2019 Season

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2019 Bull League Season

April 1 to September 29, 2019

Number of games 162

Number of teams 20
Top draft pick John Rambo

Selected by Chicago Pit Bulls
Regular season
Season MVP ML: Danny Sanchez (NOR)
LL: Les Groves (MIL)

Season SKA ML: Jose Soto (STP)
LL: Knuckles Malone (TOR)
League postseason
ML Champions St. Petersburg Admirals
Runner-up Arizona Cowboys

LL Champions Minneapolis Ravens
Runner-up Ohio Oxen
Bull Cup Champions
Champions St. Petersburg Admirals
Bull Cup MVP Alex Viramontes (STP)
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The 2019 season of the Bull Baseball League will be the 25th season played since the league began its modern era in 1995. The season opened on April 1 and ended on September 29, 2019.

Game simulations will begin October 2, 2018. This will be the first season since 2015 that is not played in sync with the real-life calendar, and the first season ever which will take place more than a year in the future.

An All-Star Game was played on July 9, 2019.


This year marked the introduction of the "full" 162 game length schedule. Each team played a total of 16 interleague games, and a number of games against division and league rivals.

The playoffs began on October 1, 2019. The annual draft was held on June 10, 2019.

This season was simulated from October 2018 to March 2019 in real-life.

Managerial changes

General managers


Team Former GM Reason for Leaving New GM Story/Accomplishments
Boston Brawlers Scott Ellis Resigned Jack Marsh Scott Ellis resigned following 2 seasons as GM & Manager of the Brawlers, after having made the playoffs in 2017 and in 2018. He was replaced by assistant GM Jack Marsh for this season. Under Ellis, the Brawlers drafted Branden Cassidy, a former Utah State U Preachers pitcher who was ranked #48 among prospects at the beginning of 2019, but made no significant free agent signings or trades during his time at the helm, leaving a reputation for being a "hands-off" type of manager. However, his steady leadership led to him being named GM of the Year for 2017.


Team Former GM Reason for Leaving New GM Story/Accomplishments
Arizona Cowboys Chris Meadows Demoted to Assistant GM Tyler Anderson Chris Meadows once again found himself bumped down to assistant GM after the arrival of Tyler Anderson in the in-game month of May, 2019 (November 2018). Some of Meadows major roster moves included the signings free agents 30-year-old 3B Cody Martin to a 5-year, $44.5 million deal, 31-year-old RF Bronson Jamieson to a 2-year, $6.88 million term, and 34-year-old reliever David Johnson to a 1-year, $2.48 million contract, as well as a trade with the Montreal Metros to acquire 27-year-old catcher Howard Jackson in exchange for 30-year-old starter Ray Kenny.
California Tidals Jack Stinson Fired Ben Wozniak Stinson was fired from the Tidals in his 8th season as GM, having begun his career in 2012 with back-to-back Bull Cup championship wins. But the team struggled under him after his 3rd year, falling to 4th place with a 31-51 (.378) finish in 2015, and missing the playoffs for the next four seasons. Though 2019 had started strong, after an apparent rebuild program that was accomplished through 2018, Stinson was not retained as an assistant when the team hired Ben Wozniak as its new General Manager. Through April and part of May, the Tidals went 17-14 (.548) under Stinson. Key acquisitions during the Stinson rebuild included a controversial free agent signing of 32-year-old starter Jake Figurski, who ended 2018 with a torn groin and is not due to return in 2019, to agreed to a 1-year, $2.3 million deal. More productive acquisitions included 35-year-old catcher Dao-zi Ling, who signed a 3-year deal worth $69 million, 31-year-old 2B Peyton May, who signed for 5-years at $94.1 million, and 32-year-old international free agent 1B Hiroki Omiya from Japan, a power-hitter who inked a 7-year deal for $161 million. At the end of 2018, Stinson traded 3B Dusty Vega to the Toronto Nomads for RF Victor Sarmiento, who had been out since July with a strained PCL.

Major events

Hall of Fame Inductions

Long-time Toronto catcher Eric Tessier became only the second player in that position inducted into the Hall of Fame

Two players were inducted into the Bull League Hall of Fame. On January 16, 2019, it was announced that pitcher Ricky Terrazas and catcher Eric Tessier achieved the necessary votes for induction. Terrazas, a 9-time Sandy Koufax Award winner, took 99.4% of votes, while Tessier took 99.7% of votes, both on their first time on the ballot.

Terrazas is one of just two pitchers to achieve two Triple Crowns, having done it in 2005 and in 2012 (Hall of Famer Jack Stevens is the other pitcher). He holds the single-season record for strikeouts with 195, set in 2011. Terrazas also holds three career pitching records, all in opponent batting categories: lowest opponent batting average (.199), slugging (.306) and OPS (.580). In addition, he is among the top 5 on the career leaderboards for ERA (3rd at 2.74), wins (3rd with 122), strikeouts (3rd at 1,899) and WAR (3rd at 52.4).

