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The term regular season in the Bull Baseball League refers to the regularly scheduled competitive games between the league teams, and involves a set number of competitions against a set number of opponents.

It is sometimes referred to as a "championship season" because at the conclusion of play, a playoff is held to determine which team becomes the champions for the year.

Bull League

At the Bull League (major) level, the regular season schedule runs 100 games. During the course of the schedule, each team plays each other team in their league (either the American Eagle League or Lake League) for at least two series, one at home and one away, with a typical series length of three games. Half way through the schedule, there is a five-day break in play to allow for the Bull League All-Star Game to be held. Interleague games are also held on occasion, between teams in opposing leagues.[1]

Game results for teams and individual players are recorded as official during the course of each regular season. Results of game play during exhibition games (including irregular exhibitions, the All-Star Game and preseason or "Spring training" games), and for playoff games are not recorded with the official season statistical records, but may be recorded separately.

The regular season of the Bull League commences each year in May and concludes in September.


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