California Tidals

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California Tidals

Founded in 1989

Los Angeles, California
California tidals 2017.png
Team logo

League Bull League
Subleague American Eagle League
Division West (1995-present)

East (1991-1994)

Team Info
Name California Tidals

Other nicknames The Waves

Colors Navy blue, aquamarine, white, black


Owner Adam Winsor

General manager Jack Stinson
Ballpark Tidals Ballpark
Former LAPark
Bull Cup titles (2) 2012—2013
League pennants (4) 1993, 2000, 2012—2013,

Division pennants (7) AEL East - 1993
AEL West - 2000—2001, 2006, 2010, 2012—2013

The California Tidals are an American Bull League baseball team based in Los Angeles, California. The team is currently located in the American Eagle League (AEL) West division.

The Tidals are one of the few teams to have won back-to-back Bull Cup Championships, accomplishing the feat in 2012 and 2013. The only other teams to do this are Chicoutimi, Jacksonville, New York and Ohio.

Since 1991, the team has an all-time win-loss record of 948-999 (.487) after the 2017. They have won the Bull Cup twice (2012, 2013) and have 8 playoff appearances.[1]


The California Tidals are another of the founding teams in the league, and were formed in 1989, originally in the Central League west division. When the league underwent its first major reorganization in 1991, the team was placed in the new American Eagle League's east division (despite being in one of the most westerly cities in the league).

In 1995 the team was finally moved to the west division, where they remain today.

California Tidals logo (1995-2016)
The Tidals made their first appearance in the playoffs in 1993, defeating the Nevada Speeders 4-3 in a come-from-behind win to take Game 5 of the AEL championships and claim their first American Eagle League Championship Trophy. They later fell to the Chicoutimi Cinquantes in the Bull Cup Championships.

They next appeared in the Bull Cup Championships in 2001, falling to Kingston. They then won the Bull Cup in 2012 and 2013, becoming the fifth team to win in back-to-back years, and improving their Bull Cup record to 2-2.


The California Tidals have long-standing rivalries with two other AEL teams they have met frequently in the AELCS. The Tidals and the Calgary Inferno have met three times in the AELCS (2000, 2012 and 2013) with the Tidals defeating Calgary all three times. The club also has a rivalry with the Nevada Speeders going back to 1993, when the Tidals beat the Speeders in the AELCS and went on to win the Bull Cup. Nevada got revenge in 2001, sweeping the Tidals out of the AELCS and then going on to win their first Bull Cup. They met again in the 2006 AELCS when the Speeders swept the Tidals again.

Retired Numbers

The California Tidals have retired two uniform numbers.

California Tidals Retired Uniform Numbers

Ricky Geraldo
Retired 2012

Brian Peckham
Retired 2010

Hall of Fame Players

Two California Tidals players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame as members of the team. Other players who have been inducted have also played for the Tidals, including Iron Arm, Bill Schaffer, Chris Felix, and Paulo Tilano.

California Tidals Hall of Famers
Player Position Inducted
Brian Peckham Pitcher 2016
George Slammer Left Field 2016

Notable Players

Several key Bull League players and award winners have played for the California Tidals throughout the club's history:

Sandy Koufax Award Winners

A total of six Tidals have won the prestigious Sandy Koufax Award for best pitcher in the AEL:

Woodchuck Trophy Winners

Two Tidals have won the league award for best relief pitcher in the AEL. Hall of Fame pitcher Brian Peckham won it four times through his career:



The California Tidals have appeared in four Bull Cup Championships, winning twice in back-to-back years. In 2012 they swept the Kingston Cannons and ended a ten year stretch of Lake League teams winning the championship.

The Tidals are one of the only teams to have won the AELCS as both an AEL East and AEL West division title winner.

Bull Cup Champions
Preceded by:
Montreal Metros
20122013 Succeeded by:
Montreal Metros
American Eagle League Champions
Preceded by:
Seattle Salts
1993 Succeeded by:
Richmond Ravens
(in 1995)
Preceded by:
Calgary Chinooks
2000 Succeeded by:
Nevada Speeders
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
20122013 Succeeded by:
Seattle Salts
American Eagle League East Division Titles
Preceded by:
Chicago Knights
1993 Succeeded by:
Denver Highlanders
(in 1995)
American Eagle League West Division Titles
Preceded by:
San Diego Seagulls
20002001 Succeeded by:
San Diego Seagulls
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
2006 Succeeded by:
Richmond Ravens
Preceded by:
Seattle Salts
2010 Succeeded by:
Richmond Ravens
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
20122013 Succeeded by:
Seattle Salts

Minor League Affiliations

Level Team League Location
AAA Anaheim Pharaohs Cow League Anaheim, California
AA Wichita Joes Heifer League Wichita, Kansas
A Flagstaff Racers Calf League Flagstaff, Arizona
Short Season A Troy Titans Milk League Troy, New York
Rookie Orlando Tidals Florida Rookie League Orlando, FL


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