Lake League Championship Series

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Lake League Championship Series

Established in 1991
The Lake League Championship Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Lake League Championship Series
Presented by The Bull Baseball League

First awarded 1991

Last awarded 2025

Current winner Montreal Metros (8th title)

Current runner-up New York Dragons

Most wins Montreal Metros (8)

The Lake League Champonship Series (LLCS) is the best-of-seven annual championship series that determines the winning team of the Lake League(LL). The winning team advances to play the winner of the Metropolitan League (ML) Championship Series (MLCS) in the Bull Cup Championship Series, the Bull League's playoff championship series.

Each year, the names of the teams and the series results are inscribed on the Lake League Championship Trophy.

From 1991 to 2006, the division title winners for the two LL divisions, the LL East and the LL West, competed in the LLCS. Since 2007, there have also been wild card teams in the playoffs. The two LL division champions, and the top two teams in the LL after the two division champions advance to the playoffs and play in a best-of-five Elimination Round, from which two teams advance to the LLCS.


The first LL Championship Series took place in 1991 between the Boston Brawlers, who were victorious, and the Ohio Oxen. The first series went to the fifth game. Boston went on to contest the Bull Cup Championship, losing to the Chicago Knights (now called the Pit Bulls).

Ohio was selected as the LL Championship team in 1992, when the season was cut short, and the league championship team for both the LL and the AEL were selected by top ranked team in the standings.

Modern era (1995-present)

The league's Modern era began in 1995 after the Bull League reorganized and expanded to an 80-game schedule, with 16 teams in the league. The first LL Championship team in the modern era were the Montreal Metros, who defeated the Ohio Oxen in four games. Both teams would then be shut out of the LL Championships for several years; seven in the case of the Metros, and eight in the case of the Oxen.

The New York Minutemen then established themselves as the dominant LL team, winning the championship four times in eight years, for a 4-2 record, between 1996-2003. They went on to win the Bull Cup championship each time they won the LL championship. New York added another LL championship title in 2008, and also went on to win the Bull Cup again that year.

More recently, the Montreal Metros have replaced New York as the dominant Lake League team. From 2006 to 2014, they have had six championship appearances, and have gone 4-2 during that period, including back-to-back championships in 2013 and 2014. Both teams are tied for the most LL championship appearances (8) and wins (5).

LLCS results (1991–present)

Bold indicates team went on to win Bull Cup Championship Series. wc indicates wild card playoff team (since 2007).[1] [2]

Year Winner Record Loser Series MVP
1991 Boston Brawlers 3-2 Ohio Oxen
1992 Ohio Oxen acclaimed, no series
1993 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 3-1 Toronto Ducks
1994 No season played
1995 Montreal Metros 3-1 Ohio Oxen Barry Bats, Montreal
1996 Kingston Battlements 3-1 New York Minutemen Neil Jean, Kingston
1997 New York Minutemen 3-2 Chicoutimi Cinquantes TJ Cyrus, New York†
1998 New York Minutemen 3-2 Kingston Battlements Nicky Larue, New York
1999 New York Minutemen 3-1 Chicoutimi Cinquantes Jim Sure, New York
2000 Kingston Battlements 3-1 Hamilton Industrials Sean Underhay, Kingston
2001 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 3-2 New York Minutemen Jacobo Corella, Chicoutimi
2002 Hamilton Industrials 3-1 Montreal Metros Edison Stratton, Hamilton
2003 New York Minutemen 3-2 Chicoutimi Cinquantes Setsuo Kimura, New York
2004 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 3-1 Ohio Oxen Joe Balaski, Chicoutimi
2005 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 3-1 Ohio Oxen Iron Arm, Chicoutimi
2006 Ohio Oxen 3-1 Montreal Metros Narushi Ohata, Ohio
2007 Montreal Metros 3-0 Toronto Ducks Francisco Erazo, Montreal
2008 New York Minutemenwc 3-0 Montreal Metros Pablo de Leeuw, New York
2009 Ohio Oxenwc 3-2 Boston Brawlers Victor Valdez, Ohio
2010 Ohio Oxen 3-0 New York Minutemenwc Narushi Ohata, Ohio†
2011 Montreal Metros 3-2 Boston Brawlerswc Alex Viramontes, Montreal
2012 Kingston Cannons 3-0 Chicago Pit Bullswc Gordie Lazenby, Kingston
2013 Montreal Metros 3-1 Chicago Pit Bulls Hugo Gonzales, Montreal
2014 Montreal Metros 3-2 Chicago Pit Bullswc Lou Bricknell, Montreal
2015 Hamilton Crusaders 3-2 Chicago Pit Bullswc Gordie Lazenby, Hamilton
2016 Ohio Oxen 3-1 Boston Brawlerswc Rod Cubit, Ohio
2017 Montreal Metros 3-2 Rimouski Fighting Moosewc Jose Ramirez, Montreal
2018 Montreal Metroswc 3-2 Minneapolis Ravens Judson Martel, Montreal
2019 Minneapolis Ravens 4-1 Ohio Oxenwc Jim Boyer, Minneapolis
2020 Chicago Pit Bullswc 4-2 Toronto Nomadswc Jon Guillot, Chicago
2021 Chicago Pit Bulls 4-0 Minneapolis Ravenswc Jon Guillot, Chicago
2022 Chicago Pit Bulls 4-2 Minneapolis Ravenswc Les Groves, Chicago
2023 Chicago Pit Bulls 4-2 Montreal Metros Francisco Arizona, Chicago
2024 Chicago Pit Bulls 4-3 New York Dragons Mei-shan Le, Chicago
2025 Montreal Metros 4-2 New York Dragonswc Price Simms, Montreal

† – Player had a postseason MVP sweep, claiming the Elimination Round MVP, League Championship MVP, and Bull Cup MVP in same postseason, or both the League Championship MVP and Bull Cup MVP (prior to 2007).

LLCS appearances by team

Team in Italics has folded and is no longer active, or have left the Lake League.

Team Wins Losses Pct. Most recent
Most recent
12 Montreal Metros 8 4 .667 2025 2025
10 Ohio Oxen 5 5 .500 2016 2019
10 New York Dragons
New York Minutemen
5 5 .500 2008 2025
9 Chicago Pit Bulls
Chicago Knights
5 4 .555 2024 2024
7 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 4 3 .571 2005 2005
4 Kingston Cannons
Kingston Battlements
3 1 .750 2012 2012
4 Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
Hamilton Crusaders,
Hamilton Industrials,
Rimouski Fighting Moose
2 2 .500 2015 2017
4 Boston Brawlers 1 3 .250 1991 2014
4 Minneapolis Ravens 1 3 .250 2019 2022
3 Toronto Nomads
Toronto Ducks
0 3 .000 2020
0 Detroit Motorheads 0 0 .000
0 Milwaukee Hops
(Battle Creek Attack, Louisville Sluggers)
0 0 .000

Recurring Matchups

Matches Matchup Record Years
3 Boston Brawlers vs. Ohio Oxen Ohio, 2-1 1991, 2009, 2016
3 Chicago Pit Bulls vs. Montreal Metros Montreal, 2-1 2007, 2011, 2023
2 Chicago Pit Bulls vs. Minneapolis Ravens Chicago, 2-0 20212022
2 Montreal Metros vs. Ohio Oxen Tie, 1-1 1995, 2006
2 Montreal Metros vs. New York Dragons Tie, 1-1 2008, 2025

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