tidals 3  
American Eagle League
  3  Calgary Inferno 2    
2  Jacksonville Ravens 2
  3  Calgary Inferno 3  
     California Tidals 3
   Kingston Cannons 0
  1  Kingston Cannons 3    
4  Montreal Metros 1    
  1  Kingston Cannons 3
Lake League
  3  Chicago Pit Bulls 0  
2  Ohio Oxen 2
  3  Chicago Pit Bulls 3  

League Leaders

American Eagle League[1]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Section Attack (2B, SEA) .359
HR Takeo Otomo (RF, NEV) 36
RBI David Chinchilla (1B, CAL) 93
R Nate Mair (RF, CAL) 68
H Miguel Ortega (SS, CGY) 121
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Lien-ying Li (CAL) 14
L Glenn Panther (NOR) 13
ERA Ricky Rodriguez (JAX) 1.81
K Angelo Rodriguez (NEV) 167
IP Lien-ying Li (CAL) 153.2
SV Joe Niceley (CAL) 24

Lake League[2]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Narushi Ohata (LF, OHI) .353
HR Francisco Erazo (LF, BOS) 26
RBI Francisco Erazo (LF, BOS) 69
R Francisco Erazo (LF, BOS) 78
H Xavier de Soto (3B, KIN) 113
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Ricky Terrazas (MTL) 13
L Dana Hoskin (BAT)
Antonio Reveles (BAT)
ERA Ricky Terrazas (MTL) 1.54
K Ricky Terrazas (MTL) 184
IP Niek Rodriguez (OHI) 149.0
SV Nick MacLellan (KIN) 28

Expansion and Reorganization

At the end of the November 2011, the league decided to expand to 20 teams for the start of 2012, and to reorganize the teams so that they were distributed along geographical areas more accurately.

To make room for the four expansion teams, some teams were moved between divisions, and one was moved to a different league.

  • The Chicago Pit Bulls, which finished 2011 in the AEL East, was moved to the LL West. Originally known as the Knights and located in the Central League, the forerunner to the Lake League, the Pit Bulls are the only active Bull League club to have been in both the AEL and the LL.
  • Added to the LL West were an expansion team, the Battle Creek Attack, based in Battle Creek, Michigan.
  • The Richmond Ravens in the AEL West moved from Richmond, California to Jacksonville, Florida, and became the Jacksonville Ravens in the AEL East. This replaced Chicago, which had moved to the LL.
  • The Nevada Speeders were moved into the AEL West. This left three teams in the AEL East (Jacksonville, and Calgary and Denver, which are the only two original 1995 AEL East teams remaining). There was now room for two expansion teams in the AEL East, which was necessary because no expansion teams could be put in the LL East, which already had five teams.
  • Two new expansion teams were placed in the AEL East, the Dallas Lawmen, based in Dallas, Texas, and the Norfolk Sharks, based in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • One expansion team was added to the AEL West, the Arizona Cowboys, based in Mesa, Arizona.

Along with the expansion of four new teams, four new stadiums also opened:

Notable Events

Position and team in 2012 or at time of event shown.

  • Ricky Terrazas earned a pitching Triple Crown, for leading the league in wins (13), ERA (1.54) and strike outs (184). Terrazas also earned a pitcher's Triple Crown in 2005


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