2024 Season

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2024 Bull League season

April 1 to October 1

Number of games 162

Number of teams 16
Top draft pick Jon Serrano

Selected by Miami Storm
Regular season
Season MVP LL: John Rambo (CHI)
ML: John Heart (MIA)

Season SKA LL: Dan Kimbrough (NY)
ML: Al Mota (NEV)
League postseason
LL Champions Chicago Pit Bulls
Runner-up New York Dragons

ML Champions Washington Freedom
Runner-up California Tidals
Bull Cup Champions
Champions Chicago Pit Bulls
Bull Cup MVP Dennis Guppy (CHI)
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2025 →

The 2024 Bull League season began on April 1 and ended on October 1, and the postseason began on October 3. It was the 34th season in which the teams contested for the Bull Cup in the playoffs (beginning in 1991 and not including 1994). It was also the 35th anniversary since the Bull League first formed in 1989.

The 32nd Bull League All-Star Game was played on July 9 at Stormcenter, home of the Miami Storm. The Lake League for the third consecutive year, defeating the Metropolitan League 15–6.


The 2024 season was the sixth season played with a Championship Season schedule length of 162 games. The schedule consists of each team playing 84 contests within their division (28 times for each opponent), 66 games against opposing division teams, and 12 interleague games.

Two unscheduled tie-breaker games occurred on September 30 and October 1 to determine the Lake League postseason seeds. As a result, it is the first time that a team (New York Dragons) played a total of 164 games in a season.

In real life, the season is expected to run from February to June, 2021

Managerial changes


Team Former GM Reason for Leaving New GM Notes
Nevada Speeders Scott Dummler Resigned Jim Bragg Jim was originally going to work for Seattle, but a sudden resignation announcement from Scott Dummler left one of the gems of the ML open to new management, and Jim leapt at the opportunity, taking over during spring training.
Seattle Salts David Cuellar Fired Ryan "Rico" Sauve Rookie Ryan Sauve took over the GM reins during the last week of spring training, replacing David Cuellar who left a record of mixed performances and a declining team.


Team Former GM Reason for Leaving New GM Notes
Arizona Cowboys Troy Olsen Resigned Chris Meadows (promoted from Assistant GM) Olsen, an American who was formerly GM of the Denver Danger, retired in July 2024 after three and a half seasons of managing the Cowboys. Under his tutelage, the team never reclaimed the highs seen of the 2019 and 2020 seasons, when they made back-to-back playoff appearances. After his quiet mid-season resignation, Assistant GM Chris Meadows took the reigns again.
Chris Meadows Demoted Jake Randolph Randolph took over on September 16, with just two weeks left in the regular season, as Meadows moved back to the assistant role. A rookie GM, Randolph will also take over on field managerial duties. Phoenix media were hopeful but wary, with the Cowboys just a handful of games away from a wildcard.
Boston Brawlers Koty K Resigned TBA Koty resigned at the end of the playoffs in order to take the helm of the expansion Denver team.
Washington Freedom Rob McMonigal Abandoned Ben Goral (promoted from Assistant GM) McMonigal ushered the Freedom into a postseason after a successful year of managing an aging roster, but near the end of the season could not be located anywhere in the club offices and no longer answered his phone, leading the organization to fire him and promote Assistant GM Ben Goral to the GM spot.

End of season

Team Former GM Reason for Leaving New GM Notes
Washington Freedom Ben Goral Demoted Matt B Ben Goral had acted as GM until a suitable permanent replacement was found. Matt B joined the league just after the postseason and immediately set to work planning for the 2025 season.
Arizona Cowboys Chris Meadows Demoted Jake Randolph Randolph took over Arizona at the end of the regular season, and was placed in charge of its relocation to Kansas City, where they became the Blizzard.
Seattle Salts Ryan Sauve Resigned Jim McKelvie (Formerly Asst.) Ryan "Rico" Sauve left after the 2024 season to pursue other ventures. He led the team to a 68-94 (.420) finish despite high expectations, but had been the engineer of some important trades to bolster Seattle's pitching staff, including a June 2024 deal that brought in Jose Pimentel and Dusty Hertz.
Nevada Speeders Jim Bragg Resigned TBA After a fairly successful playoff run, Bragg resigned following an argument with other GMs about scouting ratings.

Major events

Hall of Fame inductions

On January 14, 2024, three more players were inducted into the Hall of Fame, bringing the total number of inductees to 41.

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Zenjiro Suga was inducted into the Hall of Fame this season.

