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A hit (often abbreviated to H) occurs when a batter hits a thrown pitch into fair territory, and safely reaches base without benefit from a fielder's error or a fielder's choice. A hit is also a common team statistic which is recorded in a box or linescore.

To achieve a hit, the batter must hit the ball into fair territory and then reach first base without being put out by a fielder catching the ball before it touches the ground, and without being tagged or forced out at first base.

A batter may still record a hit and be out in the same play, if for example they safely reach first base and are tagged out while trying for second base.

A hit can be a single, a double, a triple or a home run according to how many bases the batter safely reaches while running the bases on the play started by their batted ball. A player who hits all four types of hits in a single game is said to have hit for the cycle.

As a pitching statistic

For pitchers, a similar statistic is recorded, hit allowed (abbreviated to HA), which occurs each time a batter reaches base safely on a hit while they are pitching.

Some pitchers may pitch a "no-hitter" or a game in which they allow no hits at all. To count as a no-hit game, a pitcher must complete the game (by pitching 9.0 complete innings. A "perfect" game occurs when, in addition to pitching a ho-hit game, a pitcher also allows no batters on base as a result of a walk.

Batting Hit records

The Bull League record for most hits in a single season is 244 set by John Rambo of the Chicago Pit Bulls in his rookie season, 2020.

The all-time career record for hits is held by Xavier de Soto, who is still active, at 1,933 (as of the end of 2020).

Most hits in a game

The highest number of hits in a single game was 8 hits (in 10 at bats) by Willard Sanders, a shortstop who played for the San Diego Seagulls, in a game against the Dallas Lawmen on June 26, 2012. Despite getting 8 hits, he failed to drive in any runs, or score a run himself during the game. Just nine other players in Bull League history had 6 or more hits in a game, including Sanders.

List of players with 6 or more hits in a game
Date Name Team Linescore
July 3, 1998 Adam Gordon San Diego Seagulls 6 for 6
August 31, 1999 Scotty McLawson Ohio Oxen 6 for 7, 3 RBI
July 5, 2007 Ben Day San Diego Seagulls 6 for 7, 5 RBI
September 6, 2007 Dave Norman Chicago Pit Bulls 6 for 7, 2 RBI
June 26, 2012 Willard Sanders San Diego Seagulls 8 for 10
August 21, 2013 Josh Moles Nevada Speeders 6 for 6, 4 RBI
September 1, 2013 Dao-zi Ling Calgary Inferno 6 for 7, 1 HR, 1 RBI
June 14, 2014 Martin Nuncio Seattle Salts 6 for 6, 2 HR, 4 RBI
August 2, 2014 Xavier de Soto Kingston Cannons 6 for 7, 1 RBI
June 17, 2018 Jorge Velazquez Arizona Cowboys 6 for 6, 1 HR, 7 RBI

Hitting streaks

    See article: Hitting streak

David Baker of the Minneapolis Ravens set a new record for consecutive games with a base hit, at 34 on August 15, 2018. He achieved the record-breaking 32nd hit on August 12, 2018.

The previous longest streak of games where a player earned a hit is 31, set by Miguel Ortega on July 19, 2014, who was with the Calgary Inferno.[1]

Pitching Hits Allowed records

The most hits allowed by a pitcher in a single season is 168, by Bob Finney of Chicoutimi in 2015. The most hits allowed by a pitcher over a career is 1,819 by Angelo Rodriguez.

No-hit Games

    See article: No-hitter

A no-hit game, or "no-hitter", occurs when a pitcher or pitchers from one team do not allow the opposing team to get any hits during a game. For statistical purposes, the Bull League only records occurrences where a single pitcher achieves a no-hitter. There have only been 15 no-hitters pitched during the modern era of the Bull League.[2]


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