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In the 2018 season the Bull League underwent a major reorganization of teams, during the 2017-18 offseason. There were a number of teams that relocated to new cities and adopted new nicknames. There were also a number of teams that were shuffled between leagues and divisions. The Cow League also saw several teams change affiliations, with some relocating or changing names.

Bull League

Division changes

Three teams were moved from one division to another without leaving their league or relocating to a new city. Two of these teams had actually changed cities prior to the 2017 season but because the schedule had already been approved, they remained in their former divisions for the duration of the season.

  • Detroit Motorheads moved from the LL East to the LL West. The team had changed locations in the winter of 2017, moving from Chicoutimi to Detroit, but remained in the Chicoutimi slot in the LL East on the schedule and in the standings
  • Rimouski Fighting Moose moved from the LL West to the LL East. The team had changed locations in the winter of 2017, moving from Hamilton to Rimouski, but remained in the Hamilton slot in the LL West on the schedule and in the standings
  • Toronto Nomads moved from the LL West to the LL East. Toronto takes the outgoing Kingston Cannons slot, following their move.


  • Jacksonville Ravens moved from the AEL East to the LL West, taking the slot left open by Toronto, which changed divisions. The team became the Minneapolis Ravens.
  • Kingston Cannons moved from the LL East to the AEL East, taking the slot left open by Jacksonville, which relocated and moved to the LL. The new city and name has not yet been announced.

Relocations within subleague

  • Anchorage Aces relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida, and were renamed to the St. Petersburg Admirals. They were moved from the AEL West to the AEL East.
  • Battle Creek Attack relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, and were renamed to the Louisville Sluggers. They remained in the same division, the LL West.

Cow League

The table below lists the changes in the Cow League team affiliations that occurred in April 2018. The players and coaching staff remained with their original affiliated organizations.

Team Former Cow League Team New Cow League Team
Arizona Cowboys Baie Verte Vikings San Antonio Stallions (formerly Savannah Salts)†
Boston Brawlers Laval Zebras Halifax Gunboats
Calgary Inferno Halifax Gunboats Kelowna Inferno
California Tidals Hillsborogh Dinos Anaheim Pharaohs
Chicago Pit Bulls Hartford Judges Milwaukee Pugs(formerly Hillsborough Dinos)†
Dallas Deputies Mobile River Bandits Ft. Worth Outlaws (formerly Ft. Worth Spectres)†
Denver Danger Ft. Worth Spectres Salt Lake City Spartans (formerly Laval Zebras)†
Detroit Motorheads Miami Marauders Windsor Wild
Louisville Sluggers Gatineau Devil Bears Mobile River Bandits
Miami Storm Thunder Bay Rail Heads Miami Marauders
Minneapolis Ravens Baltimore Bruins Thunder Bay Rail Heads
Montreal Metros Portland Timberwolves Gatineau Devil Bears
Nevada Speeders Oakland Dukes
New York Dragons Anaheim Pharaohs Hartford Judges
Norfolk Sharks Windsor Wild Baltimore Bruins
Ohio Oxen Toledo Tornados
Rimouski Fighting Moose Kelowna Inferno Baie Verte Vikings
Seattle Salts Savannah Salts Portland Timberwolves
St. Petersburg Admirals St. Anthony SeaWolves
Toronto Nomads Brampton Longhorns

† Team relocated and renamed.