2021 Bull League draft

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2021 Bull League draft
General Information
Date(s) June 6, 2021

Draft method StatsPlus

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    See article: First year player draft

The 2021 Bull League draft (also called the "First year player draft") will take place on June 6, 2021. The draft will consist of 20 rounds, plus a supplementary (or "sandwich") round, which comes after the first round.

Four teams from 2020 were folded in the 2021 contraction, and so there will be a total of 16 teams making draft selections for this draft. The team with the worst record in 2020 was the Seattle Salts, and they will have the first overall selection (unless it is traded).

Draft order

The draft order is the order of the teams finish from the previous season beginning with the team with the team with the worst record, and finishing with the team having the best record. Then, compensation picks are added to the first three rounds depending on whether any draft picks from those rounds failed to sign with their team in the previous draft. Finally, first round picks (or second round picks if the team is in the top ten selections) are removed for any compensation-eligible free agents signed during the offseason, and a corresponding supplementary round selection is added to the team who loses that free agent. The eligible free agents must have been offered a "qualifying offer" at the free agency filing date in order for draft picks to be awarded and removed.

Round 1

Due to draft pick trading, and compensation free agent signings, the draft order is subject to change. The current draft order for the first round is:

  1. Seattle Salts
  2. Montreal Metros
  3. Calgary Inferno
  4. Milwaukee Hops
  5. Ohio Oxen
  6. Calgary Inferno
  7. Washington Freedom
  8. Miami Storm
  9. Washington Freedom
  10. California Tidals
  11. New York Dragons
  12. Chicago Pit Bulls
  13. Nevada Speeders
  14. Toronto Nomads
  15. Arizona Cowboys
  16. Minneapolis Ravens
  17. Boston Brawlers
  18. St. Petersburg Admirals

† — Pick awarded as compensation for failing to sign a draft pick

Round 2

The draft order for the second round are as follows:

  1. Seattle Salts
  2. Montreal Metros
  3. Milwaukee Hops
  4. Ohio Oxen
  5. Calgary Inferno
  6. Miami Storm
  7. California Tidals
  8. New York Dragons
  9. Chicago Pit Bulls
  10. Arizona Cowboys
  11. Nevada Speeders
  12. Toronto Nomads
  13. Arizona Cowboys †
  14. Minneapolis Ravens
  15. Boston Brawlers
  16. St. Petersburg Admirals

† — Pick awarded as compensation for failing to sign a draft pick