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A game (abbreviated to G) statistic is recorded for both pitchers and other players whenever that player participates in an official baseball game. Separate game statistics are recorded for exhibition games such as Spring training or pre-season games, regular season games (officially called "Championship season" games), All star games, and postseason or "playoff" games.

Similar statistics include Games started (GS) and Complete game (CG).

For batters, the single-season record for games is 84, set by Victor Gomez of the Chicago Pit Bulls, in 2015. The 2015 season was peculiar for the Lake League, where the Pit Bulls play. There was a three-way tie among Chicago, Boston, and Hamilton, each finishing 46-36. To determine the #2 (division leader) and #4 (second wild card) playoff seeds, Chicago played Boston once (resulting in a win) and Hamilton once (resulting in a loss), and completed 84 games that season as a result. The career leading batter for games is Carl Simms, who played 1,478.

Among pitchers, Nick MacLellan of Chicago set the record for games in 2000 with 51. The career record for games played is held by Leonard Hurrach, a reliever who played in 587 games.

Games started (GS)

Both batters and pitchers have games started as a recorded statistic whenever the player is on the lineup card at the beginning of a baseball game. The official statistics leaderboard only records GS for pitchers as an official record. The single-season record for GS is 21 and was set in 1995 by Dan Kirk, who played for the Hamilton Industrials that year. The career record for GS is 263 set by Asif Ibrahim.[1]

Complete games (CG)

When a pitcher completes an entire 9.0 innings he records a complete game statistic (or 8.0 innings if they are the losing pitcher). The statistic can be recorded regardless of what the decision (Won or Lost) is.

The single-season record for CG is 22 set by Knuckles Malone in 2019, while playing for the Toronto Nomads. The career record for CG is 65, set by Angelo Rodriguez.[1]


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