Bull Oceanic Winter League

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Bull Oceanic Winter League

Founded 2018

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Most recent champions (1) Wellington Diggers

Most titles (2) Tunis Freemen

The Bull Oceanic Winter League (BOWL) is an annual off-season developmental league owned and operated by the Bull Baseball League. The league includes ten teams, divided into an African division, and an Australian/New Zealand division. Each year, the league plays its games at a single baseball complex in a selected host city. The players are drawn from the lower minor leagues of all twenty Bull League teams.


The eighteen teams in the BOWL each draw their players from an affiliated Bull League team, ensuring there are a large number of roster slots available to teams who want to continue to develop their minor league players during the off-season.

Division Team City, Country Seed teams
Africa Accra Fire Cats Accra, Ghana Grand Rapids Hops
Algiers Berbers Algiers, Algieria Kansas City Blizzard
Cairo Pharaohs Cairo, Egypt Calgary Inferno
Cape Town Nuggets Cape Town, South Africa Houston Oilers
Johannesburg Miners Johannesburg, South Africa California Tidals
Lagos Millionaires Lagos, Nigeria Minneapolis Ravens
Madagascar Barracudas Madagascar Denver Grizzlies
Nairobi Team Nairobi, Kenya Seattle Salts
Tunis Freemen ★★ Tunis, Tunisia Toronto Nomads
AUS/NZ Adelaide Antelopes Adelaide, Australia New York Dragons
Brisbane Team Brisbane, Australia Nevada Speeders
Canberra Team Canberra, Australia Miami Storm
Gold Coast Stars Gold Coast, Australia Montreal Metros
Melbourne Gold Rush Melbourne, Australia Boston Brawlers
Newcastle Nuclears Newcastle, Australia Ohio Oxen
Sydney Surfers Sydney, Australia Chicago Pit Bulls
Tasmania Devils Tasmania, Australia Atlanta Fire Ants
Wellington Diggers Wellington, New Zealand Washington Freedom


The season runs from the first Monday in December to January each year, and consists of 48 games.


The championship team is determined in a 2-round playoff.

During round 1, the top two seeded teams play a one-game playoff to determine the division playoff team. Then in round 2, the two division round winner play a one-game championship.

Year Champions Runners-up
2018 Tunis Freemen Lagos Millionaires
2019 Melbourne Gold Rush Algiers Berbers
2020 Algiers Berbers Gold Coast Stars
2021 Cape Town Nuggets Tunis Freemen
2022 Tunis Freemen Cape Town Nuggets
2023 Wellington Diggers Lagos Millionaires