Carl Simms MVP Award

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Carl Simms MVP Award

Established in 1995
Presented by The Bull League to the most valuable player in the Lake League (LL) and the American Eagle League (AEL)

First awarded 1995

Last awarded 2018

Current winner AEL: Earl MacPherson (NOR)

LL: Orlando Garza (MTL)

The Carl Simms Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award is an annual Bull Baseball League award given to one outstanding position player in each of the constituent leagues of the Bull League (the American Eagle League, or AEL, and the Lake League, or LL). Pitchers are ineligible as of the 2017 season.


The award is named after Hall of Fame outfielder Carl Simms who won the MVP Award a record six times, including five times with the Nevada Speeders. Simms is also the only player in the Bull League to have won an MVP Award in three consecutive years (20002002).[1] The award was renamed in 2017, and was previously simply known as the "Most Valuable Player Award".

A total of three players have won the MVP Award in both the AEL and the LL. Mike Lapi has won four times, once as an AEL player (2006, Nevada Speeders), and three times as an LL player (2000, 2003, 2005, Chicoutimi Cinquantes).[1][2] Bill Ross won the MVP twice, first in 2007 with the AEL's Nevada Speeders, then in 2014 with the LL's Chicago Pit Bulls.[1][2] Finally, Ricky Terrazas won it in 2004 with the Pit Bulls when they were in the AEL, then in 2009 and 2012 with the LL's Montreal Metros.[1][2]

Players from the Nevada Speeders have won the MVP Award a total of 12 times, making the team the Bull League leader in producing MVP Award winning players. Next on the league leading team list is Chicoutimi, whose players have won the MVP Award five times.

List of Bull League MVP Winners

Year Each year is linked to a page about that season
* Also named Sandy Koufax Award winner
Also won Rookie of the Year
Italics Member of the Hall of Fame

Multiple Winners

Several players have won the MVP Award multiple times, and three have won in both the AEL and the LL.

Multi Year Winners
Awards Player Years
6 Carl Simms 1992 (LL)

1998, 2000—2002, 2005 (AEL)

4 Mike Lapi 2000, 2003—2004 (LL)
2006 (AEL)
3 Dao-zi Ling 2013—2014, 2016
3 Zenjiro Suga 2008, 2010—2011
3 Ricky Terrazas 2004 (AEL)
2009, 2012 (LL)
2 Cola Classique 1991—1992
2 Francisco Erazo 2011, 2013
2 Narushi Ohata 2005, 2008
2 Chuck Provost 1993, 1995
2 Bill Ross 2007 (AEL)
2014 (LL)
2 Always Rosy 1996—1997

MVP Wins by Teams

The Nevada Speeders have dominated the MVP Awards, with their players winning the award a total of 12 times. Chicago Pit Bulls have had players win the MVP Award while the team has been in both the AEL (1999, 2004) and the LL (2014).

Wins by teams
Wins Team Years
12 Nevada Speeders 1998, 2000—2003, 2005—2011
8 Montreal Metros 1991, 1995, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016—2018
7 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1992—1993, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003—2004
3 Calgary Inferno
(Calgary Chinooks)
2013—2014, 2016
3 Chicago Pit Bulls 1999, 2004 (AEL)
2014 (LL)
3 New York Dragons
(New York Minutemen)
1996, 1998, 2010
2 St. Petersburg Admirals
(San Diego Seagulls, Anchorage Aces)
2 Boston Brawlers 2011, 2013
2 Minneapolis Ravens
(Richmond Ravens, Jacksonville Ravens)
1995, 2012
2 Norfolk Sharks 2017—2018
2 Rimouski Fighting Moose
(Hamilton Crusaders, Hamilton Industrials)
2 Seattle Salts 1991—1992
2 Toronto Nomads
(Toronto Ducks)
1 California Tidals 1991
1 Denver Danger 2015
1 Miami Storm
(Kingston Battlements, Kingston Cannons)
1 Ohio Oxen 2008

All Star Game MVP

Records for All-Star Game MVPs are incomplete. However, several are known:

Year Player Team Position
1991 Cola Classique Seattle Salts CF
1992 Nick Red Boston Brawlers CF
1993 Rolling Thunder San Diego Seagulls 1B
1996 Steve Brett Ohio Oxen RF
2016 Alfonso Salomon Ohio Oxen C
2017 Israel Medina[3] Calgary Inferno 3B


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