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Metros ace Judson Martel threw a no-hitter on June 4, 2017[1]
A no-hitter (or no-hit game, sometimes no-no) is a game in which a team is not able to record a single hit. A pitcher who prevents an opposing team from getting a hit during a game is said to have "thrown a no-hitter". In Bull League statistics, a no-hitter is recognized only when accomplished by a single pitcher in a complete game, as combined no-hitters are not recognized in the game statistics.

A no-hitter in which no batter reaches base for any reason is referred to as a perfect game. There are multiple ways a batter can reach base without a hit, including a walk, fielding error, being hit by a pitch, on an uncaught third strike, catcher's interference, or a fielder's choice. Most no-hitters are shutouts, but because of the numerous ways a batter can reach base without a hit, it is possible for a pitcher to give up runs or even lose a game in a no-hitter.

List of Bull League no-hitters

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Ravens pitcher Dan Kimbrough threw the first no-hitter of 2024, giving the Ravens a record 4th for the club.


Italics Perfect game
Elected to Hall of Fame
Denotes player who is still active
$ Denotes playoff game


# Date Pitcher Team Opponent
1 August 11, 1998 Sanford Klondike Richmond Ravens Seattle Salts
2 June 20, 1999 Johnny Fielding San Diego Seagulls California Tidals
3 August 27, 2001 Vinícius Traado Richmond Ravens San Diego Seagulls
4 July 8, 2002 Pirate Pete Denver Highlanders Chicago Pit Bulls
5 July 2, 2003 Iron Arm Chicoutimi Cinquantes Kingston Battlements
6 July 28, 2003 Angelo Rodriguez Ohio Oxen Kingston Battlements
7 June 12, 2005 Roberto Cuebas Denver Highlanders Calgary Chinooks
8 July 8, 2010 Connor Pearce Chicago Pit Bulls Richmond Ravens
9 August 13, 2010 Micah Jones Ohio Oxen Chicoutimi Cinquantes
10 July 28, 2013 Jose Castaneda‡ New York Minutemen Hamilton Crusaders
11 August 20, 2013 Todd Brooks Boston Brawlers Ohio Oxen
12 June 26, 2014 Noe Giron Jr. Jacksonville Ravens Nevada Speeders
13 June 4, 2017 Judson Martel Montreal Metros Battle Creek Attack
14 April 14, 2019 Robby McWeeney Arizona Cowboys Seattle Salts
15 September 16, 2019 Jose Soto St. Petersburg Admirals Dallas Deputies
16 September 6, 2021 Edwin Betancourt Washington Freedom Seattle Salts
17 October 20, 2023 $ Branden Cassidy Chicago Pit Bulls Miami Storm
18 May 25, 2024 Dan Kimbrough Minneapolis Ravens Milwaukee Hops
19 July 21, 2024 Lane Navarro Chicago Pit Bulls Seattle Salts
20 August 6, 2026 Chris Church Kansas City Blizzard Grand Rapids Hops

No-hitters by team

Team No-hitters pitched No-hitters pitched against
Minneapolis Ravens
(Richmond Ravens, Jacksonville Ravens)
4 1
Chicago Pit Bulls 3 1
Washington Freedom
(Denver Danger, Denver Highlanders, Philadelphia Liberty Warriors)
3 0
Ohio Oxen 2 1
Houston Oilers
(San Diego Seagulls, Anchorage Aces, St. Petersburg Admirals)
2 1
Kansas City Blizzard
(Arizona Cowboys)
2 0
Boston Brawlers 1 0
Montreal Metros 1 0
New York Dragons 1 0
Toronto Nomads 0 0
Calgary Inferno 0 1
California Tidals 0 1
Nevada Speeders 0 1
Grand Rapids Hops
(Milwaukee Hops, Battle Creek Attack)
0 3
Miami Storm 0 3
Seattle Salts 0 4

Defunct teams

Team No-hitters pitched No-hitters pitched against
Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1 1
Dallas Deputies 0 1
Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
(Hamilton Crusaders, Rimouski Fighting Moose)
0 1


  1. Martel Spins No-Hitter. BNN. 4 June 2017. Accessed: 16 May 2018.