Gold Crown Award

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Gold Crown Award

Established in 1995
Presented by The Bull Baseball League to the best offensive players at each position in the AEL and LL

First awarded 1995

Last awarded 2017

The Gold Crown Award is given to the best offensive player at each batting order position, as determined in a league vote, in both the American Eagle League (AEL) and the Lake League (LL).

The usual statistical categories considered (though not by any means the only ones) are batting average, slugging percentage, on base percentage, home runs (HR) and runs batted in (RBI).

The award was first awarded in 1995, although other player awards existed to recognize all around contributions to a team (such as the Most Valuable Player Award or the Triple Crown), which at least partly recognize offensive contributions. The award was first given to designated hitters in 2002, when both leagues adopted the DH rule.

Carl Simms is the player who has won the most Gold Crown Awards throughout their career, with 13 (11 as an outfielder, 2 as a DH), including winning the award in both the AEL and the LL.[1][2]


Key to symbols and headers in player lists
Year Links to the season article for that year
C Catcher (list of winners)
1B First baseman (list of winners)
2B Second baseman (list of winners)
3B Third baseman (list of winners)
SS Shortstop (list of winners)
Left fielderCenter fielderRight fielder
(list of winners)
DH Designated hitter (list of winners)
* or ** Winner of the most Gold Crowns at this position (** indicates tie)
Member of the Hall of Fame

American Eagle League winners

List of American Eagle League Gold Crown Winners, by position[1]
Year C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF DH
1995 Braydon Laidlaw Bill Schaffer Chuck Provost Chris Felix*† East Bank Bud Letterlite Ford Explorer Steve Brett
1996 Dave Terry Paulo Tilano Joe Bronze D.P. Justice Always Rosy George Slammer Ford Explorer Bill Schaffer
1997 Dave Terry Rolling Thunder H.J. Hoj Paulo Tilano Always Rosy Joao Hitter Ford Explorer Bill Schaffer
1998 Braydon Laidlaw Gino Sicilino Stanford Wills D.P. Justice Always Rosy George Slammer Shane Powers Carl Simms*†
1999 Braydon Laidlaw Mike Edwards Prennick Argon Always Rosy Edison Stratton George Slammer Mike Stetser Bill Schaffer
2000 Braydon Laidlaw Ryan Beach D.P. Justice Always Rosy Edison Stratton George Slammer Ken Harrison Carl Simms*†
2001 Pat Snelgrove Ryan Beach Chuck Provost Always Rosy Bob Yodle Mike Stetser Sam Mainwaring Carl Simms*†
2002 Pat Snelgrove Cam Bowers Chuck Provost Always Rosy Eric Ball Mike Stetser Dave Norman Carl Simms*† Bill Schaffer
2003 Pat Snelgrove Eduardo Alvarez Chuck Provost Shane Ford Ian Brazzle Andrew White Kenny Reagan Carl Simms*† Mike Stetser
2004 Brian Anderson Cam Bowers Armando Gonzalez Everett Murray Jeremy Fleming George Slammer Kenny Reagan Carl Simms*† Hyun-chul Goo
2005 Grant Gino Cam Bowers Everett Murray Eddie Gallardo Gordie Schomberg Andrew White Jonathan Berger Carl Simms*† D.P. Justice
2006 Mike Lapi*† Barry Janmaat Jesse Nelson* Eddie Gallardo Serge Fournier Carl Simms*† William Glanz Jimmy Hankel Justin Reid
2007 Dave Norman Bill Ross Jesse Nelson* Joe Burch Takeo Otomo Enrique Aredondo Brad Bogus Carl Simms*† Mike Lapi
2008 Bill Ross Zenjiro Suga Jesse Nelson* Alan Isimo Jin-hoi Lee Nate Morris Brad Bogus Carl Simms*† Edison Stratton
2009 Bill Ross Zenjiro Suga Jesse Nelson* Alan Isimo George Hubbard Joe Balaski Sam Chute Takeo Otomo Edwin Ugalde
2010 Bill Ross Zenjiro Suga Jesse Nelson* Hoshi Mizuguchi Julio Resendiz Koji Kondo Brad Bogus Takeo Otomo Hardball McCaul
2011 Bill Ross Zenjiro Suga Jesse Nelson* Hoshi Mizuguchi George Hubbard Koji Kondo Sam Chute Carlos Mendoza Hardball McCaul
2012 Dao-zi Ling David Chinchilla Miguel Ortega Alan Isimo George Hubbard Joe Balaski Qing-lai Chen Takeo Otomo Andrew White
2013 Dao-zi Ling Zenjiro Suga Jesse Nelson* Cody Martin George Hubbard William Glanz Josh Moles Takeo Otomo Pablo van Vliet
2014 Dao-zi Ling Jose Zamora Jesse Nelson* Roberto Lozano Danny Sanchez Jonathan Berger Qing-lai Chen Carlos Mendoza Cody Martin
2015 Javier Chavarria David Chinchilla Section Attack Roberto Lozano Danny Sanchez Koji Kondo Josh Moles Alex Viramontes Jim Lahey
2016 Dao-zi Ling David Chinchilla Rogelio Berreras Cody Martin Manny Davila Ger Vaartjes Ricky Jalapeno Alex Viramontes Jim Lahey
2017 Earl MacPherson Logans Run Miguel Ortega Israel Medina Danny Sanchez Glen Reese Katai Kitigawa Bronson Jamieson Takeo Otomo

