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The Bull Cup MVP Award is a player award given to the top player in the Bull Cup Championship Series each year.

List of Bull Cup MVP Award winners

Symbol Meaning
Member of Hall of Fame
Also won MVP
Year Player Posn Team
1991 Warren Spahn Pitcher Chicago Knights
1993 Vick Brenner Shortstop Chicoutimi Cinquantes
1995 Mel Demers Left fielder Richmond Ravens
1996 Ford Explorer Center fielder Richmond Ravens
1997 TJ Cyrus Left fielder New York Minutemen
1998 Nick Runner Right fielder New York Minutemen
1999 Sean Underhay First baseman New York Minutemen
2000 Corey Ray Center fielder Kingston Battlements
2001 Edison Stratton Shortstop Chicoutimi Cinquantes
2002 Cody Brauer Right fielder Hamilton Industrials
2003 Jim Sure† Second baseman New York Minutemen
2004 Mike Lapi† Catcher Chicoutimi Cinquantes
2005 Nick Dune Third baseman Chicoutimi Cinquantes
2006 Matt Thompson Left fielder Ohio Oxen
2007 Jordan Garcia First base Montreal Metros
2008 Jonathan Berger Center field New York Minutemen
2009 Danny Rosa Catcher Ohio Oxen
2010 Narushi Ohata Right field Ohio Oxen
2011 Ricky Terrazas† Pitcher Montreal Metros
2012 Koji Kondo Left fielder California Tidals
2013 Kyle Cahill Pitcher California Tidals
2014 Garth Goyle First baseman Montreal Metros
2015 Jose Espinoza[1] Pitcher Calgary Inferno
2016 Tyrone O'Saurus Catcher Ohio Oxen
2017 Logans Run[2] First baseman Calgary Inferno
2018 Orlando Garza‡[3] Center fielder Montreal Metros
2019 Alex Viramontes[4] Right fielder St. Petersburg Admirals
2020 John Rambo Right fielder Chicago Pit Bulls

Awards to players from the losing team in the series

The Bull Cup MVP Award has been awarded to a player not on the championship team on rare occasions.

Year Player Team
2001 Edison Stratton Chicoutimi Cinquantes


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