Notable first baseman Zenjiro Suga was inducted as a member of the former Hamilton Crusaders club, where he played from 2015–2019 as they moved to Rimouski and finally to Pittsburgh. The Yokohama, Japan native had begun his career with the Nevada Speeders, signing a 4-year deal as an international free agent after the 2006 season. He collected plenty of hardware as a Speeder, winning all three of his Carl Simms MVP Awards with that franchise, along with a 2007 Rookie of the Year Award. He left Nevada to play two seasons with the Seattle Salts before finishing his career with Hamilton. Suga was elected on his 2nd ballot, with 81.4% of the voting.

Another first baseman, also from Yokohama, Setsuo Kimura was the second inductee into the HOF. Kimura's career spanned 21 season, from 1999 until 2019. Almost all of his career with played with the New York Dragons (formerly the New York Minutemen), with whom he was inducted. At the time of his induction, he held numerous club all-time batting records, including WAR (37.1), games played (1,332), at bats (4,904), runs (816), hits (1,463), total bases (2,553), singles (920), doubles (263), HRs (267), RBIs (881), and bases on balls (668). He won three Bull Cups with New York, including in his rookie year. He was named to the All-Star game 7 times, and was named best hitter in his league at 1B the same number of times. In his final year, he played at AAA with the Mobile River Bandits after missing 2018 due to an Achilles tendon tear, and won the Cow League championship with that club. Kimura was elected on his 2nd ballot with 77.8% of votes.

Finally, relief pitcher Nick Macllelan was inducted with the Chicago Pit Bulls, with whom he played twice in his 19 seasons in the league. The Vancouver, British Columbia native holds the Pit Bulls all-time record for saves (145), as well as the Bull League all-time saves record (254) and the all-time games record (608). He was an All-Star a total of five times, with three different clubs, but never managed to achieve a Woodchuck Trophy despite his reliable and lengthy record as one of the league's top closers.

League rule changes

  • Waiver period length was extended from 7 days to 9 days at the commencement of the regular season (April 1).

Anniversaries and special events

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2024 is the "Jade" (35th) anniversary of the founding of the Bull League, and this alternate logo was released to commemorate the occasion

Throughout the season, various special events and anniversaries will be recognized.

Team Occasion
All 35th ("Jade") anniversary of the establishment of the Bull League
Boston Brawlers Club 35th anniversary since founding (as Boston Britons)
California Tidals Club 35th anniversary since founding
Chicago Pit Bulls 2023 Bull Cup Championship banner and ring ceremony (April 9)
15th anniversary of first team member inducted into Hall of Fame, Bill Schaffer (2009)
Club 35th anniversary since founding (as Chicago Knights)
Houston Oilers First season played in their new home stadium, ExxonMobil Oil Field
5th anniversary of their first Bull Cup championship (2019)
Miami Storm 32nd Bull League All-Star Game
Montreal Metros Club 35th anniversary since founding (as the Vancouver Metros)
Minneapolis Ravens 15th anniversary of first team member inducted into Hall of Fame, High Mulholland (2009)
Club 35th anniversary since founding (as Richmond Raiders)
New York Dragons 15th anniversary of first team member inducted into Hall of Fame, Mark Fernandes (2009)
Club 35th anniversary since founding (as New York Fastballs)
Nevada Speeders Club 35th anniversary since founding
Seattle Salts Club 35th anniversary since founding
Toronto Nomads Club 35th anniversary since founding (as Toronto Ducks)


Final regular season standings as of October 1, 2024. Playoff teams are in bold.

Lake League
LL East W L Pct GB
New York Dragons 94 70 .573
Toronto Nomads 92 71 .564
Montreal Metros 92 71 .564
Boston Brawlers 84 78 .519 9
Metropolitan League
ML East W L Pct GB
Miami Storm 95 67 .586
Washington Freedom 83 79 .512 12
Calgary Inferno 57 105 .352 38
Houston Oilers 45 117 .278 50
LL West W L Pct GB
Chicago Pit Bulls 102 60 .630
Minneapolis Ravens 86 76 .531 16
Milwaukee Hops 77 85 .475 25
Ohio Oxen 67 95 .414 35
ML West W L Pct GB
Nevada Speeders 91 71 .562
California Tidals 89 73 .549 2
Arizona Cowboys 76 86 .469 15
Seattle Salts 68 94 .420 23


