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Cow League

Founded 1991

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Level AAA

Countries Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada (8 teams), Usa.png United States (12 teams)

No. of teams 16

Most recent champions Brampton Longhorns (TOR) 3rd

Most titles (tie) Baltimore Bruins

Portland Timberwolves (4)

The Cow League (CL) is a professional baseball league that operates in Canada and the United States. It is the AAA-level minor league for the Bull Baseball League, and is one step below the major-level Bull League and above the AA-level Heifer League.

Currently, the league consists of 20 teams, all of which are affiliated to a Bull League club. The Cow League has two subleagues, the Atlantic Coast League and the Frontier League, which support determining an overall champion at the end of each season. The teams are located in 5 Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador), and 10 US states (stretching from Oregon to California, and from Texas to Florida to New Hampshire).

A league champion is determined at the end of every season. The Baltimore Bruins and Portland Falcons have won the most CL Championships, with 4 each, followed by the Hartford Judges and Toledo Tornadoes, who have 3 each.


The Cow League was created in 1991 to provide a farm system for the original Bull League teams. It is the oldest minor league, and the second oldest league after the major-level Bull League. In 1995, when the league was expanded and reorganized, the CL expanded as well, matching the Bull League for number of teams. From 1995 to 2011, there were a total of 16 teams. In 2012, the Bull League expanded to the current 20 teams, and the CL followed suit.

The CL was originally divided up into the North East League (NEL), which mainly had teams in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, and the Frontier League, which had teams spread further afield to the south and west. At the end of 2016, the league reorganized and the NEL was renamed to the Atlantic Coast League.

Original Cow League (1991-1993)

The original Cow League formed in 1991 and consisted of 12 teams, each one affiliated with one of the 12 original Bull League teams. Teams in bold have continued to the present.

North-East league
East Division Affiliate West Division Affiliate
Burlington Atomics Chicoutimi Cinquantes Hamilton Hammers Toronto Ducks
Hull Habitants Montreal Metros St Catharines Dogs New York Fastballs
Pittsfield Panthers Boston Brawlers Toledo Torpedos Ohio Oxen
Frontier League
East Division Affiliate West Division Affiliate
Las Vegas Banditos California Tidals Boise Ravens Richmond Ravens
Oakland Knights Chicago Knights Phoenix Phalcons San Diego Seagulls
Reno Rogues Nevada Speeders Spokane Sandpipers Seattle Salts

Structure and season

The CL is divided into two subleagues, the Atlantic Coast League (ACL), and the Frontier League (FL). Each league consists of two divisions composed of five teams each. For the ACL, the divisions are named the North and South divisions. For the FL, they are the East and West divisions. The teams play a 144-game schedule, which commences on the first Sunday after the start of the Bull League, in mid-May, and then runs until September.

The CL uses nearly identical rules to the Bull League, including use of the designated hitter rule and the 10-day disabled list, but allows for a 26-man roster.

Championship and interleague play

At the end of each season, the two divisional leaders plus two wildcards, in each of the ACL and FL, face each other for a best-of-three League Championship Semi-Final. The winning teams advance to the best-of-five ACL and FL Championship Series. The winners of the ACL and FL championships then play a final best-of-five round, the CL Championship Series, or "Cow League Cup".

There is an interleague Cow League All-Star Game, which is played at the mid-point of the season.

Current teams

The table shows the Cow League teams and their affiliations for the 2018.

Division Team Founded Affiliation City
Atlantic Coast League
North Baie Verte Vikings 2012 Unaffiliated Baie Verte, NL Flag of Canada.svg.png
Brampton Longhorns 1995 Toronto Nomads Brampton, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
Halifax Gunboats 1995 Boston Brawlers Halifax, NS Flag of Canada.svg.png
Milwaukee Pugs 1995 Chicago Pit Bulls Milwaukee, WI Usa.png
St. Anthony SeaWolves 1995 St. Petersburg Admirals St. Anthony, NL Flag of Canada.svg.png
South Baltimore Bruins 1995 Unaffiliated Baltimore, MD Usa.png
Hartford Judges 1995 New York Dragons Hartford, CT Usa.png
Miami Marauders 1995 Miami Storm Miami, FL Usa.png
Mobile River Bandits 2012 Milwaukee Hops Mobile, AL Usa.png
San Antonio Stallions 1995 Arizona Cowboys San Antonio, TX Usa.png
Frontier League
East Ft. Worth Outlaws 1995 Unaffiliated Ft. Worth, TX Usa.png
Gatineau Devil Bears 2012 Montreal Metros Gatineau, QC Flag of Canada.svg.png
Thunder Bay Rail Heads 1995 Minneapolis Ravens Thunder Bay, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
Toledo Tornados 1991 Ohio Oxen Toledo, OH Usa.png
Windsor Wild 2012 Unaffiliated Windsor, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
West Anaheim Pharaohs 1995 California Tidals Anaheim, CA Usa.png
Kelowna Inferno 1995 Calgary Inferno Kelowna, BC Flag of Canada.svg.png
Oakland Dukes 1991 Nevada Speeders Oakland, CA Usa.png
Portland Timberwolves 1995 Seattle Salts Portland, OR Usa.png
Salt Lake City Spartans 1995 Washington Freedom Salt Lake City, UT Usa.png


    See article: Cow League Championship Series

The CL has crowned one team to be a league champion each season since 1995. The winner is awarded the Cow League Cup.

