Pittsburgh Iron Pigs

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Pittsburgh Iron Pigs

Founded in 1991

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Usa.png

League Bull League
Subleague Lake League
Division East
Team Info
Name Pittsburgh Iron Pigs

Previous names Rimouski Fighting Moose (2017-2018)

Hamilton Crusaders (2012-2017) Hamilton Industrials (1995-2011) Hamilton Hammers (1991-1993)

Previous locations Rimouski, Quebec (2018)

Hamilton, Ontario (1991-2017)


Owner Al Roberts
Ballpark The Forest
Former The Forest (2017-2018)

Industrials Ballpark (1991-2017)

Bull Cup titles (1) 2002
League pennants (2) 2002, 2015

Division pennants (5) LL West - 2000, 2002, 2014, 2015

LL East - 2018

The Pittsburgh Iron Pigs are an American Bull League baseball team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team is in the Lake League (LL) East division.

They were previously the Hamilton Crusaders and were formed out of a Cow League team in 1995. When first formed, they known as the Hamilton Industrials until the 2011 season. They have two Bull Cup Championship Series appearances, winning in 2002 in a three game sweep of the San Diego Seagulls, and then falling to Calgary in five games in 2015.


The team was originally known as the Hamilton Hammers in the Cow League, from 1991 until 1993, and was affiliated with the Toronto Ducks as a minor league team.[1]

Then, in 1995, the Bull League reorganized and added four teams. The Hamilton Hammers became the Hamilton Industrials and were added to the LL West Division.

At the end of 2017, the team relocated to Rimouski, Quebec, and became the Rimouski Fighting Moose under GM Bob Weinberg. Weinberg left the club during the 2018 season, and although the team had some success in Rimouski, reaching the playoffs, the league relocated it to a larger population center, and Pittsburgh was chosen at the new city.

Contending Years (2000-2004)

Hamilton had finished 3rd or 4th every year until they had a break out 2000, finishing #1 in their division with a 48-32 record. They lost the Lake League Championship Series to Kingston, but they had made a statement with power hitters like Steve Brett (28 home runs) and Cody Brauer (16 home runs), and a young Barry Janmaat who was only in his second year.

They were 2nd the following year, with a 41-39 record and a full 9 games behind New York, but they roared back the following season to finish first and make the playoffs again, this time winning the Bull Cup Championship in 2002.

Crusaders Years (2012-2016)

In 2012, the team was renamed to Crusaders, to inspire future playoff success. The name change must have worked, the team again made the Bull Cup series in 2015, though they lost to Calgary that year.

Move to Rimouski (2017)

During Spring Training 2017, after the hiring of GM and manager Bob Weinberg, the team was relocated to Rimouski, Quebec, and renamed to the Rimouski Fighting Moose. Because the schedule had already been set for 2017, the team remained in the West division for the duration of the season. The move proved successful and the team once again found their way into the playoffs on a wild card, defeating the 2016 defending Bull Cup champion Ohio Oxen in the Elimination Round, but later falling to the Montreal Metros in the LLCS.

General Managers

Pittsburgh Iron Pigs General Managers
Years Name Record Notes
(Hamilton Industrials)
(Unknown) 390-410, .488 The name of the first GM of the team has been lost to the mists of time and is not found in league records, but they were able to successfully bring the franchise to a Bull Cup Championship in 2002, seven seasons after the team joined in the 1995 expansion.
(Hamilton Industrials)
Blake Kenik 36-44, .450 Kenik oversaw the beginning of the decline of the Hamilton Industrials, planting the team in last place for the first time since winning a Bull Cup in 2002.
(Hamilton Industrials/Crusaders)
Dylan Hall 431-460, .484 Led the troubled Hamilton Industrials, which had gone from a Bull Cup championship in 2002, to a consistent last-place bottom dweller in 2005 and took the team through a lengthy rebuild that began to see results in 2012, finally bringing the team back to the playoffs in 2014, along with record-setting revenue and attendance.
2017 Bob Weinberg 54-46, .540 Was the steady hand that guided the team during a transition year involving a relocation to Rimouski, bringing high-flying rookie Nick Seer onto the club in a key trade with Arizona, but then stepped down the following offseason for personal reasons.[2]
2018 Dylan Hall 0-0, .000 Dylan Hall was promoted from assistant GM after Weinberg announced his hiatus from the role.


The Bull Cup banner shows the Hamilton Crusaders logo as the Industrials logo and graphic standards had been lost by the time the banner was prepared

The Fighting Moose won a Bull Cup Championship (as the Hamilton Industrials) in 2002, and have had other playoff appearances.

Bull Cup Champions
Preceded by:
Nevada Speeders
(As Hamilton Industrials)
Succeeded by:
New York Minutemen
Lake League Champions
Preceded by:
New championship
(As Hamilton Industrials)
Succeeded by:
New York Minutemen
Preceded by:
Montreal Metros
2015 Succeeded by:
Chicago Pit Bulls
Lake League West Division Titles
Preceded by:
New York Minutemen
(As Hamilton Industrials)
Succeeded by:
New York Minutemen
Preceded by:
New York Minutemen
(As Hamilton Industrials)
Succeeded by:
New York Minutemen
Preceded by:
Chicago Pit Bulls
(As Hamilton Crusaders)
Succeeded by:
Ohio Oxen

Minor League Affiliations

Level Team League Location
AAA Kelowna Inferno Cow League Kelowna, British Columbia
AA Quebec City Waves Heifer League Quebec City, Quebec
A Hagersville Cactus Calf League Hagersville, Ontario
Short Season A Longueuil Dynamo Milk League Longueuil, Quebec


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