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An all-star game is an annual exhibition baseball game between two teams the purpose of which is to showcase the best and most popular players among the the teams within the subleagues or conferences that make up a particular baseball league. The competing teams are made up of players rostered solely for the event, with selections made by league officials or fans. A league's all-star game usually takes place at the mid-season point during a break in regular game play lasting 3 to 5 days, the exception being certain collegiate leagues (such as the CIS league), which plays their all-star game before the season starts.

The statistical results of an all-star game do not count towards any of the participating players season totals, and the contest is mainly held for the enjoyment of the sport by the fans, who get to watch the very best of the players compete all in one game.

List of professional all-star games

League Level Event Date Competing teams
Bull League Major Bull League All-Star Game Mid-July AEL and LL All-Stars
Cow League AAA Cow League All-Star Game 1st week in July ACL and FL All-Stars
Heifer League AA Heifer League All-Star Game Last week of June BL and PL All-Stars

List of amateur league all-star games

League Level Event Date Competing teams
NCAA College NCAA All-Star Game Mid-March Atlantic-10 and Southeast-PAC All-Stars
Canadian Interuniversity Sports College CIS All-Star Game Late August CCBA and OUA All-Stars
Pacific Rim College League College PRCL All-Star Game Mid-February AOC and JKC All-Stars
Can-Am College League College (Jnr) CAN-AM All-Star Game Late March DIVISION A and DIVISION B All-Stars