Championship wins by team

Active CL teams appear in bold.[1][2]

Wins Team Championship years
4 Baltimore Bruins 1999, 2002, 2009, 2016
4 Portland Falcons 1995, 2003, 2006, 2013
3 Brampton Longhorns 2010, 2017, 2020
3 Hartford Judges 1996, 2001, 2014
3 Toledo Tornadoes 2004, 2005, 2015
2 Oakland Dukes 2008, 2018
2 St. Anthony SeaWolves
(Formerly Albany Statesmen)
2007, 2021
1 Ft. Worth Spectres 2011
1 Halifax Gunboats 2012
1 Hillsboro Dinos 1998
1 Kelowna Inferno 2000
1 Miami Marauders 1997
1 Mobile River Bandits 2019
1 Thunder Bay Rail Heads 2022


The CL recognizes outstanding players annually at the end of each season.

MVP Award

The Most Valuable Player Award recognizes the top position player in each of the constituent leagues every season.

Year League
Player Team Player Team
1995 Trevor Crichlow Toledo Tornadoes Justin Adamic Vaughan Peppers
1996 Mike McPherson Windsor Sharks Marc Dooks Hillsboro Dinos
1997 Chris Dickman Markham Winkers Joe Balaski Miami Pegasus
1998 Setsuo Kimura Anaheim Pharaohs Jared Goldstein Hillsboro Dinos
1999 Andy Hoffmann Kensington Judges George Rolston Baltimore Bruins
2000 Takeo Otomo Oakland Dukes Jimmy Hankel Baltimore Bruins
2001 Andrew White Oakland Dukes Jimmy Hankel (2) Baltimore Bruins
2002 John Espinoza Windsor Sharks Jose Salazar Baltimore Bruins
2003 Jeff Pickard Oakland Dukes Eugene Schumacher Baltimore Bruins
2004 Joey Williams Albany Statesmen Luis Ochoa Miami Snow
2005 Julio Resendiz Hartford Judges Mike Jasper Baltimore Bruins
2006 Luis Marroquin Toledo Tornadoes Gator Greenwell Hillsboro Dinos
2007 Joe Sandow Thunder Bay Coalfields Bobby Brattain Orlando Mickeys
2008 Alejandro Reyna Oakland Dukes Melvin Cordova Laval Zebras
2009 Victor Quintero Oakland Dukes Jason Woodard Baltimore Bruins
2010 Adam Hippensteel Hartford Judges Hideshi Kaneshiro Hillsboro Dinos
2011 James Paterson Toledo Tornadoes Jason Woodard Baltimore Bruins
2012 Chisen Aoshima Albany Statesmen Dave Ekdar Hillsboro Dinos
2013 Miguel Quinche Anaheim Pharaohs Jason Wright Vaughan Peppers
2014 Trevor McLeish Kelowna Inferno Robert Araica Vaughan Peppers
2015 Simon Nelson Albany Statesmen Jose Ramirez Vaughan Peppers
2016 Kyle Boone Albany Statemen Wayne Peterson Vaughan Peppers
2017 Toyozo Kondo Miami Marauders Bob Ketcheson Toledo Tornadoes
2018 Micheal Maki Baltimore Bruins Tom Carroll Gatineau Devil Bears
2019 Chris Roberts Milwaukee Pugs Ollie Oxenfree Thunder Bay Rail Heads
2020 Jim Kozak Hartford Judges Chris Chrism Gatineau Devil Bears

Pitcher of the Year Award

Year League
Player Team Player Team
1995 Eric Halls Oakland Dukes Zach Moritz Laval Zebras
1996 Kevin Jones Windsor Sharks Shane Evans Brampton Longhorns
1997 Paul Pippy Oakland Dukes Doug Brisebois Baltimore Bruins
1998 Not awarded Tim Chaulk Hillsboro Dinos
1999 B.J. May Windsor Sharks Rod King Vaughan Peppers
2000 Bill Henson Toledo Tornadoes Fabian Schwartz Hillsboro Dinos
2001 Maynard Ryder Kensington Judges John McAleer Laval Zebras
2002 Mario Segura Anaheim Pharaohs Jason Johnson Vaughan Peppers
2003 Tony Ruble Anaheim Pharaohs Fabian Schwartz Vaughan Peppers
2004 Chad Caldwell Oakland Dukes Antonio Tellez Vaughan Peppers
2005 Ming Ou Hartford Judges Jason Matkin Brampton Longhorns
2006 Kyle Cahill Halifax Gunboats Jason Pick Hillsboro Dinos
2007 John Schmidt Oakland Dukes Yardbrook Rooks Brampton Longhorns
2008 Not awarded Jordan Morris Baltimore Bruins
2009 Tony Maldonado Hartford Judges Gleb Emelyantsev Laval Zebras
2010 Miguel Lebron Anaheim Pharaohs Antama Srijata Vaughan Peppers
2011 Salvatore Resendiz Oakland Dukes Lou Bricknell Vaughan Peppers
2012 Mario Segura Halifax Gunboats Not awarded
2013 Rafael Rosario Hartford Judges Victor Mojica Baltimore Bruins
2014 Shingo Koga Gatineau Devil Bears Antama Srijata Vaughan Peppers
2015 Robby Andrade Anaheim Pharaohs Matt Miller Brampton Longhorns
2016 Doug Gordon Thunder Bay Coalfields Joaquin Torres Laval Zebras
2017 Ning Meng Mobile River Bandits Ronald Baldwin Thunder Bay Rail Heads
2018 Jerry Long St. Anthony SeaWolves Dave Legge Salt Lake City Spartans
2019 Juan Salinas Hartford Judges Juan Hernandez Windsor Wild
2020 Jon Velasquez St. Anthony SeaWolves Brett Slade Salt Lake City Spartans

League Rules

Cow League Rule Summary
Level AAA
Designated Hitter Yes
Roster limit 26
Age range Min. 18 years
Disabled list 10 days


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