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St. Petersburg Admirals
Founded in 1991
St. Petersburg, Florida Usa.png
St petersburg admirals.png
Team logo

League Bull League
Subleague American Eagle League
Division East (1991-1994, 2018-Present)

West (1995-2017)

Team Info
Name St. Petersburg Admirals

Previous names Anchorage Aces (2017)

San Diego Seagulls (1991-2016)

Previous locations Anchorage, Alaska (2017)

San Diego, California (1991-2016)

Colors Philippine brown, tan, white


Owner Gary Brett, Jr.

General manager Brandon Popper
Ballpark The Burg
Former Mountain Range (2017)

(San Diego Stadium) (1995-2016) Shayne Hall Field (1991-1994)

Bull Cup titles (1) 2019
League pennants (3) 2002, 2018, 2019
Division pennants (5) AEL West - 1999, 2002, 2016

AEL East - 2018, 2019

The St. Petersburg Admirals are an American Bull League baseball team based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The team is in the American Eagle League (AEL) East division. The General Manager is Brandon Popper, who is also the manager.

The team was founded in 1991 as the San Diego Seagulls, and placed in the AEL East, although the city is located on the Pacific coast, and thus further west than some of the AEL West teams at that time. They were moved to the AEL West in the 1995 reorganization of the Bull League. In December, 2016, the team was relocated to Anchorage and renamed to the Aces.[1] Then, in early 2018, the team relocated to Florida and became the St. Petersburg Admirals.

Although they have seldom made playoff appearances, they had one of the best third basemen in the Bull League on their team from 1993-2005, Always Rosy. Rosy was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 2016 for his stellar career, in which the two-time Most Valuable Player led the American Eagle League in HRs six times, including for four consecutive years (1996-1999).

The team has a lifetime win-loss record of 827-943 (.467) from 1995-2016.


Former San Diego Seagulls logo (1991-2016)
Former Anchorage Aces logo (2017)

After the Southern League was renamed to the American Eagle League in 1991, and many of its under performing teams were disbanded, the San Diego Seagulls were founded and placed into the new league's East division, joining Chicago and California. None of those teams remain in the AEL East today. San Diego was moved to the AEL West in 1995, while Chicago went to the Lake League and California moved with San Diego to the geographically appropriate AEL West. The team relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, in December, 2016, and was renamed to the Anchorage Aces.

In February, 2018, details were finalized for a move to Florida, and the team became the St. Petersburg Admirals and was moved back to the AEL East division.

Despite having several high performing players over the years, the team has struggled to make the playoffs, appearing in the American Eagle League Championship Series only three times (1999, 2002, 2009). While the team won the AEL Trophy in 2002, they were swept in the Bull Cup Championships by Hamilton 3-0.

General Managers

St. Petersburg Admirals General Managers
Years Name Record Notes
(as San Diego Seagulls)
Alex Gutierrez 116-124, .483 Offensively-minded Gutierrez cut his teeth in San Diego, before perfecting his craft with California and then later taking Calgary to a Bull Cup.
(as San Diego Seagulls)
John Phillips 135-173, .438 Though the Seagulls made the playoffs under Phillips, they began an implosion afterwards that took years to recover from.
(as San Diego Seagulls)
Nick Bond 6-4, .600 Bond came in at the end of a last place finishing season for just ten games, before being dismissed in the offseason as the team sought a different direction
(as San Diego Seagulls)
Blake Kenik 157-171, .478 Led Seagulls to first playoffs since 2009
2017–present Brandon Popper 219-143, .604 Came 2nd in GM of the Year voting for 2017. Led team to first Bull Cup win in 2019.


Calgary Inferno Rivalry

The Aces have an inter-division rivalry with the Calgary Inferno, with whom they are tied 1-1 in AELCS appearances. While still based in San Diego and called the Seagulls, the team played Calgary (then called the Chinooks) in the 1999 AELCS, getting swept out of the series 3-0. The team returned to the AELCS in 2002 to face Calgary again, this time going 3-1 and advancing to the Bull Cup Championship Series in their only appearance in the final playoff round (they would lose to Hamilton).

California Tidals Rivalry

Because the Aces were formerly based in San Diego, and formed in 1991, they have had a long-standing rivalry with another team in the same state, the California Tidals. Both California and San Diego were founding AEL East division teams in 1991 (despite being located on the west coast), and both teams were moved to the AEL West division in 1995 during the major realignment.

Retired Numbers

The Anchorage Aces have retired just one uniform number (as the former San Diego Seagulls).