  Elimination Round League Championship Series
Bull Cup Championship Series
  1  Miami Storm 2  
4  Washington Freedom 3    
  4  Washington Freedom 4  
Metropolitan League
  3  California Tidals 2    
2  Nevada Speeders 1
  3  California Tidals 3  
    ML  Washington Freedom 1
  LL  Chicago Pit Bulls 4
  1  Chicago Pit Bulls 3    
4  Montreal Metros 1    
  1  Chicago Pit Bulls 4
Lake League
  2  New York Dragons 3  
2  New York Dragons 3
  3  Toronto Nomads 1  

Award winners

Monthly awards

Players of the week

Week Lake League Metropolitan League
Player Team Highights Player Team Highlights
April 1–7 Makanaakua Mano (1B) Toronto Nomads .480, 3 HR, 10 RBI David Michel (2B) Arizona Cowboys .565, 3 HR, 5 RBI
April 8–14 Ray James (2B) Boston Brawlers .560, 1 HR, 9 RBI Jeremy Martin (3B) Miami Storm .464, 6 HR, 14 RBI
April 15–21 Payton Bint (1B) Chicago Pit Bulls .478, 4 HR, 10 RBI Cletus Avery (1B) Nevada Speeders .423, 5 HR, 9 RBI
April 22–28 Jeremy Pastore (RF) Minneapolis Ravens .435, 3 HR, 6 RBI John Heart (LF) Miami Storm .435, 6 HR, 10 RBI
April 29–May 5 Les Groves (C) Chicago Pit Bulls .688, 4 HR, 15 RBI Tex Rudman (CF) Arizona Cowboys .375, 4 HR, 16 RBI
May 6–12 Ricky Gonzalez (2B) Chicago Pit Bulls .441, 1 HR, 5 RBI Jared Ricci (2B) Nevada Speeders .370, 5 HR, 8 RBI
May 13–19 Brian Chambliss (1B) New York Dragons .556, 5 HR, 13 RBI David Michel (2B) Arizona Cowboys .550, 4 HR, 9 RBI
May 20–26 Makanaakua Mano (1B) Toronto Nomads .500, 3 HR, 11 RBI Jeremy Martin (3B) Miami Storm .552, 2 HR, 11 RBI
May 27–June 2 Les Groves (C) Chicago Pit Bulls .700, 3 HR, 6 RBI Omar Little (RF) Calgary Inferno .567, 2 HR, 9 RBI
June 3–9 John Rambo (RF) Chicago Pit Bulls .407, 4 HR, 10 RBI Georges Henri (CF) Nevada Speeders .464, 4 HR, 7 RBI
June 10–16 Jay Palangan (2B) Toronto Nomads .560, 4 RBI Ricardo Rodriguez (CF) Houston Oilers .519, 3 HR, 13 RBI
June 17–23 John Rambo (RF) Chicago Pit Bulls .457, 5 HR, 17 RBI John Heart (LF) Miami Storm .607, 4 HR, 8 RBI
June 24–30 Mike Strang (LF) Milwaukee Hops .536, 2 HR, 7 RBI Fernando Mendolla (LF) Calgary Inferno .517, 2 HR, 13 RBI
July 1–7 Mike Ryba (RF) Toronto Nomads .526, 3 HR, 4 RBI Victor Johnson (RF) Houston Oilers .519, 1 HR, 5 RBI
July 8–14 Les Groves (C) Chicago Pit Bulls .550, 2 HR, 11 RBI John Heart (LF) Miami Storm .500, 3 HR, 8 RBI
July 15–21 Jim Hooper (1B) New York Dragons .517, 1 HR, 9 RBI Ted Miron (1B) Washington Freedom .485, 1 HR, 4 RBI
July 22–28 Brandon Seymour (CF) Minneapolis Ravens .467, 1 HR, 4 RBI Jared Ricci (2B) Nevada Speeders .458, 3 HR, 8 RBI
July 29–August 4 Jesse Latimer (LF) Minneapolis Ravens .462, 3 HR, 10 RBI Georges Henri (CF) Nevada Speeders .370, 2 HR, 0 RBI
August 5–11 Les Groves (C) Chicago Pit Bulls .450, 4 HR, 9 RBI Alex Martinez (2B) Miami Storm .444, 7 HR, 12 RBI
August 12–18 Ramiro Flores (CF) New York Dragons .621, 1 HR, 6 RBI Jeremy Martin (3B) Miami Storm .583, 4 RBI
August 19–25 Al Starrett (3B) Ohio Oxen .385, 3 HR, 8 RBI Alex Martinez (2B) Miami Storm .600, 2 HR, 11 RBI
August 26–September 1 Glenn Torraville (RF) Milwaukee Hops .448, 3 HR, 9 RBI Ryan Herrington (3B) California Tidals .500, 4 RBI
September 2–8 John Rambo (RF) Chicago Pit Bulls .481, 2 HR, 4 RBI Victor Johnson (RF) Houston Oilers .440, 2 HR, 5 RBI
September 9–15 Jesus Cardenas (1B) Boston Brawlers .585, 1 HR, 8 RBI Alex Ramos (2B) Miami Storm .476, 4 HR, 12 RBI
September 16–22 Jeremy Evans (LF) Ohio Oxen .452, 2 HR, 9 RBI Jim Boyer (CF) Miami Storm .560, 3 HR, 6 RBI



