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A batting average (abbreviated to BA) is defined as the number of hits a player has made divided by the number of at bats they have had. It is normally reported to three decimal places, for example .358 which is read as three fifty-eight.

BA = H ÷ AB

The batting average is used is to measure a batter's probability on reaching base on a particular at bat, and does not account for any particular type of hit, since doubles, triples, and home runs are all counted first as a hit.

Batting average is one of the three batting statistics used in the batter's Triple Crown (together with HR and RBI.

Batting average records

The season record for highest batting average belongs to Hall of Fame second baseman Chuck Provost, who in 1995 hit with an average of .444 with the Richmond Ravens.

The record for highest career batting average belongs to Hall of Famer Chris Felix, who played six seasons with the Chicoutimi Cinquantes as a third baseman, finishing his career with an average of .363.[1]


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