2021 Season

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2021 Bull League season

April to September 2021

Number of games 162

Number of teams 16
Regular season
League postseason
Bull Cup Champions
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The 2021 Bull League season will begin on April 1, 2021 Game simulations will begin in October 2019. It will be the 30th season in which the teams contested for the Bull Cup at the conclusion of the season, in 1991.

An All-Star Game will be played in early July, 2021, at a Lake League venue that has not yet been announced.

The Bull League will adopt OOTP20 as the game simulation platform for the 2021 season


The 2021 season will be the third season played with a Championship Season schedule length of 162 games.

The season is expected to run from November 2019 to March 2020 in real-life

Major events

Hall of Fame inductions

Three players were inducted into the Bull League Hall of Fame on Jan. 14, 2021.

  1. . Dave Norman (Calgary Inferno)
  2. . Arturo Davila (Minneapolis Ravens)
  3. . Prennick Argon (St. Petersburg Admirals)


At the conclusion of the 2020 season the league will contract by 4 teams. There will be a contraction draft held, and the divisions will be reorganized as necessary.

Anniversaries and special events

Throughout the season, various events and anniversaries will be recognized.

Team Occasion
Bull League 30th Anniversary of the first Bull Cup Championship Series and first Bull League All-Star Game
Chicago Pit Bulls 2020 Bull Cup Championship banner and ring ceremony (Opening Day)
Minneapolis Ravens 25th Anniversary of 1996 Bull Cup championship
Nevada Speeders 20th Anniversary of first and only Bull Cup championship (2001)
Ohio Oxen 5th Anniversary of 2016 Bull Cup championship