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A Minor league is a professional baseball league that is considered less prestigious than a top-level, or "major" league. In the Bull Baseball League, there are five levels of minor leagues below the major-level Bull League.

The teams usually have smaller fan bases (though not necessarily less dedicated ones), play to smaller markets, and smaller budgets. The minor leagues as a whole are sometimes referred to as a farm system, and are said to be part of a franchise or organization within a parent team.

In the Bull Baseball League, all minor league teams must be affiliated with a parent Bull League (major-level) team. As there is no minor league financial system within the OOTP18 game system, the only players who earn a salary from the major-level team are ones who are on the 40-man (secondary) roster but not on the 25-man active roster.


There are five levels of minor leagues within the Bull League. From highest to lowest, they are:

Designation Level League Introduced Notes
AAA Triple-A Cow League (CL)[1] 1995 Highest minor league level
AA Double-A Heifer League (HL)[2] 2013 Full season developmental level
A Single-A Calf League (CaL)[3] 2004 Full season low developmental level
S A Short Season A Milk League (ML)[4] 2013† Initial draftee level, Season starts after amateur draft
Players must be aged 24 and under to qualify
Rk Rookie Florida Rookie League (FRL)[5] 2017 Players must be age 21 or under to qualify

† — Initially introduced as a Rookie level league, then reclassified as Short Season A after the FRL was added.


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