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Bull Cup

Established in 1991
Bull Cup 400px-trans.jpg
The Bull Cup is awarded to the winner of the Bull Cup Championship Series
Presented by The Commissioner of the Bull Baseball League

First awarded 1991

Last awarded 2019

Current winner St. Petersburg Admirals

Current runner-up Minneapolis Ravens

Most wins New York Minutemen (5)

The Bull Cup is the championship trophy of the Bull League, awarded annually to the winner of the Bull Cup Championship playoff series since 1991. It is considered the most prestigious award for the league.

The first team to win the Bull Cup was the Chicago Knights, who defeated the Ohio Oxen in in a best-of-five series, 3-1, during the inaugural Bull Cup Championship Series in 1991.


Original Bull Cup trophy commissioned by Ace Awards

When the Bull League formed as the Bull League Baseball Association in 1989, a championship trophy was commissioned in order to recognize the achievement of winning a championship series at the conclusion of a playoff. The original cup was named the Weaver Cup after Earl Weaver, the MLB manager who loaned his named to Earl Weaver Baseball, the baseball simulation platform first used to run the league, from 1989—1993.

When the original 20-team league was reduced to just 12 teams, in 1991, the championship trophy was renamed as the Bull Cup and a formal 30-game schedule was introduced, followed by two rounds of playoffs, between the four division pennant winners of each of the divisions, the Lake League East, Lake League West, Eagle League East and Eagle League West. The final round would be between the Lake and Eagle league champions.

Trophies were also commissioned for the league championship winners, as well as the Bull League All-Star Game winner, and an Owner of the Year. All of these original trophies were commissioned by Ace Awards of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For the first three seasons, from 1991—1993, the Bull Cup and other trophies were awarded annually, until the 1994 season when there was a labor dispute and no games were played.

The league went into abeyance until 2016, when it was revived using OOTP17. The seasons from 1995—2015 were simulated all within a matter of days, and the season proceeded at "real time" from the mid point of the 2016 season. The original Bull Cup was returned to Ace Awards in order to be updated, but has since been lost.

In 2019, new annual Bull Cup trophies were commissioned by The Award Store of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, in order to recognize the Bull Cup championships winners for the 2016, 2018 and 2019 seasons, when teams with human general managers won the championships.

The 2016 Bull Cup awarded to the Ohio Oxen showing the current design

Original Bull Cup design

The original Bull Cup was a stainless steel bowl approximately 10 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height, which was mounted on a tapered square wood base with a natural wood finish.

The main plate on the base was inscribed The Bull Cup - The BLBA, referring to the former acronym of the league (Bull League Baseball Association). For each year awarded, the year, name of the championship team, and name of the owner/general manager were inscribed on a plate on the base.

Current Bull Cup design

The current Bull Cup is now awarded as an annual trophy, commissioned for each year it is won by a human general manager. It is a two-handled stainless steel cup approximately 8 inches in height, 6 inches in width (including the handles), on a black marbleized stone base about 4 inches by 4 inches, and just over 1 inch in height.

The plate is inscribed with award title, the year won, and name of the winning team, and the name of the general manager. The trophies are produced by The Award Store in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.[1]

As of 2019, three annual trophies have been produced.

List of Bull Cup trophies awarded
Team General manager
2016 Ohio Oxen Dylan Maccarone
2018 Montreal Metros Danny Desrochers
2019 St. Petersburg Admirals Brandon Popper
2020—2024 Chicago Pit Bulls Scott Davis

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