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The Coast-to-Coast series is the name given to the rivalry between to American Eagle League teams, the California Tidals, who are based in the Pacific coast city of Los Angeles, California, and the Miami Storm, who are based on the Atlantic coast. The rivalry dates back to at least 2000, when Miami was known as the Kingston Battlements, and were in the Lake League. It was renewed when Kingston relocated to Miami and were placed in the same league as California, leading to the name being coined.


The Tidals and the Battlements/Storm rivalry formed as a result of previous playoff finals match-ups that reach back to the 2000 Bull Cup Championship Series.

The Tidals were making their first playoff appearance since 1993, while the upstart Kingston Battlements were in their second Bull Cup finals, having lost to the Richmond Ravens just four years before. The series went the full five games and the Battlements edged the venerable Tidals 3-2 to take home their first (and so far only) Bull Cup. A dozen years later, the Battlements had been renamed to the Cannons, and the two clubs faced off again in the 2012 Bull Cup finals. This time, the Tidals delivered a 3-0 series sweep over Kingston, taking their first-ever Bull Cup.

Prior to the start of the 2018, Kingston relocated to Miami and adopted their current name, at the same time moving to the American Eagle League. The two clubs now face each other more frequently as inter-division rivals, which led to their rivalry being coined the Coast-to-Coast series as both teams occupy major cities on opposite coasts.

The intensity of the rivalry was renewed when the two clubs brawled not long after Opening Day, in a testy game in Miami on May 17, 2018. The Tidals had held a dominating 7-1 lead over the Miami Storm going into the bottom of the 6th. But, Miami cut the lead to just three runs with two home runs, first a two-run shot by Antonio Avila, and then a solo shot by catcher Lance van Klaveren. When Jose Gonzalez came up to bat, he was beaned by a pitch from Sjaak Mills. Taking exception Gonzalez charged the mound, leading to a bench-clearing melee. Both players were later given 4-game suspensions. The brawl sparked a rally by the Storm, who ended up with an 11-10 win.[1]


Category Note
First meeting April 8, 2018 (Spring Training game)
Latest meeting May 20, 2018
Storm Center, Miami, FL Usa.png
Meetings total 8 (includes non-regular season)
Regular season series Miami, 3-1
Largest victory 2 runs (California won 13-11, Miami won 9-7)
Longest win streak MIA: 3 (May 17—19, 2018)
CAL: 1
Current win streak California, 1


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