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Dan Kimbrough threw a no-hitter on May 25, the 4th Ravens no-no of all-time


  • Dan Kimbrough (MIN):
    • On May 25, Kimbrough threw a complete game no-hitter against the Milwaukee Hops, striking out a club single-game record 16 batters and walking just one. It was the first career no-hitter for Kimbrough, and a league record 4th for the club. Kimbrough also set the BBL record for most strikeouts during a no-hitter, previously set at 15 by Judson Martel in 2017.
  • Lane Navarro (CHI):
    • On July 21, Navarro walked 4 and struck out 6 on his way to a complete game no-hitter against the Seattle Salts. Backed by a strong Chicago offense reeling from two straight losses, the Pit Bulls won 11-0. Navarro's is the third franchise no-no, and the 19th in Bull League history, and it comes just 275 days after the club's last no-hitter, by Branden Cassidy in the 2023 playoffs.

Other pitching achievements

  • Ron Alder (HOU):
    • On April 17, achieved his 150th win, becoming only the 3rd player in the league to do so, after Angelo Rodriguez and Ricky Rodriguez.
    • On May 22, won his 151st game, becoming just the 2nd player to do so after Ricky Rodriguez, earlier this season. He threw 7.1 innings against the Milwaukee Hops, allowing 10 hits, 5 earned runs, and 6 walks while striking out 4.
    • On June 17, won his 152nd game. He pitched 8.2 innings against the New York Dragons, in a 5&nash;3 win, and was named player of the game.
    • On June 22, his next start, won his 153rd game to tie the record set exactly one month earlier by Ricky Rodriguez. He threw 8.0 innings in a 6–5 win in Washington against the Freedom.
    • On August 7, Alder won his 154th game, just two days after Ricky Rodriguez set the all-time wins record at 155. Alder threw 6.0 innings in a start against the Freedom again, in a 12-4 win.
  • Knuckles Malone (MIN):
    • On June 20, struck out his 1,500th batter when he caught lead-off batter Ricky Gonzales of Chicago looking on a 1-2 pitch. He becomes just the 17th pitcher to reach that milestone in the Bull League.
  • Ricky Rodriguez (MIN):
    • Achieved his 150th win on April 7, tying the previous all-time leader, one-time former teammate and Hall of Famer Angelo Rodriguez. At age 35, he also becomes the youngest player to reach 150 wins.
    • On April 13, claimed the all-time record for wins by notching his 151st in a 5.0-inning relief appearance against the Chicago Pit Bulls, after starting pitcher Knuckles Malone left due to an injury.
    • On April 27, set the new wins record at 152 after a 4.1 inning relief appearance against the Toronto Nomads, in a 10-7 win.
    • On May 22, set the all-time wins record at 153 after a 2.1 inning relief appearance against the Miami Storm, throwing 31 pitches while giving up just 4 hits and one earned run.
    • On August 1, set the all-time wins record at 154 following a 2.0 inning hitless relief appearance against the Toronto Nomads, in a 12-7 win.
    • The following appearance, on August 5, he set the all-time wins record at 155, in a 2.1 inning relief stint against the Chicago Pit Bulls.


