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The Bull League Hall of Fame is a commemorative honor awarded to select retired players who have been inducted through a vote. The former players who are admitted are generally recognized with admission to the hall for distinguishing themselves in the sport athletically.


Players are eligible for induction should they receive at least 75% of votes on a Hall of Fame ballot. A player may be entered onto the ballot after one year of retirement, and may be listed on a ballot for up to five years.

A player who does not achieve at least 5% of votes on any ballot is dropped and not considered further.

List of Inductees

Italics indicate inducted on first ballot.
† - Special inductee by Commissioner of the Bull League

Year Name Position Induction Team Career Vote
2006 Chris Felix 3B Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1992-2000 94.9%
2009 Hazel Dell 3B Toronto Ducks 1991-2001 75.7%
2009 Fred Fasterpitch P Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1995-2000 82.6%
2009 Mark Fernandes CF New York Minutemen 1995-2003 78.5%
2009 Hugh Mulholland P Richmond Ravens 1995-2000 80.9%
2009 Bill Schaffer RF Chicago Pit Bulls 1995-2003 86.8%
2010 Flamer Flaherty P New York Minutemen 1995-2002 75.0%
2012 Kurt Coler P Calgary Chinooks 1995-2006 88.8%
2012 Chuck Provost 2B Montreal Metros 1991-2006 98.0%
2012 Jim Sure 2B New York Minutemen 1995-2005 78.0%
2013 Barry Bats RF Richmond Ravens 1995-2004 79.5%
2013 Jack Stevens P New York Minutemen 1995-2007 96.8%
2013 Paulo Tilano 1B Nevada Speeders 1995-2005 90.4%
2014 Iron Arm P Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1992-2008 99.7%
2014 Sanford Klondike P Richmond Ravens 1995-2005 75.5%
2014 Sean "Speed" Lewis RF Calgary Chinooks 1991-2005 [Notes 1]
2014 Carl Simms RF Nevada Speeders 1991-2013 [Notes 2]
2015 Silas Clark 1B Montreal Metros 1995-2007 86.8%
2015 Joe Cool P Chicago Pit Bulls 1995-2007 77.4%
2016 Brian Peckham P California Tidals 1995-2010 96.5%
2016 Always Rosy 3B San Diego Seagulls 1993-2010 96.1%
2016 George Slammer LF California Tidals 1991-2010 95.8%
2017 Ricky Geraldo P California Tidals 1995-2012 84.9%
2017 Mike Lapi C Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1995-2012 98.3%
2018 Jacques Papierclip P Seattle Salts 1995–2011 82.5%
2019 Ricky Terrazas P Montreal Metros 2000—2016 99.4%
2019 Eric Tessier C Toronto Nomads 1998—2016 99.7%
  1. Speed Lewis was appointed directly to the Hall of Fame by the league for his lifetime outstanding career achievements
  2. Carl Simms was appointed directly to the Hall of Fame by the league for his lifetime outstanding career achievements


The main source for Hall of Fame player information is the Bull Baseball League - Hall of Fame Inductees list found here [1]. Ballot voting records come from the Office of the Commissioner.