Anchorage Aces Retired Uniform Numbers

Always Rosy
Third base
Retired 2010

Awards and other achievements

Player awards

Most Valuable Player Award

Rookie of the Year Award

Woodchuck Trophy

League Leaders

The following players still hold current league leader records.

Team Records

For career hitting percentage records, 1,460 plate appearances are required. For career pitching percentage records, 471 innings pitched are required.

Statistic Single season record Career record
Player Record Year Player Record
Batting average Prennick Argon .401 1999 Prennick Argon .342
On base percentage Always Rosy .459 1996 Adam Gordon .381
Slugging percentage Always Rosy .838 1996 Always Rosy .611
At bats Jose Dominguez 363 2006 Always Rosy 3,370
Runs Adam Gordon
Always Rosy
81 1998
Always Rosy 692
Hits Prennick Argon 125 1999 Always Rosy 979
Doubles Section Attack 33 2016 Jason Hovis 142
Triples Billy Kidd 8 1997 Always Rosy 30
Home runs Always Rosy 39 1996 Always Rosy 307
Runs batted in Always Rosy 90 1997 Always Rosy 801
Stolen bases Adam Gordon 29 1998 Adam Gordon
Hikoo Okimoto
Earned runs average Ed Gerts 2.29 2001 Bobby Miller 3.53
Wins A.C. Deucey
Tom Parker
Bobby Miller
Ed Gerts
10 2010
Tim McHaney 85
Losses Travis Dreis 11 2015 Tim McHaney 79
Saves Jake Pruitt 24 2010 Josh Martinez 60
Games pitched Eye Suck 49 2000 Josh Martinez 241
Games started Eddie Clunker
Ed Gerts
Gary Ingeborj
20 1995
Tim McHaney 216
Complete games A.C. Deucey 5 2012 Ed Gerts 11
Shutouts A.C. Deucey 2 2010 Ed Gerts
Bobby Miller
Innings pitched Ed Gerts 135.2 1995 Tim McHaney 1,318.1
Strikeouts Bobby Miller 135 2014 Tim McHaney 934


Milestones listed here were obtained while playing for the Aces (Seagulls 1995 - 2016)

Player Milestone Date
Always Rosy 200 Home Runs 08/13/2000
Ed Gerts 500 Strikeouts 08/14/2000
Always Rosy 500 RBIs 07/03/2001
Always Rosy 500 Runs Scored 06/03/2002
David Marchesani 500 Strikeouts 06/08/2003
Dontbea Fool 500 Strikeouts 07/25/2003
D.P Justice 500 Runs Scored 08/05/2004
D.P Justice 500 RBIs 07/07/2005
Adam Gordan 500 Runs Scored 08/21/2005
Carl Simms 1000 Hits 06/09/2006
Carl Simms 300 Home Runs 06/04/2007
Leonard Hurrach 100 Saves 06/14/2009
Tim McHaney 500 Strikeouts 07/20/2009
Tom Parker 500 Strikeouts 08/28/2010
Dave Norman 1500 Hits 08/18/2012
Bobby Miller 500 Strikeouts 08/03/2014
Alex Viramontes 500 RBIs 06/04/2015
Alex Viramontes 500 Runs Scored 08/08/2015
Alex Viramontes 1000 Hits 07/23/2016
Takeo Otomo 300 Home Runs 05/22/2017

Hall of Fame Players

The St. Petersburg Admirals have one player who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame (as a San Diego Seagull).

St. Petersburg Admirals Hall of Famers
Player Position Inducted
Always Rosy Third baseman 2016


Bull Cup Champions
Preceded by:
Montreal Metros
2019 Current champions
American Eagle League Champions
Preceded by:
Nevada Speeders
2002 Succeeded by:
Nevada Speeders
Preceded by:
Calgary Inferno
20182019 Succeeded by:
Current holder
American Eagle League East Division Titles
Preceded by:
Calgary Inferno
20182019 Succeeded by:
Current holder
American Eagle League West Division Titles
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
1999 Succeeded by:
California Tidals
Preceded by:
California Tidals
2002 Succeeded by:
Richmond Ravens
Preceded by:
Seattle Salts
2016 Succeeded by:
Seattle Salts

Minor League Affiliations

Level Team League Location
AAA St. Anthony SeaWolves Cow League St. Anthony, Nfld.
AA Savannah Buccaneers Heifer League Savannah, Georgia
A Tijuana Firebirds Calf League Tijuana, Mexico
Short A Paris Foxes Milk League Paris, Ontario
Rookie Naples Admirals Florida Rookie League Naples, Florida


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