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A batter is said to have "hit for the cycle" when they achieve each possible base hit in a game, that is, a single, a double, a triple and a home run. It is considered a rare achievement, mainly because a three-base hit is by itself a relatively uncommon achievement.

There have only been 22 occurrences of a batter hitting for the cycle in the Bull League since 1996. The most recent occurrence was on May 11, 2020, when Minneapolis Ravens center fielder Gabel Reyes hit for the cycle in 6 at bats against the Milwaukee Hops, in a 19-1 win in Milwaukee.[1]

In one instance, Carlos Mendoza of the California Tidals hit for the cycle on 5 hits, with 2 home runs, the only player to hit for the cycle and also hit two home runs in the same game.

No Bull League players have hit for the cycle more than once in their career. Several teams have never had a player hit for the cycle ever, including the Arizona Cowboys, Dallas Deputies, Norfolk Sharks, and Seattle Salts.

List of players who have hit for the cycle

Players listed in gold with † are members of the Hall of Fame. Players with a ‡ are still active.

Date Player Team Opponent
June 20, 1996 Nick Red Boston Brawlers Kingston Battlements
July 4, 1996 Gary Wellesley Nevada Speeders California Tidals
June 2, 1998 Adam Gordon San Diego Seagulls Seattle Salts
August 20, 1998 Brad Dunn California Tidals Nevada Speeders
July 8, 2000 Danny Rodriguez Ohio Oxen Kingston Battlements
July 26, 2000 Sergio Acosta Chicago Pit Bulls Denver Highlanders
August 22, 2000 Eric Mail Montreal Metros Toronto Ducks
July 3, 2001 Sean Lewis Toronto Ducks Hamilton Industrials
July 17, 2001 Scotty McLawson Ohio Oxen Hamilton Industrials
August 22, 2001 Arjen van Leeuwen New York Minutemen Kingston Battlements
June 22, 2003 Luis Silva Denver Highlanders San Diego Seagulls
June 17, 2004 Gilberto Flores Boston Brawlers New York Minutemen
June 29, 2004 Carlos Torres New York Minutemen Kingston Industrials
August 22, 2006 Shane Powers Chicoutimi Cinquantes New York Minutemen
September 12, 2006 Matt Thompson Ohio Oxen Nevada Speeders
June 10, 2008 Miguel Tafoya Toronto Ducks Kingston Battlements
August 18, 2009 Carlos Mendoza‡ California Tidals Nevada Speeders
August 24, 2012 Michel D'Argent Jacksonville Ravens Denver Highlanders
August 1, 2016 Manny Davila‡ Calgary Inferno Norfolk Sharks
May 29, 2017 Dennis Guppy‡ Detroit Motorheads Battle Creek Attack
July 26, 2018 Xavier de Soto‡ Miami Storm St. Petersburg Admirals
May 11, 2020 Gabel Reyes‡ Minneapolis Ravens Milwaukee Hops
June 25, 2020 Julio Rangel‡ St. Petersburg Admirals Chicago Pit Bulls
August 1, 2020 Carlos Mendoza‡ New York Minutemen Pittsburgh Iron Pigs


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