Can-Am College League

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Can-Am College League

Founded 2017

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Level College (Junior)

Countries United States Usa.png (14), Canada Flag of Canada.svg.png (8), The Bahamas Bahamas.png (1), United Kingdom United kingdom.png (1)

No. of teams 24

Most recent champions RMC Paladins (1st)

Most titles (tied - 1) Freeport University Rum Runners (defunct)

Grand Canyon College Spirits, RMC Paladins

The Can-Am College League (CANAM) is a collegiate baseball league operating mainly in North America. It is made up of varsity baseball teams from a number of fictional colleges, and was founded in 2017.

The league is currently composed of 24 teams from four countries, including the United States (14), Canada (8), and one each from the Bahamas and the United Kingdom.

A league champion is decided at the end of each season. The first championship team was the Freeport University Rum Runners, which was folded after the 2017 season. The current champion are the Grand Canyon College Spirits.


The CANAM league was created in 2017, initially with 26 teams divided into four conferences, all within one league. The largest was the 8-team Canada Conference. The other conferences were made up of 6 teams each, and included a New England conference, a Southern conference, and a Caribbean conference. Other than the Caribbean conference, all of the teams were based in Canada or the United States.

The league formed, together with the PRCL, in order to provide more experienced amateur players for the annual Bull League draft.

For 2018, the league was reduced to 24 teams (from 26), in a major reorganization that saw the league divided into two divisions (A and B), of two conferences each. A UK team was added to a division set aside for military and law enforcement academies, and most Caribbean international teams were folded or moved.

Structure and season

The CANAM league is divided into an "A" and a "B" division, which functions as a subleague or conference in other leagues. Each of these divisions consists of 12 teams, which are then split into two 6-team conferences. Division A contains the Canada Conference, and the New England Conference. Division B contains the Academy Conference, and the Southern Conference.

As the names imply, the conferences include teams that are grouped for some reason, such as geographical reasons, or because of the type of school in the case of the Academy Conference, which includes military and law enforcement recruit academies.

All teams play a 50-game schedule, and the season commences on the last day of February, and runs until the last week of April.

The designated hitter rule is not used in the CANAM league.

Championship and interdivisional play

The CANAM playoffs consist of three rounds, all of which are best-of-seven length, with the first round entailing a match up of conference winners, and two wildcards for each Division. The two winning teams from the first round in each Division then play a Division Final to determine who will represent each Division in the last round. The final round is the CANAM Championships, where the two Division champions square off.

There is also an All-Star game at the mid-point of the season, where the best selected players from each Division face off.

Current teams

Conference Team Location
Canada Assiniboine University River Otters Winnipeg, MB Flag of Canada.svg.png
Brian Mulroney School Cutthroats Ottawa, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
Cape Breton College Scots Cape Breton, NS Flag of Canada.svg.png
Collège Cardinal Richelieu Monarchistes Quebec, QC Flag of Canada.svg.png
Essex Technical College Bullfrogs Windsor, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
Fraser Valley Preservers Port Coquitlam, BC Flag of Canada.svg.png
New England BPU Yellow Jackets New York City, NY Usa.png
Danbury Central College Bobcats Danbury, CT Usa.png
Maine Oceanographic School Seahawks Portland, ME Usa.png
Mass Bay Law College Maulers Boston, MA Usa.png
Tonawanda Tech Titans Tonawanda, NY Usa.png
Vermont Botanical Academy Burlington, VT Usa.png
Academy Army Black Knights West Point, NY Usa.png
CBSA College Portcullises Rigaud, QC Flag of Canada.svg.png
Navy Midshipmen Annapolis, MD Usa.png
RMA Sandhurst Blues and Reds Sandhurst, UK United kingdom.png
RMC Paladins Kingston, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
USBP Academy Protectors Artesia, NM Usa.png
Southern Caribbean English School Thunderbolts Freeport, BAH Bahamas.png
Chester A. Arthur School Presidents San Jose, CA Usa.png
Everglades U Swampmen Ft. Lauderdale, FL Usa.png
Grand Canyon College Spirits Grand Canyon Village, AZ Usa.png
Kentucky School of Distilling Moonshiners Lexington, KY Usa.png
Utah State U Preachers Salt Lake City, UT Usa.png


Wins Team Championship years
1 Freeport University Rum Runners Bahamas.png 2017
1 Grand Canyon College Spirits Usa.png 2018
1 RMC Paladins Flag of Canada.svg.png 2019


The CANAM league recognizes outstanding players after the end of each season. In the first year of the CANAM league, there was only one division, and as a result, only one winner in each category of award for 2017.

Most Valuable Player

The CANAM Most Valuable Player Award is given to the top position player in both divisions in recognition of their contribution to their team.

Year Division
Player Team Player Team
2017 Willie Ware Usa.png Mass Bay Law (Division did not exist)
2018 Jose Torres El-salvador1.jpg Vermont Botanical Maternus Meyer De.png RMC
2019 Georges Henri Flag of Canada.svg.png Fraser Valley Remon van der Graaf Netherlands600x400.png Kentucky School of Distilling

Pitcher of the Year

The CANAM Pitcher of the Year Award is awarded to the top pitcher in each division. Relievers are not eligible for this award.

Year Division
Player Team Player Team
2017 Jeremy Wright Usa.png Jimmy Buffet CC (Division did not exist)
2018 Lane Navarro Flag of Canada.svg.png Fraser Valley Sherwin Almodovar Usa.png Utah State
2019 Al Kerr Flag of Canada.svg.png Fraser Valley Lorenzo Gutierrez Mexico-flag.png USBP Academy

Draft eligibility

As a junior college circuit, subordinate to the other college-level leagues, all players are eligible for the annual Bull League draft starting with the 2018 season.