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A Base on balls (BB or "Walk") is awarded to a batter when the pitcher throws a fourth pitch that is judged as a "ball" and that is not hit by the batter. The batter may then proceed to first base without being put out, and then becomes a runner.

If first base is already occupied by a runner, that runner may also advance one base without being put out. If first base and second base are both occupied, both runners may advance and not be put out. If all the bases are occupied, all runners may advance and the runner on third base may proceed to home and a run is scored.

A run that scores on a bases loaded walk is scored as an earned run against the pitcher.

Intentional Base on Balls

An intentional base on balls (IBB) is scored when a pitcher purposely walks a batter, usually done as a strategy to bring up the next batter in the order who might be less likely to get a hit, particularly a home run.

League leaders

Chris Felix, the first player inducted into the Bull League Hall of Fame, holds the record for the most walks in a single season. In 1999 he earned 98 bases on balls. In 2002, Carlos Angel tied him.[1]

The all-time career leader in walks is Francisco Erazo, who has earned 1,116 through his career, which spanned from 20002016. He surpassed Carl Simms for the league lead in career walks during the 2016 season.[1]

The pitcher who has given up the most walks in a season is Logan Starr, who gave up 79 walks while pitching for the Toronto Ducks in 2002. Dan Robinson is the career leading pitcher in the base on balls category, awarding 723 free bases during his career, from 19972012.[1]


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