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The Bull League logo

The Bull League logo was designed in 2018 by the Commissioner, Ray Morrell. The logo incorporates a traditional professional sports "blue-red" contrasting color scheme, symbolic of the fact that baseball is an sport played between two teams. The central feature is the silhouetted bull's head over the home plate-shaped block.

Official colors

The Bull Baseball League's official colors are blue, white and red.

Color Image HEX RGB
Blue      #00137F R:0 G:19 B:127
Red      #FF0000 R:255 G:0 B:0

The current logo introduced in 2018 replaces a much more traditional baseball diamond-shaped ones seen below. The previous logo has gone through two iterations. The first showed the baseball on the diamond shape, with the full name and establishment date, "The Bull League Baseball Association, Est. 1989", in text over the logo and on a scroll below. The second "modernized retro" logo, using the "blue-red" color scheme, simplified the text to read "The Bull League" and the year 1991, which was the year the league was reorganized into the Lake League and American Eagle League (later renamed Metropolitan League).

The Hall of Fame has its own variation of the current standard logo, still respecting the competitive sports nature of the contrasting colors, but changing the red to gold and the central home plate to silver, colors that evoke the special status of the Hall of Fame and its legendary inductees.

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Hall of Fame logo

Special logos

The league has introduced and used special and alternate logos from time to time.