Atlantic Coast League Championship Series

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Atlantic Coast League Championship Series

Established in 2017
Presented by The Bull Baseball League

First awarded 2017

Last awarded 2018

Current winner Milwaukee Pugs (1st)

Most wins (1) Brampton Longhorns, Milwaukee Pugs

The Atlantic Coast League Championship Series is a best-of-five annual championship series playoff that determines the championship team for the Atlantic Coast League (ACL), one of the constituent leagues within the AAA-level minor Cow League. The winner advances to play the champion of the Frontier League Championship Series (FLCS) in the Cow League Championship Series, which determines the overall championship team.

The ACL was created in 2017 to replace the former North-East League (NEL). The last champions of the NEL were the Kelowna Inferno, who are affiliated to the Rimouski Fighting Moose.

Results by Year

Bold indicates the team went on to win the Cow League Cup.

Former NEL League Champions
Year Winner Record Loser
1995 Oakland Dukes 3-1 Markham Winkers
1996 Kensington Judges 3-1 Windsor Sharks
1997 Windsor Sharks 3-2 Markham Winkers
1998 Markham Winkers 3-0 Windsor Sharks
1999 Windsor Sharks 3-2 Kensington Judges
2000 Windsor Sharks 3-1 Tallmadge Gaucho Locos
2001 Kensington Judges 2-1 Oakland Dukes
2002 Winnipeg Frogs 2-0 Tallmadge Gaucho Locos
2003 Kensington Judges 2-0 Anaheim Pharaohs
2004 Toledo Tornadoes 2-0 Oakland Dukes
2005 Toledo Tornadoes 2-1 Oakland Dukes
2006 Toledo Tornadoes 2-0 Oakland Dukes
2007 Albany Statesmen 2-1 Thunder Bay Coalfields
2008 Oakland Dukes 2-1 Hartford Judges
2009 Toledo Tornadoes 2-1 Thunder Bay Coalfields
2010 Anaheim Pharaohs 2-0 Halifax Gunboats
2011 Hartford Judges 2-0 Oakland Dukes
2012 Halifax Gunboats 2-1 Oakland Dukes
2013 Albany Statesmen 3-2 Anaheim Pharaohs
2014 Hartford Judges 3-0 Windsor Larks
2015 Toledo Tornadoes 3-1 Kelowna Inferno
2016 Kelowna Inferno 3-0 Anaheim Pharaohs
Atlantic Coast League Champions
Year Winner Record Loser
2017 Brampton Longhorns 3-0 Baltimore Bruins
2018 Milwaukee Pugs 3-0 Halifax Gunboats