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Metropolitan League

Founded 1991

Metropolitan league.png
Level Bull League

Countries Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada (1 team), Usa.png United States (9 teams)

Teams 10

Divisions 2 (East, West)

Current champions St. Petersburg Admirals (2nd)

Most titles (tie) Nevada Speeders, Calgary Inferno (6)

The Metropolitan League (or, Metro League, abbreviated as ML) is one of two subleagues that make up the major-level Bull League. It was formed in 1991, developing out of the former Southern League, which had existed from October 1989, though many of those original teams were disbanded. From 1991 until 2018, it was known as the American Eagle League, or AEL.

The league consists of ten teams from Canada and the United States, divided into East and West divisions.

At the end of each regular season a playoff series is held to determine a league champion. The winner of the AEL Championship Series goes on the contest the Bull Cup Championship Series against the championship team from the Lake League.

The league adopted the designated hitter rule in 2001.


Former Southern League

The American Eagle League was created in 1991 to replace the former Southern League. The AEL would not be geographically restricted to the Great Lakes and Northeastern states and provinces, as the Lake League was. Many of the original teams in the Southern League were disbanded, as the overall size of the Bull League was reduced from 20 teams to just 12 (six in each of the two constituent leagues).

The original Southern League contained ten teams, also organized into an East and a West division, each with five teams. These teams were:

Southern League
East West
Detroit Lakes Cleveland Natives
Houston Keystones Kansas City Cattle
Philadelphia Cubs Atlantic City Invaders
Picton Mounties North Chicago Batmen
Richmond Raiders Oakland Braves

Formation of the American Eagle League

AEL logo until 2017

Of the original ten Southern League teams, only the Richmond Raiders survived, and was renamed to the Richmond Ravens for 1991, on the formation of the Eagle League (later renamed the current name, American Eagle League).

The Ravens had originally been located in Richmond, Virginia from 1989 to 1990, and moved to Richmond, California for the 1991 season. To make up the other five teams in the American Eagle League, four were moved from the former Central League: California Tidals, Chicago Knights, Nevada Speeders and the Seattle Salts. The fifth team to make up the original six team AEL was the newly-formed San Diego Seagulls.

From 1991 to 1993, the AEL did not use the DH rule. It was finally going to be adopted for the 1994 season, but then there was a labor stoppage and no baseball was played that year. When the league expanded and reformed for 1995, the AEL reverted to not using the DH rule. It would not be until 2001 that the AEL would once again adopt the DH rule.

During the 1995 expansion, two teams were added to the AEL: Calgary and Denver. Calgary became the first (and still the only) Canadian team in the AEL.

Another expansion occurred in 2012, in which four teams were added to the Bull League, three in the AEL. This coincided with the re-alignment of Chicago moving to the Lake League, and the Richmond Ravens moving to Jacksonville and thus the East division.

Metropolitan League

At the end of the 2018 season, the league was renamed to the Metropolitan League (or Metro League), as part of a new reorganization and direction that placed an emphasis on larger urban centers as the base cities for the teams in the league.


Charter teams

There were six teams in the original American Eagle League in 1991, of which only one had previously been a part of the former Southern League. All six remain today, although one (Chicago) has moved to the Lake League, and two have moved to new cities since 1991.

  • California Tidals (name and locale unchanged since 1991, had been in the Central League's west division prior to that)
  • Chicago Knights (Originally from the Central League's east division and moved to the AEL in 1991, they since moved to the Lake League's west division in 2012)
  • Nevada Speeders (name and locale unchanged since the team formed in 1991)
  • Richmond Ravens (Only original Southern League team, known as Richmond Raiders until 1991, and since relocated to Jacksonville in 2012)
  • San Diego Seagulls (Formed in the AEL east in 1991, relocated to Anchorage and name changed to Aces before 2017)
  • Seattle Salts (Originally from the Central League's west division and moved to the AEL in 1991, name and locale unchanged since then)

Expansion, renaming and relocation summary

Current teams

A map showing the cities of the teams in the American Eagle League

Metropolitan League East Division

    See article: American Eagle League East

Metropolitan League West Division

    See article: American Eagle League West

  • Arizona Cowboys (founded in 2012)
  • Calgary Inferno (founded as the Calgary Chinooks in 1995 and renamed in 2010, moved from AEL East in 2018)
  • California Tidals (founded in the Central League in 1989, moved to American Eagle League East in 1991, then West in 1995)
  • Nevada Speeders (founded in the Central League in 1989, moved to the American Eagle League West in 1991)
  • Seattle Salts (founded in the Central League in 1989, moved to the American Eagle League West in 1991)


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