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The 2021 contraction will occur immediately following the 2020 season playoffs, and will reduce the size of the Bull League from 20 teams to 16 for the 2021 season. Each division will then have four teams as was the case from 1995 to 2011.

Contracted team list

The teams that will be contracted are:

  • Dallas Deputies
  • Detroit Motorheads
  • Norfolk Sharks
  • Pittsburgh Iron Pigs

In addition, the Calgary Inferno will be realigned to the ML East, and possibly relocated.

Draft phase

The contraction will involve a draft to redistribute a number of players from the contracted teams to the remaining teams. The draft will give preference to teams with the weakest current rosters in order to maintain a competitive balance, and the Elo ratings for the remaining teams will be used.

The draft will commence immediately after the Bull Cup Championship Series concludes.

Contraction draft order
Pick Team Human GM Elo at end of 2020
1 Montreal Metros Yes 1454.3
2 Milwaukee Hops Yes 1459.7
3 Ohio Oxen Yes 1471.0
4 Miami Storm Yes 1484.6
5 Washington Freedom Yes 1494.0
6 Nevada Speeders Yes 1510.6
7 Chicago Pit Bulls Yes 1531.1
8 Toronto Nomads Yes 1531.2
9 Minneapolis Ravens Yes 1549.9
10 St. Petersburg Admirals Yes 1556.4
11 Seattle Salts No 1451.7
12 Calgary Inferno No 1469.4
13 California Tidals No 1507.8
14 New York Dragons No 1522.8
15 Arizona Cowboys No 1534.5
16 Boston Brawlers No 1549.2

Draft order subject to change if any AI-managed team becomes human managed before the end of the playoffs.

Human managed teams will be able to make their draft selections from among any players within the organizations of the four contracted teams (other than International Complexes). AI-managed teams will be selecting strictly on the basis of highest available player OSA scout current ratings, regardless of all other factors (such as age, salary, level, etc.).

The draft will last a total of six rounds. At the conclusion of the draft, the contracted teams will be demoted to AAA-level and will become unaffiliated minor league teams. Players remaining on these rosters may be purchased for a fee of $750,000.

The former minor league teams within the contracted teams' organizations will be disbanded and those players released to minor league free agency.

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