2016 Season

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2016 Bull League Season

June 6 to September 4, 2016

Number of games 82

Number of teams 20
Top draft pick Dennis Guppy

Selected by Detroit Motorheads
Regular season
Season MVP AEL: Dao-zi Ling (CGY)
LL: Yoshiaki Fujimara (MTL)

Season SKA AEL: Ricky Rodriguez (JAX)
LL: Yoshiaki Fujimara (MTL)
League postseason
AEL Champions Calgary Inferno
Runner-up Jacksonville Ravens

LL Champions Ohio Oxen
Runner-up Boston Brawlers
Bull Cup Champions
Champions Ohio Oxen
Bull Cup MVP Tyrone O'Saurus (OHI)
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The 2016 Season of the Bull Baseball League was the 22nd season since the league formally began its modern era in 1995.

The season began simulations in July 2016, and went "real-time" with simulated games being played approximately during the corresponding calendar dates starting in August 2016. The playoffs were simulated from September 8 to September 13, 2016.

The regular season was scheduled for 82 games. Two of the 20 teams, the Calgary Inferno and the Seattle Salts, had to play a rare tie-breaking 83rd game to determine the final wildcard position for the 2016 playoffs.

The Ohio Oxen won their fourth Bull Cup championship defeating the Calgary Inferno in five games, 3-2. The final game was tied at 7 runs at the end of nine innings, and went into extra innings, finally ending in the bottom of the 13th when the Oxen scored with 2 out and a runner on third, when rookie Rod Cubit hit a walk-off single.

The 2016 season was also the inaugural season for the St. Andrew's Day Series, a one day series of mainly inter-league exhibition games played in honor of Scottish contributions to baseball.

Final Standings

The final standings in the Bull League are shown below:[1][2]

American Eagle League
AEL East W L Pct GB
x-Denver Highlanders 48 34 .585 -
z-Jacksonville Ravens 46 36 .561 2
z-Calgary Inferno 43 40 .518
Norfolk Sharks 41 41 .500 7
Dallas Lawmen 30 52 .366 18
Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
x-Montreal Metros 61 21 .744 -
z-New York Minutemen 50 32 .610 11
z-Boston Brawlers 46 36 .561 15
Kingston Cannons 40 42 .488 21
Chicoutimi Cinquantes 32 50 .390 29
AEL West W L Pct GB
x-San Diego Seagulls 46 36 .561 -
Nevada Speeders 42 40 .512 4
Seattle Salts 42 41 .506
California Tidals 39 43 .476 7
Arizona Cowboys 34 48 .415 12
LL West W L Pct GB
x-Ohio Oxen 46 36 .561 -
Chicago Pit Bulls 42 40 .512 4
Hamilton Crusaders 41 41 .500 5
Toronto Ducks 33 49 .402 13
Battle Creek Attack 19 63 .232 27

x = Clinched division title, z = Clinched wildcard position


  Elimination Round League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
  1  Denver Highlanders 0  
4  Calgary Inferno 3    
  4  Calgary Inferno 3  
American Eagle League
  2  Jacksonville Ravens 2    
2  Jacksonville Ravens 3
  3  San Diego Seagulls 2  
     Calgary Inferno 2
   Ohio Oxen 3
  1  Montreal Metros 2    
4  Boston Brawlers 3    
  4  Boston Brawlers 1
Lake League
  3  Ohio Oxen 3  
2  New York Minutemen 2
  3  Ohio Oxen 3  

League Leaders

American Eagle League[1]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Alex Viramontes (RF, SAN) .365
HR Cody Martin (3B, CGY) 26
RBI David Chinchilla (1B, CAL) 75
R Glen Reese (CF, DEN) 64
H Alex Viramontes (RF, SAN) 118
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Charles Ling (NOR) 11
L John Pelletier (DAL) 10
ERA Ricky Rodriguez (JAX) 2.58
K Angelo Rodriguez (SEA) 159
IP Ricky Rodriguez (JAX) 143.0
SV Nate Kremer (JAX) 26

Lake League[2]

Hitting leaders
Stat Player Total
AVG Bruce Aberto (CF, BOS) .336
HR Ollie Oxenfree (RF, OHI) 27
RBI Peyton May (2B, MTL) 73
R George Hubbard (SS, CHI) 63
H Xavier de Soto (3B, KIN) 121
Pitching leaders
Stat Player Total
W Yoshiaki Fujimara (MTL) 13
L Niek Rodriguez (BAT)
Tim Wies (BAT)
ERA Ricky Naugler (NEW) 2.12
K Judson Martel (BOS) 158
IP Judson Martel (BOS) 142.0
SV Robby Noreiga (NEW) 28

