Dallas Memorial Stadium

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Dallas Memorial Stadium
Hallowed Ground
Current user: Dallas Deputies
Location: Dallas, TX Usa.png
Opened: 2012
Seating cap.: 53,500
Playing surface: Grass
Field dimensions: Left Field Line - 336 ft
Left-Center - 373 ft
Center Field - 427 ft
Right-Center - 353 ft
Right Field Line - 321 ft

Dallas Memorial Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Dallas, Texas. It is the home stadium of the Dallas Deputies baseball team, of the Bull League's American Eagle League East division.[1]


The stadium was built in 2012 to accommodate the Dallas Lawmen for the league's 2012 Expansion, and was named in honor of the many Texas-based soldiers and law officers who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom and democracy, and has been given the nickname "Hallowed ground" by local media and fans.


The left outfield fences are 17 feet high, creating a challenge for typical right-handed pull-hitters to get home runs. The right field fences are a more conservative 9 feet, giving a close-to-the-action view to right field bleachers fans. At 53,500 seats, it has the highest capacity of any stadium in use in the Bull League.


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