Metropolitan League Championship Series

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Metropolitan League Championship Series

Established in 1991
The Metropolitan League Championship Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Metropolitan League Championship Series
Presented by The Bull Baseball League

First awarded 1991

Last awarded 2026

Current winner Kansas City Blizzard (1st title)

Current runner-up Miami Storm

Most wins (Tied) Calgary Calicos, Las Vegas Lightning (7)

The Metropolitan League Championship Series (MLCS) is the best-of-seven annual championship series that determines the winning team of the Metropolitan League (ML) pennant. The winning team advances to play the winner of the Lake League (LL) Championship Series (LLCS) in the Bull Cup Championship Series, the Bull League's playoff championship series.

From 1991 to 1993, the names of the teams and the series results were inscribed on the American Eagle league Trophy, named for the former name of the league.

From 1991 to 2006, the division title winners for the two ML divisions, the ML East and the ML West, competed in the MLCS. Since 2007, there have also been wild card teams in the playoffs. The two ML division champions, and the top two teams in the ML after the two division champions advance to the playoffs and play in a best-of-five Elimination Round, from which two teams advance to the MLCS.


The series was formerly called the American Eagle League Championship Series (AELCS), until the league was renamed for the 2019 season.

The first AEL/ML Championship series took place in 1991 between the Chicago Knights, who were victorious, and the Nevada Speeders. Chicago were the AEL East division champions, and they won the series over the AEL West division champion Speeders in 4 games (3-1).

There was no series in 1992, as the league selected the championship team based on the standings at the conclusion of the short season. The Seattle Salts were the AEL team that was the highest ranked in the standings, and went on to represent the AEL at the Bull Cup championships.

Modern era (1995-present)

The league's Modern Era began in 1995 with the expansion to 16 teams and the schedule expanded to 80 games. The Richmond Ravens took the first two modern era AEL championships, in 1995 and 1996. They were the runner-up in the next two years, losing to Calgary in 1997, and Nevada in 1998.

The first series sweep occurred in 1999, when Calgary swept the San Diego Seagulls, who were in their first AEL championship appearance.

However, Nevada was the dominant team in the AEL early on, earning all six of their titles between 1998 and 2009. Their only losing appearance came in 2007, against the Ravens.

In 2019, with the expansion of the regular schedule to the traditional 162 games, the series was extended from a best-of-five to a best-of-seven.

MLCS results (1991–present)

Bold indicates team went on to win Bull Cup Championship Series. wc indicates wild card playoff team (since 2007).[1] [2]

Year Winner Record Loser Series MVP
1991 Chicago Knights 3-1 Nevada Speeders Harmon Killebrew, Chicago
1992 Seattle Salts acclaimed, no series
1993 California Tidals 3-2 Nevada Speeders
1994 No season played
1995 Richmond Ravens 3-2 Denver Highlanders Brian Bahm, Richmond
1996 Richmond Ravens 3-2 Calgary Chinooks Nick Dune, Richmond
1997 Calgary Chinooks 3-0 Richmond Ravens Sean Lewis, Calgary
1998 Nevada Speeders 3-2 Richmond Ravens Carl Simms, Nevada
1999 Calgary Chinooks 3-0 San Diego Seagulls Dick Stoffers, San Diego*
2000 California Tidals 3-1 Calgary Chinooks Ken Harrison, California
2001 Nevada Speeders 3-0 California Tidals Carl Simms, Nevada
2002 San Diego Seagulls 3-1 Calgary Chinooks Always Rosy, San Diego
2003 Nevada Speeders 3-1 Richmond Ravens Marcus White, Nevada
2004 Chicago Pit Bulls 3-1 Seattle Salts Cameron Pettiford, Chicago
2005 Richmond Ravens 3-1 Chicago Pit Bulls Jimmy Hankel, Richmond
2006 Nevada Speeders 3-0 California Tidals Nate Morris, Nevada
2007 Richmond Ravens 3-2 Nevada Speeders Jimmy Hankel, Richmond
2008 Nevada Speederswc 3-1 Chicago Pit Bulls Nate Mair, Nevada
2009 Nevada Speeders 3-0 San Diego Seagullswc Carl Simms, San Diego*
2010 Calgary Infernowc 3-2 Nevada Speeders Miguel Ortega, Calgary
2011 Richmond Ravens 3-0 Seattle Saltswc Alan Isimo, Richmond
2012 California Tidals 3-2 Calgary Infernowc Adam Hippensteel, California
2013 California Tidals 3-2 Calgary Inferno Koji Kondo, California
2014 Seattle Salts 3-1 California Tidalswc Jesse Nelson, Seattle
2015 Calgary Infernowc 3-2 Jacksonville Ravens Dao-zi Ling, Calgary
2016 Calgary Infernowc 3-2 Jacksonville Ravenswc Fernando Latorre, Calgary
2017 Calgary Inferno 3-0 Jacksonville Ravenswc Israel Medina, Calgary
2018 St. Petersburg Admirals 3-1 Denver Dangerwc Takeo Otomo, St. Petersburg
2019 St. Petersburg Admirals 4-1 Arizona Cowboys Alex Viramontes, St. Petersburg
2020 Nevada Speederswc 4-3 St. Petersburg Admirals Chitoji Yamada, Nevada
2021 Calgary Inferno 4-3 Nevada Speeders Fernando Mendolla, Calgary
2022 California Tidalswc 4-0 Nevada Speeders Sean Phifer, California
2023 Miami Storm 4-2 Nevada Speeders Jimmy Tosnia, Miami
2024 Washington Freedomwc 4-1 California Tidalswc John Renouf, Washington
2025 Miami Stormwc 4-1 Nevada Speeders Jimmy Tosnia, Miami
2026 Kansas City Blizzard 4-1 Miami Stormwc Hideo Yamada, Kansas City

† – Player had a postseason MVP sweep, claiming the Elimination Round MVP, League Championship MVP, and Bull Cup MVP in same postseason, or both the League Championship MVP and Bull Cup MVP (prior to 2007).

* – MVP selected from losing team.

MLCS Appearances by Team

Teams in Italics have folded or left the league.

Team Wins Losses Pct. Most recent
Most recent
16 Las Vegas Lightning
(Nevada Speeders)
7 9 .438 2020 2025
12 Calgary Calicos
(Calgary Chinooks, Inferno)
7 5 .583 2021 2021
11 Minneapolis Ravens
(Richmond Ravens, Jacksonville Ravens)
5 6 .454 2011 2017
9 California Tidals 5 4 .555 2022 2024
6 Houston Oilers
(San Diego Seagulls, Anchorage Aces, St. Petersburg Admirals)
3 3 .500 2019 2020
4 Chicago Pit Bulls
(Chicago Knights)
2 2 .500 1991 2008
4 Seattle Salts 2 2 .500 2014 2014
3 Washington Freedom
(Denver Highlanders, Denver Danger, Philadelphia Liberty Warriors)
1 2 .333 2024 2024
3 Miami Storm 2 1 .750 2025 2026
2 Kansas City Blizzard
(Arizona Cowboys)
1 1 .500 2026 2026
0 Atlanta Fire Ants 0 0 .000
0 Denver Grizzlies 0 0 .000

Recurring MLCS matchups

Only current ML team matchups are included.

Matches Matchup Record Years
4 California Tidals vs. Nevada Speeders Tied, 2-2 1993, 2001, 2006, 2022
3 California Tidals vs. Calgary Inferno Tidals, 3-0 2000, 2012, 2013
2 Calgary Inferno vs. St. Petersburg Admirals Tied, 1-1 1999, 2002

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