  • Cletus Avery (NEV):
    • On June 25, ended a 25-game hitting streak, becoming just the 23rd player to reach the milestone in the league, and the 3rd Speeder to achieve a streak of 25 or more games.
    • On July 8, won the 2nd annual home run derby, driving 17 balls over the fence at Stormcenter within 4 minutes to defeat finalist Payton Bint of the Chicago Pit Bulls, who had 16.
  • Joel Didkowski (MIA):
    • On August 14, tied the ML single-game record for doubles with 4, joining 5 other players.
  • Jon Guillot (CHI):
    • On April 10, hit his 200th home run, becoming only the 44th player in the league to reach that milestone.
  • Dennis Guppy (CHI):
    • Homered for the 200th time in his career on July 11, becoming just the 46th player in league history to reach that milestone.
  • Jim Hooper (NEW):
    • On May 2, while playing as DH, tied the LL single game record for doubles with 4, going 4-for-5 against his former team, the Montreal Metros, hitting for two bases all four times. He is just the 11th player in the BBL to achieve the feat.
  • Jeremy Martin (MIA):
    • On August 27, ended a hitting streak at 25-games, after going 0-for-4 against the Houston Oilers. Martin becomes the third player in franchise history to hit the 25-game mark in a hitting streak and the first since the club left its former home in Kingston, Ontario.
  • Alex Martinez (MIA):
    • On August 8, went 4 for 6 and hit 3 home runs in a game against the Calgary Inferno.
  • Hiroki Omiya (CGY):
    • On September 14, hit his 200th career home run in a road game against the Nevada Speeders, becoming the 47th player to reach that milestone. It was his only hit of the game, as he went 1-for-4, with his solo shot coming off Greg Pritchard in the 4th inning.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez (HOU):
    • Ended a 32-game hitting streak on May 2, the second longest ever in the Bull League, and only the sixth time a hitting streak has gone 30 or more games.
  • Bubbles Smith (NY):
    • On April 14, Smith batted his 500th run in.
  • Tak-keung Yang (NEV):
    • Achieved a milestone 300th home run on April 5, one of two hit that game, in a loss against the Miami Storm, becoming just the 9th player to hit 300 or more home runs in their career.
    • On May 9, hit for a natural cycle against the Arizona Cowboys, going 5-for-5 in the game, completing all four hits by the 6th inning before being hit by a pitch in the 9th, and then singling again in the same inning. Yang also becomes just the fifth player to get 5 hits while hitting for the cycle.

Career ending injuries

  • Rogelio Fuentes (CGY) — The 2019 1st round (supplemental) pick, who was once named #60 prospect in the league, suffered a career-ending torn rotator cuff injury on July 14 while playing against the Washington Freedom. The 24-year-old right-hander was making his first start after returning from another injury suffered in spring training, and came just a day after his 1-day team suspension expired which had been awarded for being late to dress for game 2 of the Freedom series. He was an alumni of the Essex Technical College Bullfrogs in the Can-Am College League.


The following players retired after the 2024 season:

  • Section Attack 2B Ohio
  • Jim Lahey 1B Ohio
  • Bret Gilbert RHP Minneapolis
  • Xavier de Soto 3B New York
  • Ron Alder RHP Houston
  • Alex Medina LHP New York
  • Andrew Ward RHP Milwaukee
  • Ricky Rodriguez RHP Minneapolis - Also retired #27
  • Bruce Follett RHP New York
  • Shigenobu Takahashi RHP Free Agent (Washington)
  • Garth Goyle 1B

Retired number

  • Ricky Rodriguez has his #27 retired by the Minneapolis Ravens on October 27, coinciding with the date he announced his retirement from baseball. It was the first number retired by the franchise.


    See article: 2025 Expansion

At the conclusion of the season, the Bull League expanded by two teams. Both teams joined the Metropolitan League and will participate in the 2025 season.

The new franchises were awarded to:

  • Atlanta
  • Denver

An expansion draft was held on November 12, 2024, where the two new teams each drafted 35 players from the other 16 clubs in order to stock their rosters for their inaugural seasons.


    See article: List of 2024 season Twitch broadcasts

Selected regular season and playoff games are broadcast live on the Bull Baseball Network Twitch channel.[1]

College and minor leagues

Summer College Tournament

The 2024 Summer College Tournament was played in Seoul, Korea, from July 1 to 23. It was the 8th such tournament, and the first time is was hosted by Korea. Japan Samurai emerged the winners for the second consecutive year, after defeating the two-time champion United States in the final round. Japan was undefeated at 3–0 in the double-elimination knock-out bracket, and won the final 4–2 over the USA.

Right fielder Masahito Tanaka of the Sydney Sports Academy Wet Sox was awarded the tournament MVP honors. He led tournament batting with a .403 average, .463 OBP, 1.8 WAR, scoring 15 runs and hitting for a leading 41 total bases.

During the tournament, left-hander Jesus Lara of Puerto Rico threw the second no-hitter in tournament history, a Herculean 107-pitch, 9.0 inning effort allowing just 1 walk while striking out 6 against tournament hosts South Korea. It was the college career highlight for Lara, playing in his second college tournament. Lara, who will be a junior next season and who regularly plays college ball for Indiana in the NCAA Division I has done well in international tourneys, going 3–2 with a 2.54 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, and 29 K's in 39 IP through 7 starts.


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