Pitcher of the Month Award

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Pitcher of the Month Award

Established in 1995
Presented by The Bull Baseball League to the top pitcher each month in each league

First awarded 1995

Last awarded April 2019

Current winner Al Mota, Nevada (ML)

Steve Rollins, New York (LL)

The Pitcher of the Month Award is a Bull League award named by each league every month of the regular season. Both the Metropolitan League (ML) and the Lake League (LL) have given out the award since 1995 to the pitcher with the best performance over the course of that month. Both starters and relievers qualify.

Recipients since 2015

Year Month American Eagle League Lake League
Player Team Player Team
2015 June Angelo Rodriguez Seattle Salts Yeong-suk Yi Montreal Metros
July Aaron Reed Arizona Cowboys Yoshiaki Fujimura Ohio Oxen
2016 June Ricky Rodriguez Jacksonville Ravens Danny Tirado Montreal Metros
July Fernando Letorre Calgary Inferno Ricky Naugler New York Minutemen
August Willie Salazar Denver Highlanders Yoshiaki Fujimura Montreal Metros
2017 May Bob Finney Dallas Deputies Judson Martel Montreal Metros
June Jose Soto Anchorage Aces Fred Loveless New York Dragons
July Jose Soto Anchorage Aces Nick Seer Rimouski Fighting Moose
August Adam Fitzpatrick Seattle Salts Lou Bricknell Montreal Metros
2018 May Robby McWeeney Arizona Cowboys Knuckles Malone Toronto Nomads
June Jose Soto St. Petersburg Admirals Jim Torelli Toronto Nomads
July Al Mota Nevada Speeders Ron Alder Montreal Metros
2019 April Al Mota Nevada Speeders Steve Rollins New York Dragons
May Ivan Morillo Arizona Cowboys Judson Martel Montreal Metros

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