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The Batter of the Month Award is a Bull League award named by each league every month of the regular season. Both the Metropolitan League (ML) and the Lake League (LL) have given out the award since 1995 to the batter with the best performance over the course of that month.

Recipients since 2015

Year Month Metropolitan League Lake League
Player Team Player Team
2015 June Javier Chavarria Denver Highlanders Takeo Otomo Montreal Metros
July Alex Viramontes San Diego Seagulls Bill Ross Chicago Pit Bulls
2016 June Glen Reese Denver Highlanders Peyton May Montreal Metros
July Glen Reese Denver Highlanders Francisco Erazo Kingston Cannons
August Alex Viramontes San Diego Seagulls Garth Goyle Ohio Oxen
2017 May Cody Martin Calgary Inferno Hoshi Mizuguchi Montreal Metros
June Danny Sanchez Norfolk Sharks Zenjiro Suga Rimouski Fighting Moose
July Israel Medina Calgary Inferno Joe Street Rimouski Fighting Moose
August Javier Chavarria Denver Danger Victor Jimenez New York Dragons
2018 May Earl MacPherson Norfolk Sharks Guido Groeneveld Boston Brawlers
June Chitoji Yamada Nevada Speeders Gabel Reyes Minneapolis Ravens
July Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys Les Groves Louisville Sluggers
2019 April Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Jose Ramirez Montreal Metros
May Joe Kueppers Arizona Cowboys Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
June Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys Les Groves Milwuakee Hops
July Chitoji Yamada Nevada Speeders Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens
August Julio Rangel St. Petersburg Admirals Jason Nelson Milwaukee Hops

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