Tessier becomes the second catcher inducted into the HOF, joining Mike Lapi (2017). His 99.7% of voting tied pitcher Iron Arm (2014). Tessier's career .302 batting average ranks 5th overall among catchers and his 226 career home runs rank 4th. He holds the single-season record for runs at the position, with 74, set in 2007, and WAR, set the previous year, at 6.9.


There were several offseason changes following the 2018 and before the beginning of the 2019 campaign.


Playoff teams are indicated in bold.

Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
New York Dragons 94 68 .580
Toronto Nomads 88 74 .543 6
Boston Brawlers 80 82 .494 14
Pittsburgh Iron Pigs 75 87 .463 19
Montreal Metros 73 89 .451 21
Metropolitan League
ML East W L Pct GB
St. Petersburg Admirals 99 63 .611
Miami Storm 80 82 .494 19
Philadelphia Liberty Warriors 75 87 .463
Norfolk Sharks 72 90 .444 27
Dallas Deputies 59 103 .364 40
LL West W L Pct GB
Minneapolis Ravens 100 62 .617
Ohio Oxen 88 74 .543 12
Milwaukee Hops 85 77 .525 15
Detroit Motorheads 73 89 .451 27
Chicago Pit Bulls 62 100 .383 38
LL West W L Pct GB
Seattle Salts 93 69 .574
Arizona Cowboys 92 70 .568 1
Nevada Speeders 91 71 .562 2
California Tidals 75 87 .463 18
Calgary Inferno 66 96 .407 27


  Elimination Round League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
  1  St. Petersburg Admirals 3  
4  Nevada Speeders 0    
  1  St. Petersburg Admirals 4  
Metropolitan League
  3  Arizona Cowboys 1    
2  Seattle Salts 2
  3  Arizona Cowboys 2  
    ML  St. Petersburg Admirals 4
   Minneapolis Ravens 1
  1  Minneapolis Ravens 3    
4  Toronto Nomads 0    
  1  Minneapolis Ravens 4
Lake League
  3  Ohio Oxen 1  
2  New York Dragons 2
  3  Ohio Oxen 3  

Award winners

The following annual awards were announced after the completion of the postseason:

Award Lake League Metropolitan League
Carl Simms MVP Award Les Groves (MIL) Danny Sanchez (NOR)
Sandy Koufax Award Knuckles Malone (TOR) Jose Soto (STP)
Woodchuck Trophy Mike Killian (TOR) David Johnson (ARI)
Rookie of the Year Award Payton Bint (DET) Hiroki Omiya (CAL)
Manager of the Year Dylan Maccarone (OHI) Brandon Popper (STP)
GM of the Year Award Kevin Norris (NEW)

Players of the Month

Award Month Metropolitan League Lake League
Player Team Player Team
Batter of the Month April Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Jose Ramirez Montreal Metros
May Joe Kueppers Arizona Cowboys Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
June Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys Les Groves Milwuakee Hops
July Chitoji Yamada Nevada Speeders Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
August Julio Rangel St. Petersburg Admirals Jason Nelson Milwaukee Hops
September Joe Keuppers Arizona Cowboys Jose Ramirez Montreal Metros
Pitcher of the Month April Al Mota Nevada Speeders Steve Rollins New York Dragons
May Ivan Morillo Arizona Cowboys Judson Martel Montreal Metros
June Al Mota Nevada Speeders Knuckles Malone Toronto Nomads
July Nate Noftle Miami Storm Pete Sharpe Minneapolis Ravens
August Chris Zerkle Calgary Inferno Andy Boyles Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
September Al Mota Nevada Speeders Knuckles Malone Toronto Nomads
Rookie of the Month April Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Dan Log Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
May Mike Sclafani Norfolk Sharks Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
June Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
July Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
August Omar Little Calgary Inferno Payton Bint Detroit Motorheads
September Omar Little Calgary Inferno Orlando Rios Boston Brawlers




College and High School Leagues

Pacific Rim College League

The Pacific Rim College League (PRCL) season ran for 54 games from January 15 to March 17. The season was followed by a two round playoff. The Seoul U Sushi won the PRCL World Series, defeating the Queenstown U Falcons in a 3-game sweep.

NCAA Division I

The NCAA Division I season began on February 11 and ended on April 14, lasting 56 games. The Auburn Tigers won the 2019 College World Series title, after defeating the Florida State Seminoles in a two-game sweep in the best-of-three final round.

CANAM College League

The Can-Am College League season began on February 28 and ended on April 24, lasting 50 games. The Division B RMC Paladins won the 2019 Can-Am Championship, after defeating the Danbury Central College Bobcats in a best-of-five, 3-1.

Canadian Interuniversity Sports

The Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) season runs in the fall, from early September until mid-October.

Nor-Am High School

The Nor-Am High School League season ran from March 1 to April 1, lasting 30 games. The International Division's Port Royal College Colonials, based in Kingston, Jamaica, won the High School World Series after defeating the New England Seminary Saints in a best-of-three series, 2-1.