Inferno Park

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Inferno Park
The Fire Pit
Current user: Calgary Inferno
Location: Calgary, AB Flag of Canada.svg.png
Opened: 1995
Seating cap.: 40,358
Playing surface: Grass
Field dimensions: Left Field Line - 329 ft
Left-Center - 398 ft
Center Field - 430 ft
Right-Center - 392 ft
Right Field Line - 326 ft

Inferno Park (known locally as The Fire Pit) is a baseball stadium located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta. It is the home stadium for the Calgary Inferno of the Bull League. Originally built in 1995 as Calgary Municipal Stadium, it has been renovated and expanded since that time, and now bears its current name.


Inferno Park was built in 1995, when the Calgary Chinooks were added as an expansion team. The original name of the stadium was Calgary Municipal Stadium. When the team was renamed to Inferno in 2010, the stadium was renamed as well. Locals have since referred to the stadium as the "Fire Pit" although the team's detractors have turned this into "Trash Fire".

Originally, the stadium capacity was 36,300, but after two Bull Cup championships in three years, 2015 and 2017, the team had the stadium capacity expanded to 40,358 as part of multi-million dollar renovations. The stadium will host the 2018 Bull League All-Star Game.[1]

Inferno Park was named the second-best ballpark for hitters, with park factors heavily favoring hits and home runs at 1.15 and 1.23 respectively, for the 2017 season.[2]


The stadium is a large, brick-walled bowl-style ballpark with an angled landscape feature in center field, where the large, 40' high scoreboard is. The field is a manicured grass blend suitable for the northern climate, surrounded by red padded walls with a minimum 9' height all around (14' in center field), giving an elevated view of the playing surface from even the front row of the lower level seating area.

There are two seating areas, divided by an expansive walkway. All of the concessions are inside the stadium interior, under the top seating level. However, newly built for 2018 is a 700-seat right field bleacher area, adjacent to an open patio bar & grill and glass-enclosed dining and bar area, all part of the Inferno Bar and Grill. The glass railing above the fence line along the patio is considered home run territory.

Detail of the Inferno Bar and Grill and right field bleachers area

The Bar and Grill and the right field bleachers sit beneath an open viewing platform area where the only three free-standing lighting fixtures are situated, an area known as the "Rodeo Zone". During games, there is a carnival-like atmosphere with live bands, amusement kiosks, and other entertainment. Access to this upper area is via a stair ramp which leads under the bleachers and to the Inferno Bar and Grill.

The two bullpens are situated in left field, along the outfield wall, surrounded by the left field bleachers. Both bullpens have a fenced viewing area along the top half of the walls.

The dugouts are large concrete bunker-type structures on the third base and first base sides of the expansive field.

Behind home plate, the upper level seating was replaced with a newly renovated and modernized two-level media and executive suites area, which also contains the limited luxury boxes, all of which are glassed in. The retractable roof was removed to make room for some of the newly built structures, and a new high-output LED lighting system was installed along the interior edge of the remaining roof.

The high walls around the field, and tiered bowl-like seating give the impression of a coliseum type of event space.


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