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In every baseball game, one pitcher is assigned the responsibility for a loss (or L) which is recorded as a pitching statistic. This decision is usually awarded to the pitcher who is on the mound at the time the winning team scores the "go ahead" or leading run. A loss forms part of a pitcher's win-loss record.

Wins and losses are controversial statistics, because they often only indirectly involve the pitcher. For example, a lack of offensive support can mean even a good pitcher who allows a low number of runs will accumulate losses. Poor fielding can also contribute to losses.

Loss records

The single season record for losses in the Bull League is held by Logan Starr who earned 13 losses (going 1-13 on the season) in 2001 with the Toronto Ducks.

The all-time career record for losses is held by Ian Love who accumulated 91 from 1995-2012. He is now retired, and could soon be eclipsed by Eduardo Rodriguez, of the Norfolk Sharks, who is still actively playing. Rodriguez has 89 losses to date.