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Heifer League

Founded 2013

Heifer League AA efeeef 0f0f0f.png
Level AA

Countries Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada (4), Usa.png United States (12)

No. of teams 18

Most recent champions San Diego Seawolves (CAL)

The Heifer League (HL) is a professional baseball league that operates in Canada and the United States. It is the AA-level minor league for the Bull Baseball League, and is one step below the AAA-level Cow League and one above the A-level Calf League.

The league consists of 18 teams, all of which are affiliated with a Bull League club.

A league champion is determined at the end of every season.


The HL was formed in 2013, at the same time as the Milk League, in order to fill out the minor league system.

n 2017, the Heifer League introduced an annual All-Star Game to showcase the league's talent during a midsummer break in the schedule.

The former Heifer League logo was in use from 2013–2025

After the 2025, the league rebranded with a new logo, retiring Ol' Bessie, the smiling cartoon Holstein. The Holstein breed remained an integral part of the new league logo, but the addition of the home plate shape and "AA" designation reinforced the league association to baseball.

Structure and season

The HL is divided into two subleagues, the Barn League and the Pasture League. Each league consists of two divisions, an east and a west. Teams play a 90-game schedule, which commences the first Sunday after the start of the Bull League, in mid-May, and then runs until late August.

The other rules are nearly identical to the AAA-level Cow League.

Championship and interleague play

At the end of each season, the two divisional leaders in each of the subleagues face each other in a best-of-five League Championship Series. The winners of each series advance to play in a best-of-five final, the Heifer Cup Series.

There is an interleague All-Star Game played at the mid-point of the season.

Current teams

Division Team Founded Affiliation City
Pasture League
East Madison Cyclones 2013 Boston Brawlers Madison, WI Usa.png
Nashville Misfits 2013 Milwaukee Hops Nashville, TN Usa.png
Scottsdale Kangaroos 2013 Washington Freedom Scottsdale, AZ Usa.png
Wichita Joes 2013 California Tidals Wichita, KS Usa.png
West Anchorage Sky Chiefs 2013 Chicago Pit Bulls Anchorage, AK Usa.png
Dos Palos As 2013 Ohio Oxen Dos Palos, CA Usa.png
Sacramento Marauders 2013 New York Dragons Sacramento, CA Usa.png
Seba Beach Miners 2013 Miami Storm Seba Beach, AB Flag of Canada.svg.png
Barn League
East Blue Ridge Penguins 2013 Seattle Salts Blue Ridge, TN Usa.png
Hughes River Bats 2013 Nevada Speeders Hughes, AR Usa.png
Kitchener Oilmen 2013 Toronto Nomads Kitchener, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png
Savannah Buccaneers 2013 St. Petersburg Admirals Savannah, GA Usa.png
West Cedar Defenders 2013 Montreal Metros Cedar, BC Flag of Canada.svg.png
Hussar Barbers 2013 Calgary Inferno Hussar, AB Flag of Canada.svg.png
Saginaw Horsemen 2013 Arizona Cowboys Saginaw, MI Usa.png
Spokane North Stars 2013 Minneapolis Ravens Spokane, WA Usa.png


The HL has crowned one team to be a league champion each season since 2013.

Championship wins by team

Wins Team Championship years
3 Savannah Buccaneers 2017, 2019, 2022
2 Sacramento Marauders 2015, 2021
2 Spokane North Stars 2020, 2023
1 Cedar Defenders 2013
1 Chilliwack Orbitz 2016
1 Seba Beach Miners 2014
1 Tampa Tempest 2018
1 Anchorage Sky Chiefs 2024
1 San Diego Seawolves 2025

League rules

Heifer League Rule Summary
Level AA
Designated Hitter Yes
Roster limit 26
Age range Minimum age 18
Disabled list 10 days
Pro time limit None