Blue Rose Award

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Blue Rose Award

Established in 1991
Awarded to any team that leads its league in hitting (BA) and pitching (ERA)
Presented by The Bull Baseball League

First awarded 1991

Last awarded 2022

Current winner Nevada Speeders (2nd)

Most wins Calgary Inferno (Calgary Chinooks) (3)

The Blue Rose Award is a special team award that is only awarded when a team leads the league in both team batting average (BA) and earned runs average (ERA). As a result, it is only rarely awarded. It is awarded in both the Metropolitan League (ML, formerly the American Eagle League or AEL) and the Lake League (LL).


The award is named for the blue rose, which is only rarely found in nature. It was first instituted in 1991, as a way of recognizing exceptional teams that excel in both hitting (based on highest batting average) and pitching (based on lowest earned runs average).

As a result of a award criteria, the Blue Rose Award has only been awarded a total of 13 times, eight times to LL teams, and five times to AEL teams.

The first team to win a Blue Rose Award was the Ohio Oxen in 1991. Their team BA of .222 and team ERA of 1.76 led the LL. One team, Calgary Inferno (formerly Calgary Chinooks) has won the award three times, and currently are the team to have the most Blue Rose Awards. Calgary won in 2000, 2002 and 2010.

The most recent team to receive the award is the Chicago Pit Bulls, who won it in 2025 with the highest team BA of any Blue Rose Award winner, .306, and a team ERA of 4.55.

Blue Rose Awards by Year

Year Team League BA ERA
1991 Ohio Oxen LL .222 1.76
1992 Nevada Speeders AEL .176 0.62
1995 Richmond Ravens AEL .294 3.81
1995 Montreal Metros LL .289 3.84
1996 Kingston Battlements LL .291 3.59
2000 Calgary Chinooks AEL .293 3.73
2001 Chicoutimi Cinquantes LL .290 3.26
2002 Calgary Chinooks AEL .275 3.46
2003 Chicoutimi Cinquantes LL .280 4.11
2010 Calgary Inferno AEL .288 3.70
2012 Kingston Cannons LL .276 3.63
2016 Montreal Metros LL .279 2.66
2022 Nevada Speeders ML .299 4.72
2025 Chicago Pit Bulls LL .306 4.55

Blue Rose Awards by Team

Total Team Years
3 Calgary Inferno
Calgary Chinooks
2000, 2002, 2010
2 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 2001, 2003
2 Miami Storm
Kingston Battlements/Cannons
1996, 2012
2 Montreal Metros 1995, 2016
2 Nevada Speeders 1992, 2022
1 Chicago Pit Bulls 2025
1 Minneapolis Ravens
Richmond/Jacksonville Ravens
1 Ohio Oxen 1991