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The Bull League All-Star Game is an annual professional exhibition baseball game sanctioned by the Bull League and contested between players from the Metropolitan League (ML) and the Lake League (LL) as selected by the league's general managers.

The game normally occurs in mid-July, and is approximately the halfway-point in the championship season.

The league which hosts the annual event normally alternates each year, with the venue being chosen from among the home stadiums of the teams within the hosting league.

Most Valuable Player Award

    See article: Carl_Simms_MVP_Award#All_Star_Game_MVP

The All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, or MVP, Award is presented annually to the most outstanding player of each year's All-Star Game. Both batters and pitchers may qualify.

Home-field Advantage in the Bull Cup Championships

Until the 2017 season, the home-field advantage for the Bull Cup Championship Series was determined by which league wins that season's All-Star Game.

Partial List of Bull League All-Star Game Results

League All-Star Game records are incomplete and thus only some season's All-Star Game results have been retained in the league's official records.[1] [2]

Date Winner Score Venue Host Team MVP Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
July 13, 1991 American Eagle League 3-2 Toledo Stadium
(Toledo, OH)
Ohio Oxen (LL) Cola Classique (Seattle Salts) Jack Hesketh (Seattle Salts) Sandford Koufax (Toronto Ducks)
June 15, 1992 Lake League 6-2 LAPark
(Los Angeles, CA)
California Tidals (AEL) Nick Red (Boston Brawlers) Mister Duck (Toronto Ducks) Kelly Smith (Nevada Speeders)
May 22,1993 American Eagle League 2-1 Classic Field
(Toronto, ON)
Toronto Ducks (LL) Rolling Thunder (San Diego Seagulls) James Winfield (Seattle Salts) Mister Duck (Toronto Ducks)
1994 — No season played
19952015 — No records
July 20, 2016 Lake League 6-2 Salty Park
(Seattle, WA)
Seattle Salts (AEL) Tyrone O'Saurus (Ohio Oxen) Joe Niceley (Montreal Metros) Mitchell Nichols (Nevada Speeders)
July 17, 2017 American Eagle League 8-4 Oxen Ballpark
(Toledo, OH)
Ohio Oxen (LL) Israel Medina (Calgary) Jerry Long (Anchorage) Alex Maldonado (Toronto)
July 16, 2018 American Eagle League 12-10 Inferno Park
(Calgary, AB)
Calgary Inferno (AEL) Earl MacPherson (Norfolk) Nick Rangel (California) Lenny Brisco (Boston)
July 9, 2019 Lake League 13-3 Twin Cities Stadium
(Minneapolis, MN)
Minneapolis Ravens (LL) Lan-quing Siew (Minneapolis) Glen Talbert (Detroit) Alex Orellana (Miami)
July 9, 2020 Lake League 9-7 The Burg
(St. Petersburg, FL)
St. Petersburg Admirals (ML) Payton Bint (Detroit) Gene Becker (Milwaukee) Raul Acevedo (Dallas)
July 13, 2021 Metropolitan League 5-4 GTAGunSafety.com Stadium
(Toronto, ON)
Toronto Nomads (LL) Johnny Bannink (Miami) Cain Morris (Nevada) Jon Courteau (Boston)
July 12, 2022 Lake League 7-1 Tidals Ballpark
(Los Angeles, CA)
California Tidals (ML) John Rambo (Chicago) T. Higuchi J. Long
July 14, 2023 Lake League 17-8 Pit Bulls Ballpark
(Chicago, IL)
Chicago Pit Bulls (LL) Pedro Rosario (Miami Storm) (for LL) Oscar Gonzalez (CHI) Jonathan Jones (MIA)
July 9, 2024 Lake League 15-6 Stormcenter
(Miami, FL)
Miami Storm (ML) Joseph Dumoulin (Toronto Nomads) Justin Trimmer (Milwaukee Hops) John Daris (California Tidals)
June 28, 2025 Lake League 3-1 The Redoubt
(New York, NY)
New York Dragons (LL) Mei-shan Le (Chicago Pit Bulls) Nick Pruitt (Ohio Oxen) Willie Salazar (Washington Freedom)
July XX, 2026
(Kansas City, MO)
Kansas City Blizzard (ML)

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