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The first baseman (abbreviated to 1B or 3) is a fielding position nearest to the first base. One of their main roles is to force batters out who hit ground balls in the infield. A batter who hits the ball on the ground gives the infield an opportunity to play the ball. The batter must run to first base before a fielder is able to throw the ball to the first baseman in order to be safe. The first baseman only needs to catch the ball while touching a foot on the first base bag, and is not required to tag the batter to force the out.

Due to the nature of this position, the first baseman often accumulates a large number of put outs, a common fielding statistic.

Because most batters are right handed, and tend to "pull" the ball to the left side of the playing field, the first baseman gets fewer balls hit directly at them by batters. They less frequently have to play the ball by throwing it to another infielder to force an out. Thus, in conventional baseball strategy, the position tends to be occupied by weaker defensive players who do not throw the ball as well as other infielders.

The greatest defensive first baseman to play in the Bull League was Silas 'Thrill' Clark, a Hall of Famer who played from 1995 to 2007, on four different teams (all in the Lake League). Clark was a solid offensive player, but he was better known as a consistently reliable first baseman who won the Platinum Glove Award at first base in ten seasons, consecutively, from 1995 to 2004, the longest winning streak for that award at any position.[1]

First basemen records

First basemen are a fielding position, but like most other positions, they also appear in the batting lineup or batting order. Both batting and fielding statistics are recorded for first basemen. The tables below list the season and career batting and fielding records for Bull League first basemen.[2]

Batting records for first basemen (Bull League)

Batting statistics - Bull League 1B leaderboard Min. 310 PA for single-season averages, 1,860 PA for career averages
Statistic Single-season
Year set Player Career record Player
BA .396 2008 Zenjiro Suga .314 Errol Corfield
OBP .508 2008 Zenjiro Suga .386 Setsuo Kimura
SLG Pct .766 2008 Zenjiro Suga .572 Zenjiro Suga
OPS Pct 1.274 2008 Zenjiro Suga .951 Zenjiro Suga
Games 100 2017 (5 tied) 1,292 Setsuo Kimura
At Bats 393 2017 Luis Santos 4,882 Barry Janmaat
Runs 76 1998 Bud Letterlite 805 Setsuo Kimura
Hits 128 2017 Jim Lahey 1,511 Barry Janmaat
Total Bases 236 2008 Zenjiro Suga 2,505 Setsuo Kimura
Singles 99 1995 Rolling Thunder 1,076 Barry Janmaat
Doubles 31 2014 Jim Lahey 297 Barry Janmaat
Triples 6 2008 Iayasu Ito 30 Barry Janmaat
Home Runs 34 1998 Bud Letterlite 268 Setsuo Kimura
Runs Batted In 93 2008 Zenjiro Suga 871 Setsuo Kimura
Stolen Bases 32 1995 Joe Repo 139 Barry Janmaat
Caught Stealing 13 1995 Joe Repo 40 Barry Janmaat
Walks 69 2008 Zenjiro Suga 661 Setsuo Kimura
Strikeouts 109 2008 Ieyasu Ito 925 Miguel Tafoya
WAR 6.8 2008 Zenjiro Suga 40.9 Zenjiro Suga

Fielding records for first basemen (Bull League)

Fielding statistics - Bull League 1B leaderboard Min. 400 innings for single-season averages, 4,000 innings for career averages
Statistic Single-season
Year set Player Career record Player
Games 100 2017 (4 tied) 1,141 Barry Janmaat
Games started 100 2017 (4 tied) 1,133 Barry Janmaat
Assists 98 1998 Bud Letterlite 1,023 Barry Janmaat
Putouts 895 2017 Logans Run 8,875 Barry Janmaat
Total Chances 973 2017 Logans Run 9,959 Barry Janmaat
Double Plays 113 2017 Chris Pratt 936 Barry Janmaat
Errors 13 1999
Eric Roberts
Zenjiro Suga
67 Cam Bowers
Fielding Pct 1.000 (12 tied) (12 tied) .999 Ieyasu Ito
Innings played 912 2017 Luis Santos 10,046.0 Barry Janmaat
Range Factor 10.33 2017 Glen Bedard 9.16 Silas Clark
Zone Rating +8.9 2004 Barry Janmaat +69.3 Zenjiro Suga
Def. Efficiency 1.196 2003 Silas Clark 1.145 Zenjiro Suga

Platinum Glove Winners

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Silas 'Thrill' Clark won the Platinum Glove Award in ten consecutive years starting in 1995, the most of any 1B-man

List of Platinum Glove Award winners at the first baseman position. See the detailed List of Platinum Glove Winners at first base.

Year American Eagle League[3] Lake League[1]
Player Team Player Team
1995 Brian Bahm Richmond Ravens Silas Clark New York Minutemen
1996 Mike Edward Chicago Pit Bulls Silas Clark New York Minutemen
1997 Jeff Johnston Calgary Chinooks Silas Clark Montreal Metros
1998 Gino Sicilino Nevada Speeders Silas Clark Montreal Metros
1999 Wilbert Noseworthy California Tidals Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2000 Jeff Johnston Denver Highlanders Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2001 Blue Jeans Richmond Ravens Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2002 Leather Mason San Diego Seagulls Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2002 Eddie Gallardo Nevada Speeders Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2004 Barry Janmaat Nevada Speeders Silas Clark Montreal Metros
2005 Barry Janmaat Nevada Speeders Roberto Hernandez Kingston Battlements
2006 Barry Janmaat Nevada Speeders David Chinchilla Hamilton Industrials
2007 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Benjamin d'Alema Toronto Ducks
2008 Cameron Pettiford Chicago Pit Bulls Garth Goyle Montreal Metros
2009 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Garth Goyle Montreal Metros
2010 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Logans Run Boston Brawlers
2011 Casta Moreno Seattle Salts Guadalupe Cardona Ohio Oxen
2012 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Roberto Hernandez Boston Brawlers
2013 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Miguel Tafoya Toronto Ducks
2014 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders Billy Mathis Toronto Ducks
2015 Hermengildo Nel Seattle Salts Zenjiro Suga Hamilton Crusaders
2016 David Chinchilla California Tidals Zenjiro Suga Rimouski Fighting Moose

Hall of Fame First Basemen

Silas 'Thrill' Clark is currently the only first baseman in the Hall of Fame.

Team HoF induction team
Years Years active
AVG Batting average
H Hits
HR Home runs
RBI Runs batted in
SB Stolen bases
WAR Wins above replacement
PO Put outs
AS Assists
F PCT Fielding percentage
Refs References
First basemen in the Bull League Hall of Fame
Silas Clark MTL 1995—2007 .308 1,090 143 654 3 27.4 6,859 840 .994 5 0 2 10 [4][5]


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