Award Winners

The following major player awards were announced after the completion of the postseason:

American Eagle League 2016 Player Awards
Award Player Team
Most Valuable Player Award Dao-zi Ling Calgary Inferno
Sandy Koufax Award Ricky Rodriguez Jacksonville Ravens
Woodchuck Trophy Nate Weil Dallas Lawmen
Rookie of the Year Award Joe Dodd Jacksonville Ravens
Lake League 2016 Player Awards
Award Player Team
Most Valuable Player Award Yoshiaki Fujimara Montreal Metros
Sandy Koufax Award Yoshiaki Fujimara Montreal Metros
Woodchuck Trophy Joe Niceley Montreal Metros
Rookie of the Year Award Ollie Oxenfree Ohio Oxen

Blue Rose Award

The Montreal Metros also won the prestigious Blue Rose Award in recognition of having the best team batting average (.279) and the best team ERA (2.66).[3] It was the second time the Metros had won the prize, they previously won it in 1995.

Players of the Month

Award Month American Eagle League Lake League
Player Team Player Team
Batter of the Month June Glen Reese Denver Highlanders Peyton May Montreal Metros
July Glen Reese Denver Highlanders Francisco Erazo Kingston Cannons
August Alex Viramontes San Diego Seagulls Garth Goyle Ohio Oxen
Pitcher of the Month June Ricky Rodriguez Jacksonville Ravens Danny Tirado Montreal Metros
July Fernando Letorre Calgary Inferno Ricky Naugler New York Minutemen
August Willie Salazar Denver Highlanders Yoshiaki Fujimura Montreal Metros
Rookie of the Month June Ramon Gomez Arizona Cowboys Adam Reading Ohio Oxen
July Brian Currell Denver Highlanders Victor Sarmiento Toronto Ducks
August Brian Currell Denver Highlanders Craig Gnarly Ohio Oxen

Notable Events

Position and team in 2016 or at time of event shown.

St. Andrew's Day Series

The 2016 season will be the first year for the St. Andrew's Day Series, a one-day exhibition game series falling on the feast day of the patron saint of Scotland.

Minor Leagues

Cow League (AAA Level)

The Baltimore Bruins (affiliated to Jacksonville Ravens) won their 4th Cow League championship, defeating the Kelowna Inferno 4 games to 1. The Bruins were a wildcard entry, and started their playoffs by defeating the Brampton Longhorns in the best-of-three quarterfinals 2-0, then defeating their division rival Laval Zebras in a best-of-five, 3-1, to claim the Frontier League championship.

The Bruins are now tied with Vaughan Peppers for the most Cow League championship wins.

During the 2016 Cow League season, there were three no-hitters pitched. Leonardo Nino threw a no-hitter against the Gatineau Devil Bears on July 7, 2016, while playing for the Windsor Larks. Yo Goto of the Hartford Judges pitched a no-hitter, earning 13 K's and allowing just 5 walks on August 10, 2016, against Windsor. Rayford Mathias with the Thunder Bay Coalfields earned a no-hitter on August 22, 2016 against the Halifax Gunboats.

Heifer League (AA Level)

In the fourth season of play for the Heifer League, the Chilliwack Orbitz (affiliated to Chicoutimi Cinquantes) claimed their first championship title. The Orbitz finished the regular season with a 42-30 record and were first in the Pasture League west division. They defeated the Nashville Misfits 3-2 to claim the league pennant, and then beat the Quebec City Waves 3-1 for the Heifer League title.

Calf League (A Level)

The lucky 13th Calf League season saw the Lexington Moonshiners (affiliated to San Diego Seagulls) crowned the league champions. It was their fifth time making the playoffs, but their first championship.

During the regular season, starting pitcher Dave Bennett of the Albuquerque Crystals (Chicoutimi Cinquantes) set the league record for lowest ERA with a minuscule 1.08. He also set a record for wins with 11, and is certain to find his way into the Bull League soon.

Milk League (Rookie)

The Milk League does not hold a playoff. The Shaw Grunts (affiliated to Nevada Speeders) finished with the best record in the league at 42-18 (.700) and led the rookie teams in runs scored (377), team batting average (.286), stolen bases (118), and starting pitcher ERA (3.30).

At the end of the season, the Milk League was re-classified to a Short Season A level league.


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