Nor-Am High School League

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Nor-Am High School League

Founded 2016

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Level High School (Amateur)

Countries Canada Flag of Canada.svg.png, USA Usa.png, Mexico Mexico-flag.png, Others

No. of teams 32 (2 conferences, 4 divisions)

Most recent champions (2020) Great Lakes HS Warlords

Most titles (4 tied at 1) Central Chicago Prep Bankers, Great Lakes HS Warlords, Guadalupe HS Slashers, Port Royal College Colonials

The North American High School League (alternatively, Nor-Am High School league, or NAHS) is a high school baseball league operating in North America and the Caribbean. It is made up of the "varsity" baseball teams from these schools, which are an association of fictional independent private schools, some of which are specialist sports curriculum schools. The league played its first season in 2017.

The league is composed of 32 teams from 9 countries, including the United States (12), Mexico (9), Canada (5), Anguilla (1), Bermuda (1), Dominican Republic (1), Jamaica (1), Panama (1) and Sint Eustatius (1). A league champion is determined at the end of every season. The first league champions, in 2017, were the Guadalupe HS Slashers of Guadalupe, Mexico.

Players must be aged 15 to 18 to be eligible to play. They become eligible for the draft into the Bull League in their final year at age 18. If they are not drafted, they may move on to one of the college leagues, or become a free agent.


The Nor-Am high school league was created in 2016, but would not play any games until the following spring, in March of 2017. The league formed from a need to bring sports, and particularly baseball, oriented high schools into a developmental program to support the Bull League's annual amateur draft.

In its inaugural season, the Nor-Am schedule was 42 games long, and the league used the designated hitter rule. After the 2017 season, the league removed the designated hitter rule, and shortened the season from 42 games to 38.

Structure and season

The Nor-Am High School League is divided into two conferences, the Independent Schools (or Indy) and the International Schools (or Inter) conferences. Each conference consists of two divisions, numbered 1 and 2. Division 1 is considered the senior division, while Division 2 the junior. Teams play a 30-game schedule (starting in 2018) which commences on March 1 and concludes in early-April.

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of the season, the worst two Division 1 teams (by order in the end of regular season standings) in both conferences are demoted to Division 2, and the best two Division 2 teams are promoted to Division 1. The promotions and relegations take effect in the following season.


The Nor-Am playoffs consist of two rounds, the first being the division leaders facing off for a single-game elimination conference championship. The winners of each of the "Indy" and "Inter" conference championships then move on to a best-of-three High School World Series, from which an overall Nor-Am high school winner is chosen.

Current teams

Independent Schools (INDY) Conference
Division Team City Promotion/
Division 1 Brockville Prep Joes Brockville, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png 2018:Up-green.png
Central Chicago Prep Bankers Chicago, IL Usa.png 2020:Down-red.png
Dallas Sports Academy Bats Dallas, TX Usa.png 2018:Down-red.png 2019:Up-green.png 2020:Down-red.png
Georgia Sports HS Blue Chips Atlanta, GA Usa.png
Great Lakes HS Warlords Rochester, NY Usa.png 2019:Up-green.png
New England Seminary Saints Danbury, CT Usa.png
Niagara Academy Fighters Welland, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png 2017:Up-green.png
Springfield HS Simpsons Springfield, PA Usa.png
Division 2 Dodgers Baseball Academy Warriors Los Angeles, CA Usa.png 2017:Down-red.png
Garland Junior Prep Armada Garland, TX Usa.png 2018:Up-green.png 2019:Down-red.png
Miami Sports Academy Sailfish Miami, FL Usa.png 2017:Down-red.png
Saint Patrick Academy Irish Boston, MA Usa.png
South Sandwich SS Titans Windsor, ON Usa.png 2020:Up-green.png
Vancouver HS Miners Vancouver, BC Flag of Canada.svg.png
York Academy Raiders Toronto, ON Flag of Canada.svg.png 2017:Up-green.png 2018:Down-red.png
West Coast HS Mounties Comox, BC Flag of Canada.svg.png 2019:Down-red.png 2020:Up-green.png
International Conference (INTER)
Division 1 Dutch Colonial Academy Gunners Oranjestad, Sint Eustatius 2017:Up-green.png
Green College Bugs Hamilton, Bermuda 2019:Up-green.png
Guadalupe HS Slashers Guadalupe, MEX Mexico-flag.png 2020:Down-red.png
Ixtapaluca HS White Sox Ixtapaluca, MEX Mexico-flag.png
Louisiana College Red Wolves Shreveport, LA Usa.png 2018:Up-green.png
Mexico City HS Wingnuts Mexico City, MEX Mexico-flag.png 2020:Down-red.png
Panama City Financial College Millionaires Panama City, Panama 2019:Up-green.png
Port Royal College Colonials Kingston, Jamaica Jmflag.png 2018:Up-green.png
Division 2 Anguilla Prep Oceans Anguilla 2017:Up-green.png 2019:Down-red.png 2020:Up-green.png
Cancun HS Cervezas Cancun, ROO Mexico-flag.png 2019:Down-red.png
Ecatepec HS Coyotes Ecatepec, MÉX Mexico-flag.png 2018:Down-red.png
Guadalajara HS Barnstormers Guadalajara, MEX Mexico-flag.png
Naucalpan HS Hooligans Naucalpan, MEX Mexico-flag.png 2018:Down-red.png
Puebla HS Dwarves Puebla, MEX Mexico-flag.png 2017:Down-red.png 2020:Up-green.png
San Luis Potosí HS Oil Kings San Luis Potosí, MEX Mexico-flag.png 2017:Down-red.png
San Pedro Sports Academy Platas San Pedro de Marcoris, Dom. Rep.


Wins Team Championship years
1 Central Chicago Prep Bankers Usa.png 2018
1 Great Lakes HS Warlords Usa.png 2020
1 Guadalupe HS Slashers Mexico-flag.png 2017
1 Port Royal College Colonials Jmflag.png 2019


The Nor-Am High School league recognizes the most outstanding players from both the Independent Schools and International Conferences each season.

Most Valuable Player

The Nor-Am Most Valuable Player Award is given to the top position player in both conferences in recognition of their contribution to their team.

Year Conference
Player Team Player Team
2017 Ben Price Usa.png Dallas Sports Academy Vince Braine Flag of Canada.svg.png Anguilla Prep
2018 Braydon Gosse Flag of Canada.svg.png Niagara Academy Daniel Dunsmore Flag of Canada.svg.png Naucalpan HS
2019 Ross Demers Flag of Canada.svg.png Brockville Prep Harry Hereford United kingdom.png Anguilla Prep
2020 Winn Spracklin Flag of Canada.svg.png New England Seminary Miklas de Jong Mexico City HS

Pitcher of the Year

The Nor-Am Pitcher of the Year Award is awarded to the top pitcher in the INDY and INTER conferences. Relievers are not eligible for this award.

Year Conference
Player Team Player Team
2017 Harland Adronyk Flag of Canada.svg.png Niagara Academy Jean-François Rougier Flag of Canada.svg.png Guadalupe HS
2018 Antonio Cueneca Mexico-flag.png Great Lakes HS Loïc Giraud Flag of Canada.svg.png Mexico City HS
2019 Eric Pinsent Flag of Canada.svg.png Niagara Academy Kevin Coles Flag of Canada.svg.png Green College
2020 Eric Pinsent Flag of Canada.svg.png (2) Niagara Academy Mike Sites Usa.png Ixtapaluca HS

Draft eligibility

As a high school and junior preparatory college league, players only become eligible in their final year at age 18.