Lake League winners

List of Lake League Gold Crown Winners, by position[2]
Year C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF DH
1995 Mike Lapi*† Ryan Beach Jim Sure Paulo Tilano H.J.Hoj Barry Bats Mike Stetser Gary Wellesley
1996 Mike Lapi*† Silas Clark Jim Sure Chris Felix*† Herc Mercenary TJ Cyrus Mark Fernandes Carl Simms*†
1997 Mike Lapi*† Silas Clark Jim Sure Chris Felix*† Cory Armburst Carlos Angel Mark Fernandes Mike Stetser
1998 Pat Snelgrove Bud Letterlite Jim Sure Chris Felix*† Armando Gonzalez Jeff Groulx Mark Fernandes Cody Brauer
1999 Mike Lapi*† Bud Letterlite Jim Sure Chris Felix*† Marcos Alvarez Eric Mail Mark Fernandes Steve Brett
2000 Mike Lapi*† Sean Underhay Jim Sure Chris Felix*† Juan Gonzalez Steve Brett Sean Lewis Luke Wyatt
2001 Mike Lapi*† Errol Corfield Jim Sure Bill Carr Edison Stratton Juan Cruz Joe Balaski Cody Brauer
2002 Mike Lapi*† Setsuo Kimura* D.P. Justice Shane Ford Edison Stratton Barry Bats John Oldford Cody Brauer Jim Sure
2003 Mike Lapi*† Setsuo Kimura* Jesse Nelson* Rick Wider Edison Stratton Matt Thompson Shane Powers Arjen van Leeuwen Barry Bats
2004 Mike Lapi*† Setsuo Kimura* Dan Huber Gilberto Flores Edison Stratton Narushi Ohata Joe Balaski Danny Lucas Errol Corfield
2005 Eric Tessier Miguel Tafoya Jesse Nelson* Gilberto Flores Joe Street* Narushi Ohata Joe Balaski Shane Powers Ryan Beach
2006 Eric Tessier Errol Corfield Ben Day Jose Espinoza Joe Street* Matt Thompson Joe Balaski Alex Viramontes Narushi Ohata
2007 Eric Tessier Barry Janmaat Nick Ferguson Always Rosy Joe Street* Andrew White Bryan Tate Jon Parker Eric Tessier
2008 Guido Groeneveld Setsuo Kimura* Francisco Erazo Xavier de Soto Justin Good Andrew White Danny Mendez Alex Viramontes Narushi Ohata
2009 Eric Tessier Garth Goyle Francisco Erazo Alejandro Reyna Justin Good Andrew White Tony Cruz Narushi Ohata Jordan Garcia
2010 Eric Tessier Miguel Tafoya Francisco Erazo Xavier de Soto Joe Street* Andrew White Tony Cruz Alex Viramontes Carl Simms
2011 Guido Groeneveld Garth Goyle Francisco Erazo Xavier de Soto Joe Street* Masamune Yamada Danny Mendez Alex Viramontes Carl Simms
2012 Bill Ross Setsuo Kimura* Francisco Erazo Hoshi Mizuguchi Justin Good Danny Estrada Victor Valdez Narushi Ohata James Paterson
2013 Bill Ross Garth Goyle Francisco Erazo Julio Resendiz Justin Good R.J. Ray Bruce Aberto Alex Viramontes Jan Conch
2014 Bill Ross Garth Goyle Peyton May Hoshi Mizuguchi Joe Street* Francisco Erazo Brad Bogus Narushi Ohata Miguel Tafoya
2015 Bill Ross Setsuo Kimura* Peyton May Xavier de Soto Alphonso George Masamune Yamada Brad Bogus R.J. Ray Takeo Otomo
2016 Tyrone O'Saurus Zenjiro Suga Peyton May Xavier de Soto Alphonso George Narushi Ohata Bruce Aberto Ollie Oxenfree Frank Erickson
2017 Tyrone O'Saurus Zenjiro Suga Justin Good Alan Isimo Roberto Castro Jose Ramirez Tony Cruz Angel Payan Setsuo Kimura


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