Pacific Rim College League

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Pacific Rim College League

Founded 2017

Pacific Rim College League.png
Level College

Countries Japan Flag of Japan.svg.png (5), South Korea Flag of south korea-svg .png (4), Australia Australian Flag.png (3), New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.svg.png (2), Others

No. of teams 20

Most recent champions Queenstown U Falcons

Most titles 5 teams tied with 1

The Pacific Rim College League (PRCL) is a college baseball league operating in the Asia-Pacific region. It is made up of the varsity baseball teams from a number of fictional independent universities, colleges, and junior colleges, many of which have sports specializations. The league played its first season in 2017.

The league is composed of 20 teams from 10 countries, including Australia (3), Fiji (1), Japan (5), Korea (North with 1, and South with 4), New Zealand (2), and one each for the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

A league champion is determined at the end of every season. The first league champions were the Tokyo College Veterans, of Tokyo, Japan. The most recent championship team were the Pyongyang Stellar U Continentals in 2018.


The Bull Baseball League launched the PRCL as one of two college leagues in the winter/spring of 2017. The purpose was to provide additional experienced players for the annual major-level Bull League draft.

The Asia-Pacific region was chosen in order to bring more international players into the league directly from college level through the draft, as opposed to the infrequent international scouting and international established free agent method.

For the 2018 season, some teams were renamed, but the league remained largely as it was from the previous year. The first PRCL championship team was the Tokyo College Veterans.

Structure and season

The PRCL is divided into two regional conferences. The AOC (Australasian-Oceanic Conference) consists of teams from Australia, New Zealand, and several other Asia-Pacific regional countries. One division contains all of the Australian and New Zealand teams, while the other contains all the rest of the region's teams. The JKC (Japan-Korea Conference) consists of teams from Japan, and the Korean peninsula. One division is entirely Japanese teams, while the other contains four South Korean and one North Korean team.

All teams in the PRCL play a 54-game schedule, the second-longest schedule for an amateur league. Beginning with the 2018 season, the regular season starts in mid-January, and ends in Mid-March. Teams play each other team a total of 6 times through the course of the season.

Championship and interconference play

At the end of each season a playoff is held to determine a PRCL championship team. Only the division winners qualify, and the playoffs consist of two rounds. The first round is a best-of-three match up between each conference's two division winners. The winners of this round move on to play the best-of-five PRCL World Series, in order to determine the best international college team.

Mid-way through the season, there is an interconference All-Star game, held generally in mid-February, which pits the best players selected from each conference.

Current teams

Australasia-Oceania Conference
Division Team City
ANZ Brisbane College Rockets Brisbane, AUS Australian Flag.png
Melbourne U Admirals Melbourne, AUS Australian Flag.png
Queenstown U Falcons Queenstown, NZ Flag of New Zealand.svg.png
Sydney Sports Academy Wet Sox Sydney, AUS Australian Flag.png
Wellington College Bulls Wellington, NZ Flag of New Zealand.svg.png
Oceania Fiji College Red Wolves Suva, FIJ
Hanoi College Beacons Hanoi, VT
Manila U Aztecs Manila, PH 125px-Flag of the Philippines.svg.png
Singapore Baseball Academy Peacocks Singapore, SG
Taipei Sports Academy Ice Pilots Taipei, TW Taiwan.png
Japan Kobe Tech Bloodmutts Kobe, JP Flag of Japan.svg.png
Osaka U Masons Osaka, JP Flag of Japan.svg.png
Sapporo College Avengers Sapporo, JP Flag of Japan.svg.png
Tokyo College Veterans Tokyo, JP Flag of Japan.svg.png
Yokohama U Spirit Yokohama, JP Flag of Japan.svg.png
Korea Busan Technical Institute Brawlers Busan, ROK Flag of south korea-svg .png
Daegu College Renegades Daegu, ROK Flag of south korea-svg .png
Incheon College Sultans Incheon, ROK Flag of south korea-svg .png
Pyongyang Stellar U Continentals Pyongyang, DPRK Dprk.png
Seoul U Sushi Seoul, ROK Flag of south korea-svg .png


Number Team Conference Championship years
1 Manila U Aztecs 125px-Flag of the Philippines.svg.png AOC 2020
1 Pyongyang Stellar U Continentals Dprk.png JKC 2018
1 Queenstown U Falcons Flag of New Zealand.svg.png AOC 2021
1 Seoul U Sushi Flag of south korea-svg .png JKC 2019
1 Tokyo College Veterans Flag of Japan.svg.png JKC 2017


The PRCL recognizes outstanding players after the end of each season.

Most Valuable Player

The PRCL Most Valuable Player Award is given to the top position player in both conferences in recognition of their contribution to their team.

Year Conference
Player Team Player Team
2017 Rafael Knowles Australian Flag.png Hanoi College Teruhito Yoshikawa Flag of Japan.svg.png Pyongyang Stellar U
2018 Shikato Hayashida Flag of Japan.svg.png Melbourne U Teruhito Yoshikawa Flag of Japan.svg.png (2) Pyongyang Stellar U
2019 Keisuke Ishida Flag of Japan.svg.png Singapore Baseball Academy Hideo Kishimoto Flag of Japan.svg.png Seoul U
2020 Keith Knowlton Singapore Baseball Academy Mei-shan Le Seoul U

Pitcher of the Year

The PRCL Pitcher of the Year Award is awarded to the top pitcher in the OAC and JKC conferences. Relievers are not eligible for this award.

Year Conference
Player Team Player Team
2017 Chae-pong Yeun Flag of south korea-svg .png Melbourne U Mei-shan Siu Chinaflag.png Seoul U
2018 Nariyuki Nishino Flag of Japan.svg.png Manila U Zuo-lin Tsuo Taiwan.png Pyongyang Stellar U
2019 Bo Chen Chinaflag.png Singapore Baseball Academy Mei-shan Siu Chinaflag.png (2) Seoul U
2020 Roka Tamura Flag of Japan.svg.png Brisbane College Yoshitoki Arakaki Flag of Japan.svg.png Osaka U

All-star games

The two conferences play an All-Star game every year.

Year Winner Score Loser Host MVP WP LP
2017 AOC (1-0) 4-0 JKC (0-1) AOC Li Woo (FIJ) Katsuji Sato (SIN) Hyun-chul Hoang (KOB)
2018 JKC (1-1) 4-0 AOC (1-1) JKC James Zulueta (DAE) Terrence Lawton (SAP) Chito Acance (FIJ)
2019 JKC (2-1) 6-1 AOC (1-2) AOC Nagateru Omori (DAE) Zuo-lin Tsou (PYO) Danny Kinder (HAN)
2020 AOC (2-2) 5-1 JKC (2-2) JKC Keisuke Ishida (SBA) Roger Damian (WEL) Randy Carlin (YOK)

Draft eligibility

As with the senior college and university leagues, players only become eligible at age 21 or higher in the PRCL.