Barn League

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Barn League

Founded 2013
Level AA (Heifer League)

Countries Canada Flag of Canada.svg.png, United States Usa.png

Teams 10

Divisions 2 (East, West)

Current champions Quebec City Waves

Most titles 4 tied with 1

The Barn League (BARN) is one of the two subleagues within the Heifer League, the AA-level minor league of the Bull Baseball League. The other subleague is the Pasture League (PL).

There are 10 teams in the BARN, divided into East and West divisions of five teams in each division.

At the end of the regular season, a playoff determines the BARN and PL champions. The most recent winners in the BARN were the Quebec City Waves. The league champions play a final championship round to determine the winner of the Heifer League Championships.


The BARN teams are: