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A hit (often abbreviated to H) occurs when a batter hits a thrown pitch into fair territory, and safely reaches base without benefit from a fielder's error or a fielder's choice. A hit is also a common team statistic which is recorded in a box or linescore.

To achieve a hit, the batter must hit the ball into fair territory and then reach first base without being put out by a fielder catching the ball before it touches the ground, and without being tagged or forced out at first base.

A batter may still record a hit and be out in the same play, if for example they safely reach first base and are tagged out while trying for second base.

A hit can be a single, a double, a triple or a home run according to how many bases the batter safely reaches while running the bases on the play started by their batted ball.

As a pitching statistic

For pitchers, a similar statistic is recorded, hit allowed (abbreviated to HA), which occurs each time a batter reaches base safely on a hit while they are pitching.

Some pitchers may pitch a "no-hitter" or a game in which they allow no hits at all. To count as a no-hit game, a pitcher must complete the game (by pitching 9.0 complete innings. A "perfect" game occurs when, in addition to pitching a ho-hit game, a pitcher also allows no batters on base as a result of a walk.

Batting Hit records

The Bull League record for most hits in a single season is 150 set by Katai Kitigawa of the Anchorage Aces in 2017.

The all-time career record for hits is held by hall of famer Carl Simms, at 1,655.

Hitting Streaks

David Baker of the Minneapolis Ravens set a new record for consecutive games with a base hit, at 32, on August 12, 2018. The streak is still continuing.

The previous longest streak of games where a player earned a hit is 31, set by Miguel Ortega on July 19, 2014, who was with the Calgary Inferno.[1]

# of games Player Team Date ended
34 David Baker Minneapolis Ravens August 15, 2018
31 Miguel Ortega Calgary Inferno July 14, 2014
30 Eric Mail Montreal Metros 27 June, 2000
29 Prennick Argon San Diego Seagulls 30 June, 2000
28 Ben Day California Tidals 6 August, 2000
27 Always Rosy San Diego Seagulls 9 July, 1996
27 Carl Simms Nevada Speeders 8 August, 2001
26 Chuck Provost Montreal Metros 4 July, 1996
25 Cola Classique Seattle Salts 30 July, 1997
25 Miguel Ortega Seattle Salts 22 July, 2007
25 Paulo Tilano Nevada Speeders 2 July, 1999
25 Xavier de Soto Kingston Cannons 3 September, 2016
25 Xavier de Soto Kingston Cannons 3 August, 2015

Pitching Hits Allowed records

The most hits allowed by a pitcher in a single season is 168, by Bob Finney of Chicoutimi in 2015. The most hits allowed by a pitcher over a career is 1,819 by Angelo Rodriguez.

No-hit Games

There have only been 13 no-hitters pitched during the modern era of the Bull League.[2]

† indicates the game was a "perfect game" (no walks allowed).

Date Name Team Opponent
11 August, 1998 Sanford Klondike Richmond Ravens Seattle Salts
20 June, 1999 Johnny Fielding San Diego Seagulls California Tidals
27 August, 2001 Vinicius Traado Richmond Ravens San Diego Seagulls
8 July, 2002 Pirate Pete Denver Highlanders Chicago Pit Bulls
2 July, 2003 Iron Arm Chicoutimi Cinquantes Kingston Battlements
28 July, 2003 Angelo Rodriguez Ohio Oxen Kingston Battlements
June 12, 2005 Roberto Cuebas Denver Highlanders Calgary Chinooks
8 July, 2010 Connor Pearce Chicago Pit Bulls Richmond Ravens
13 August, 2010 Micah Jones Ohio Oxen Chicoutimi Cinquantes
28 July, 2013 Jose Castaneda New York Minutemen Hamilton Crusaders
20 August, 2013 Todd Brooks Boston Brawlers Ohio Oxen
26 July, 2014 Noe Giron Jr. Jacksonville Ravens Nevada Speeders
4 June, 2017 Judson Martel Montreal Metros Battle Creek Attack


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